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C34 Gambling(11)

The corner of her mouth raised slightly. Bing Chan's beautiful eyes focused and her delicate hand rose once again, raising upwards along with the dice cup. Her palm flipped in the air, and fiercely pressed downwards.


With a sound, she flipped the dice cup along with the fifteen dice onto the table. Her actions were so fast that it left people speechless. In just one move, she had completely settled the situation.

Shang Ziyu timidly walked to Second Brother and patted his shoulder, then pointed to the dice cup and said: "Second Brother, she's done with just like that?"

"Ugh …" "Done."

"But she doesn't seem to be shaking it!"

"It's not that he didn't shake it, it's that he didn't shake it!"

Shang Zifeng was stunned in place, no one knew what he was thinking in his heart.

"He didn't shake it? Isn't second brother sure to win! "

Shang Ziyu said excitedly.

Shang Zifeng shook his head, he was not as happy as Shang Ziyu. For some reason, he felt an unease in his heart, and stared unblinkingly at the hand Bing Chan was holding the dice cup, wishing that he could look through it with his eyes and see everything inside.

His intuition told him that he might lose this round.

However, thinking carefully, he felt that it was impossible. With the dice and dice cup size restriction, no matter who it was, it was impossible to roll out two points.

While her mind was wandering, suddenly, one after another exclamations of surprise after another entered Shang Zifeng's ears. At the same time, Bing Chan had already opened the dice cup!

Shang Zifeng looked inside, and when he saw the points inside, his eyes bulged out as he pointed at Bing Chan and shouted: "You're cheating!"

"F * ck..." "Deceit?"

Bing Chan raised her chin, and said with disdain: "Under the gaze of everyone, tell me, how did I cheat?"

"The rest of the dices were turned to dust by you, only a little bit was left. If you aren't playing tricks, then what is it?"

Shang Zifeng said angrily.

"Did anyone say that the dice could no longer be crushed into powder?"

Honestly speaking, since ancient times, there had never been a written rule stating that the dice could not be crushed into powder. It was a wise decision for Bing Chan to use this point to attack Shang Zifeng.

Bing Chan's words angered Shang Zifeng so much that she repeated "you" three times.

This was the first time he had seen someone as shameless and as twisted as him. For a moment, he really didn't know what reason he should use to refute this.

In the sky above Wangjiang City, there was a deep blue sky, without a single cloud for miles.

The sunlight was like a gentle breeze that caressed everyone's face.

On a road one mile away from Wangjiang City, a carriage was slowly approaching. On the carriage, other than the carriage driver, there was also a man and a woman inside.

The man had a head of red hair, and was tied up by all kinds of people. His face was bruised everywhere and he could not make a sound.

The woman was young and beautiful, beautiful beyond compare. She was like a fairy that had descended from the mortal world, extremely pure and extremely adorable.

"Miss, Wangjiang City is right in front of us!"

The driver turned around and shouted into the carriage.

The lady lifted the carriage curtain and a melodious voice rang out, "After a night of driving, my horse is hungry. After entering the city, I need to find an inn to rest and rest!"


The coachman immediately surged forward, raised his whip, and drove the carriage straight into the city.

Putting down the carriage curtain, the woman spanked the red-furred monster's head and said angrily: "I'm telling you, anyone who has bullied and humiliated me will not be able to escape death! I won't kill you right now, but that doesn't mean I'll let you off. "If you are dishonest and dare to play any tricks …"

Saying that, the woman's eyes released a frightful cold light. She glared at him, placed the treasured sword she had snatched from him last night onto his neck and threatened: "Don't blame me for being merciless! Do you hear me! "

The man nodded his head like he was mashing garlic. He had lost all his dignity and looked like a stray dog.

He was feeling depressed. If he had known that this girl was so irritable, he wouldn't have dared to have any crooked thoughts and would have avoided her in time.

That's right, this man was the branch master of the reincarnation hall, Situ Ran.

And this woman, was naturally Mu Zining, the one who had given Shang Zifeng the ungrateful title.

Previously, Mu Zining was planning to use an object and point the acupuncture points on it. Since she was unable to use any martial arts, after she tried to use it many times to escape, she found out that Situ Ran had actually sent people to follow her secretly because of the thing on her body.

At that time, Mu Zining realised that this was Situ Ran's plan, and that she could only run to a place with more people, looking for an opportunity to escape.

As a result, while escaping, she went into a inn and met Shang Zifeng there.

At first, Mu Zining had wanted to drag Shang Zifeng into the water to help her escape, but who knew that Shang Zifeng was actually someone who didn't have any martial arts on him.

And at that time, Situ Ran did not know that the thing he wanted had already been taken out by Mu Zining, so in a moment of desperation, he simply grabbed all the people that came in contact with Mu Zining. In the end, not only did Mu Zining fail to run away, even Shang Zifeng and the others were caught as well.

When they were in the prison, Mu Zining had used her unique technique to break through most of her acupoints, but at that time, the prison guards were extremely tight, if they were to fight, it would be difficult for her to escape.

Therefore, she took advantage of Situ Ran's perverted nature and pretended that she was no match for him and was brought out by Situ Ran's subordinate.

When Situ Ran entered the bedroom, he did not know that Mu Zining had already opened up all of her acupoints, but as Mu Zining was caught off guard, she caught him off guard and subdued him.

From Situ Ran, Mu Zining found out where Shang Zifeng and his group went, so she found a carriage and tied Situ Ran up, and then drove the carriage to look for Shang Zifeng. Because there was an important thing on Shang Zifeng's body, she had to find him and take that thing back.

Who would have thought that after arriving at this place, the scene would become a complete mess. The buildings would be emptied of people and all that was left would be bloodstained and broken rubble. No one would be able to see him or even his corpse.

Disappointed, Mu Zining could only bring Situ Ran down the mountain. Originally, she wanted to grab Situ Ran and rush to reincarnation hall to search for traces of Shang Zifeng, but who would have known that when they were passing through Jing Shu Casino, the carriage would be blocked by a horde of people and could not help but stop.

Mu Zining was also contaminated by the clamor here, she pulled open the carriage's curtain and peeked her head out, what entered her eyes was a pitch black place, the carriage was surrounded by a sea of people, it was unknown what they were attracted to, every person was looking in the gambling den with interest, as though they were watching a show.

Mu Zining called the coachman to stop and asked: "What day is it today, why is it so lively here?"

"In reply to the lady, there seems to be a gamble."

"Isn't it just a gamble? Is there really a need for so many people to watch?"

In the face of Mu Zining's question, the carriage driver was speechless. Actually, he did not know either.

With a trace of curiosity, Mu Zining got off the carriage and gave some instructions to the coachman.

The wagon driver nodded his head, and after Mu Zining finished her orders, the cart driver waved his whip, and drove off with Situ Ran. After the carriage left, Mu Zining was driven by curiosity and directly entered the gambling den.

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