"Bringing the zither over here is naturally to make a bet."

Bing Chan teased, "Why? Seeing that it was a guqin, you decided to back off? If you want to give up, then happily sign that indenture contract, and then feel at ease to stay and work for me! "

"Ever since I was born into this world, I have never had the word 'retreat' in my dictionary. It's just a broken guqin, not a man-eating tigress. I can handle it! "Tell me, how do you want to bet? This young noble will accompany you to the end!"

How could he make a bet with a guqin?

It was also Shang Zifeng's first time seeing it and he couldn't help but look forward to it.

Bing Chan's mouth twitched. This brat actually dared to call her a tigress. She had lived for over a hundred years and had seen over a thousand thorns. No one had ever dared to be so impudent in front of her.

If you aren't angry, if you aren't angry, you definitely can't be angry!

Although Bing Chan gritted her teeth in anger, her expression did not change as she directly ignored Shang Zifeng's disrespectful words.

Her white sleeves fluttered, creating a fragrant wind. After her jade-like hands brushed across the surface of the zither, she smiled at Shang Zifeng and said, "It's very simple. As long as you can play a little bit or two on the zither, even if it's not on the music, this match will be your win. What do you say?"



As long as he could play a little bit, even if it was out of tune, he would win?

It can't be?

How could there be such a simple thing in this world?

Shang Zifeng couldn't help but ask: "Do you mean, as long as you can play the song, I will win no matter if you play it again or not?"

"That's right!"

"It's that simple?"

"It's that simple!"

"You won't go back on your word?"

"I will never go back on my word!"

After a few questions and answers, Shang Zifeng finally believed that he did not hear wrongly.

However, although Bing Chan was sincere and sincere, to Shang Zifeng, it sounded unreal.

However, he couldn't tell where it was not real.

How could this girl let him win so easily?

He only needed to play a little bit or two, and it was an unrestricted rhythm. Even if he played blindly, it would still be considered his win.

In other words, as long as he could make a sound, he could take away a thousand taels of silver. This was way too simple!

If you were to say that he was at a disadvantage, the only thing that was at a disadvantage to Shang Zifeng would be losing face!

After all, to someone who had never touched a guqin before, being able to play a melody in front of everyone was not a show. It was a show of shame, a true act of humiliation, but more of torture for the listener's ears.

It didn't matter if he was humiliated or disgraced, as a real man, if he was laughed at and humiliated by others, he wouldn't lose any face. He didn't believe that a dignified young master of the Shang family wouldn't be able to learn a zither.

Since that was the case, why bother about today's gains and losses!

After thinking about it again and again, Shang Zifeng no longer hesitated. This girl said that as long as he could play the Voice, he would win this gamble.

Once he got the money, all the problems would be solved.

For the future, so what if he felt wronged now? He would just treat it as a joke!

If you want to mock me, then go ahead. Am I afraid of being mocked by others?


"Good!" I will tell you right away! "

Shang Zifeng strode forward with a generous look that made Shang Ziyu chuckle indiscriminately, adding to the eerie atmosphere.

This idiot, he clearly said that he didn't know how to play the zither, yet he was still bragging here and put on an appearance as though he was a young master that could do anything, truly embarrassing himself.

The corner of Mu Zining's eyes and mouth twitched. If it wasn't for that item, she wouldn't want to see Shang Zifeng again for the rest of her life!

Every time she thought of the inn, Mu Zining's face reddened. She was not a casual girl. Even she didn't know why she would come up with such nonsense. It was so embarrassing!

Shang Zifeng sat beside the zither with both of his hands touching the zither strings, completely engrossed.

This zither seemed to have a very strong affinity with him. The moment Shang Zifeng touched it, it caused him to uncontrollably sink into it. It was as if he had entered a different state and was unable to extricate himself.

It was indeed a good zither!

Even someone like Shang Zifeng, who had never touched a zither before, was attracted by its flowing aura.

Suddenly, Shang Zifeng's eyebrows twitched. From an angle that no one else could see, three golden Dragon Marks flashed across Shang Zifeng's forehead, leaving no trace behind.

Although this scene happened in a hurry and no one noticed it, it was still caught by the sharp-eyed Bing Chan.

Bing Chan was shocked. Her rarely rippling face showed obvious signs of being moved.

Whether it was moved or shocked, it was mostly joy.

Unknowingly, she had already taken a step forward. When the servant girl next to her saw this, she hurriedly supported Bing Chan and asked worriedly, "Owner, what's wrong?"

"No problem …"

With the support of the maidservant, Bing Chan instantly recovered her composure. The smile on her face gradually disappeared, returning to its usual calmness.

At this moment, the entire venue was silent. Everyone's attention was focused on Shang Zifeng's hand, so they didn't notice the change in Bing Chan's expression.

The sound emitted from the purple curtain could clearly be heard. The distant and lingering zither music was like a continuous spring rain that shook one's heart.

For some reason, although there was a beautiful zither music that could be said to be a baptism of peerless heavenly music, they still wanted to listen to the zither music that Shang Zifeng pointed out. This kind of expectation was like a kind of magic that irrationally led to their souls.

Even though Shang Zifeng had just said that he didn't understand the art of the zither, they still wanted to hear it. Even if the music that was about to be played was a retort, they would still accept it indifferently.

Yes, this was a kind of magic, a magic that had never been seen before.

For a moment, everyone held their breath as they waited for his beautiful voice.

The lady's zither music stirred a faint microwave by his ear, and Shang Zifeng's eyes gradually became blurred and distant.

He closed his eyes and put his hands in position. His fingertips lightly moved, and the melodious sound of the zither rippled outwards along the zither strings. It originated from a long time ago.

When Shang Zifeng's zither music came out, everyone was shocked to the point that their jaws dropped. They were dumbstruck as they looked at everything that happened in front of them.

Didn't this brat say that he couldn't play the zither?

Since he couldn't play the zither, then what was wrong with this beautiful zither music?

In that instant, everyone was dumbfounded. They all shook their heads and sighed. How could they not know how to play the zither?

He was obviously pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger!

How could a beginner or a child who had never experienced the music play such a melody?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was skilled in the zither arts.

It was hard to imagine that someone of such young age would have such great attainments in the zither arts!

Shang Zifeng's beautiful zither music gradually overshadowed the original zither music, bringing everyone out from the misty world, allowing them to enter into a world created by him.

Birds were singing, and the fragrance of flowers had assaulted their noses the moment they entered this world. The smell was fresh and elegant, extremely refreshing, and everyone was standing there quietly, with their eyes glazed over as they indulged in this fantasy that was brought about by nature.

Hearing the beautiful music, Shang Ziyu was as surprised as anyone else.

How was this possible?

When did second brother learn how to play?

If he hadn't seen it for himself, he wouldn't have believed it.

Ever since he was young, he had always lived together with second brother. He was very clear on whether second brother could play the zither, but now, for the first time ever, second brother could play such a beautiful and beautiful zither.

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