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C37 Inheritance(1)

Mu Zining was even more confused now, he... She was obviously a hedonistic young master, and could tell this much from Shang Zifeng's first meeting. But now, when she heard the zither music released by Shang Zifeng, she became a little dazed.

Such a heavenly melody, such a beautiful melody, just which playboy young master would have such a talent like him?

She was starting to doubt her ability to judge people.

Mu Zining shook her head and curled her lips. Everyone said that the zither music could reflect a person's state of mind, but no matter how she looked at it, she could not see that Shang Zifeng had such a gentle and elegant side to him.

It was truly strange, especially so this year. She had seen all sorts of weird people.

On the other hand, Bing Chan already did not know how she could describe her current feelings, so her body lightly trembled as her beautiful eyes continuously moved, revealing a look of disbelief.

"Owner, you …"

Seeing Bing Chan's injuries, the servant called out softly, her face filled with worry.

"I don't mind, I'm fine."

Bing Chan replied softly, hinting to the servant not to disturb too much, in case it destroyed this rare domain.

The servant girl understood and pursed her lips, not daring to speak further.

She turned to look at Shang Zifeng, a wave of unexplainable doubt swelling in her heart, this yellow haired brat could actually play the zither.

He … Just who was it … Just as everyone was immersed in the Ten Thousand Flowers Lane, a sonorous and powerful zither note suddenly rushed in from the purple curtain. It broke through the current state of mind, as if everyone had been drawn into an ancient battlefield.

The fission of the universe, the vast universe, the thunder and lightning of war.

At the top of the ancient battlefield, the fog was getting thicker.

The setting sun was like blood, and the blood-red light penetrated through the layers of clouds and reflected on the gray and yellow sand field, seeming to be stained with blood as it soaked through.

The fierce wind roared, the heaven and earth became desolate, and the horses that had broken free trod on majestic auras as as they galloped in with the great army of the Hu family on their horses. The million golden lances shook the skies, and the sharp halberd light dazzled everyone's eyes.

The silvery-white armor weaved through the yellow sand like a pool of jade-green water. It sparkled and emitted a silvery light, as if millions of silver ants were galloping on their horses, roaming the world.

Originally, Shang Zifeng was still immersed in his own concept of beauty, but suddenly, a gust of wind blew past and he was interrupted by a sudden burst of zither music. He frowned slightly and raised his eyebrows in displeasure, his fingertips making a "hua" sound.

With a flick, a deafening zither sound rippled out from his fingertips!

The wind rustled, rumbling!

Between the heavens and the earth, a million elite soldiers suddenly descended. Their black clothes and scales threatened the eyes, and their massive auras shot straight into the clouds.

The black armored army stepped forward and shouted for them to kill. Their killing cries echoed in the sky as they approached the silver white army.

The endless black was like a rolling tide, standing opposite of the silver-white Hu suit after a few moments. A great black and white battle was about to happen!

Shang Zifeng's fingertips moved about, his speed rapidly increased. As the zither music sped up, killing intent filled the entire battlefield, thousands of arrows shot out, and the black and white parties attacked each other.

At that time, the wind and clouds would change, and the sand would rise up to 10,000 feet in the air.

Everyone who heard the zither music had beads of sweat on their foreheads. They were completely captured by the overwhelming aura and became the victims of the two armies. As long as they didn't pay attention, they would be trampled by the iron hooves and not even their bones would be left.

Kid, I've really underestimated you. I didn't think that your zither arts would reach such a high level.

Even if she was lucky, she would still be trembling in fear due to the zither music. Cold sweat flowed down her body, even if she did not experience war, the truth was that she was trapped in a prison.

After a series of battles, the silver-white army was obviously not a match for the black and white armies. They gradually backed away as the black armored army closed in on them, oppressing them bit by bit. The situation gradually became clear.

Fourth floor, within the purple curtain, Fairy Qin constantly fiddled with the strings of the zither. With the zither music accelerating, her slightly tired complexion also changed under the veil. Her forehead was already dripping with sweat and her body was gradually losing strength.

The maid at the side wanted to step forward several times, but she still had some lingering fears. She did not dare to disturb him lightly, so after a few struggles, she decided to give up.

She had not seen her acting like this since the day she followed her mistress.

When the Jing Shu Casino was first established, the young miss had already guarded this place.

In the past two years, countless people had come to challenge the young mistress, but none of them had been able to withstand the young mistress's hands.

However, today she was forced into such a sorry state by this unknown zither music. She really wanted to see just what that zither player looked like!


With a snapping sound, the zither string broke and cut open Fairy Qin's finger. Bright red blood leaked out from her finger.

Wherever it passed, the air twisted and distorted. In the end, it entered everyone's eardrums, and like an electric shock, it stimulated their brains, pulling the entire hall of people back to reality.

Shang Zifeng's bright eyes were also interrupted by the sound of the zither. In a snap of his fingers, the music suddenly stopped.

"Miss …"

The maid rushed forward and said with concern, "Your hand …"

"No problem."

Fairy Qin's clear and sweet voice that was like the sounds of nature, carried with it a bit of majesty and a bit of domineering aura. The aura of a naturally born superior that looked down upon the world, floated at every corner of the room.

"How dare you injure the little miss, Little Huan will capture him right away and make the little miss vent her anger!"

Xiao Huan's eyes were filled with chilliness, her dark eyes were filled with terrifying killing intent, and she acted as if she was going to capture Shang Zifeng.

"Absolutely not."

Fairy Qin raised her hand and whispered, "Ask that gongzi to come up!"

She purposely emphasized "Please!"


"Miss …"

Little Rings wanted to say something more, but was scared off by Fairy Qin's piercing gaze. She only heard her shout in a low voice, "Do as I say."

"Yes!" Little Huan was frightened by the little miss's power.

Then unwillingly, he walked out of the curtain.

At this time, the main hall was in a state of shock.

"How could this be …"

"He … "His zither music actually surpassed Fairy Qin's zither music …"

"This brat really defeated Fairy Zither, this …" This... "This is truly unheard-of and unprecedented …"

"Who exactly is this boy? He actually …"

"Tsk, what is this? What kind of people are you? Isn't this just a hedonistic young master? Is it even worth it for you all to praise him so much?

The last sentence was Mu Zining's, and the moment she said it, she immediately looked down upon the entire audience, while at the same time attracting the gazes of the surrounding people.

Mu Zining did not mind and curled her lips: "You … What are you all looking at? He was a popinjay in the first place … It's the young master after all! "

She hated Shang Zifeng the most for acting coquettish. He had clearly won the bet, and her heart was full of joy, but he was still acting deep, like a prince.

"Second Bro, we won! We won! "

After the zither music finished, Shang Ziyu anxiously ran over to second brother, squatted down and shook Shang Zifeng's shoulders, and said excitedly: "Second brother, you're too amazing, when did you learn the zither skills? Why did you not tell me about it, and cause me to worry for you for nothing! Do you know, that zither music from before was simply too powerful. It is the most domineering zither music that I have ever heard! Especially the last part. It sounds like one being surrounded by an army of thousands of men and horses; it's simply too awe-inspiring! "

Shang Zifeng's expression became confused after hearing what he said. He pointed a finger at his own face and asked in disbelief, "Really? You mean I just played it? I played it? "

"Second brother, what's wrong? It was you who played it, don't you remember? "

Shang Ziyu was suspicious. He should be happy that he won the bet with Second Brother, but why does Second Brother look so stiff? It was as if everything that happened just now had nothing to do with him.

How strange!

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