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C38 Inheritance(2)

Shaking his head, Shang Zifeng regained his senses and remembered the powerful zither music.

So, that zither music was really played by him.

In fact, he didn't know why he could play the zither either.

The moment he touched the zither, a string of zither music books appeared in his mind. It was as if some kind of power had poured into him, giving him an accomplishment far surpassing that of a mortal.

This kind of power guided him, finally allowing him to release such earth-shattering music that could shake the world.

Who cares, he didn't care about that. What he cared about now was money.

After wiping away the suspicions in his heart, Shang Zifeng stood up and turned around to face Bing Chan. Isn't it time to talk about money? "

"Don't you dare, don't think …"

Just as the servant was about to scold, she was interrupted by Bing Chan with a raise of his hand.

As she walked, she tilted her head and instructed the servant: "Xiao Li, go and get a thousand silver."

Initially, Bing Chan only wanted to see if Shang Zifeng had the ability to use the guqin to determine if he was the person she was thinking of. However, she did not expect that after this test, Shang Zifeng's zither music would actually become this strong.

Bing Chan was self-deprecating, but this self-deprecation revealed an incomparable joy.

Niece's attainments in zither arts were rare, there was absolutely no one in this world who could match her, but today … Could it be because of this zither?

That's right, this was the only explanation. Ever since the fall of the Honorable Master, no one had ever activated this zither.

It wasn't that they couldn't play the zither, but that they simply couldn't use the zither to play.

When the High Lord was still alive, Bing Chan had the good fortune to have seen the High Lord play it before. The sound of the zither was vivid and vivid, its origin was long, and it was even better than when Shang Zifeng played it.

However, with the fall of the High Lord, this zither and that perfect zither had faded from the stage of history.

Bing Chan knew in her heart that this zither was not ordinary, the High Lord had told her before about the origins of this zither, and it could also be said that it was only a legend.

The people of the world did not know of the existence of this zither, and no one had ever seen it with their own eyes.

However, with the quality of the zither music, how could any ordinary object be looked down upon?

Bing Chan's beautiful eyes rested on the zither, shining without a word. She was not worried that the appearance of the zither would cause any sort of dispute, because other than her, no one else knew its origin.

Bing Chan could not help but exclaim, it was truly worthy of being an Ancient Divine Weapon, truly fitting the heaven and earth, looking down at the universe with disdain.

"Owner, this brat doesn't know how to speak. You …"

Seeing that Xiao Li was not listening, Bing Chan glared at him and bellowed: "Hurry and go!"

"Owner... Yes... Xiao Li will go. "

Xiao Li could not refuse. She just needed to follow the instructions and reluctantly went to get the silver.

Different from Xiao Li's attitude, when Bao Tong stood at the side, his eyes shone with starlight, and he started to admire Shang Zifeng more and more.

Before, acting as a pig and eating the tiger had caused him to lose face, and there was still some dissatisfaction in his heart, but now, those slight dissatisfaction had disappeared completely along with the sound of Shang Zifeng's zither.

The Zither Fairy was an undefeatable legend in Bao Tong's heart, yet this undefeatable legend was actually defeated by Shang Zifeng. This was not something that anyone could do.

Bao Tong asked himself, even if he was given two lifetimes of time, he still wouldn't be able to surpass the zither skill of the Zither Fairy, let alone others.

In truth, Bao Tong was also a scholar, he was skilled in all sorts of skills, but in a place like the Jing Shu Casino where talents were plentiful, it was impossible to see his talent, thus, in front of people, in order to avoid suspicion, Bao Tong did not reveal anything, and no one knew of Bao Tong's achievements in this area.

Two scorching gazes shot over, and without any warning, Shang Zifeng shuddered. He suddenly felt a numbing sensation at the back of his neck and simultaneously noticed Bao Tong's blurry eyes.

Shang Zifeng lowered his head, looked left and right at his clothes, and then touched his cheeks.

His entire body was dirty, but he shouldn't be staring at him like that. What's more, his eyes … However, Bao Tong was not a beauty, and as for him, he was indeed a beautiful man. However, at this moment, he could only say that he was a beautiful man with a face covered in black charcoal.

Shang Zifeng took a deep breath, this guy … It couldn't be that he wanted to play with him, right? If that really was the case, then he would have to stay away from this guy.

Coughing lightly, Shang Zifeng turned his head and shook the goosebumps on his body. He looked straight into Bing Chan's eyes and suddenly understood what Bing Chan had just said.


Bing Chan asked instead of answering.

"Ugh …" I mean... "That treasure sword of mine …"

"That treasure sword?"

Just as Shang Zifeng mentioned the word treasure sword, he rolled his eyes and snorted: "Didn't your sword already pawn those two porcelain bottles that you destroyed!"

"Then... I'll pay nine hundred taels of silver to pay for the two porcelain bottles. Of course, I'm generous, so I'll treat the extra money as my reward. Now you can return that sword to me, right? "

Shang Zifeng's tone was a little stubborn, but it was his heartfelt words.

Ever since he was young, silver notes were like numbers in his eyes. He didn't have the slightest concept of money, so as long as the young master was happy, so what if he rewarded you with a thousand taels of silver?

However, those words didn't sound the same in other people's ears.

This brat clearly looks down on us Owner, what do you mean by "reward"?

In the Owner's opinion, that small amount of money was not even worth mentioning.

At this time, a maid stepped forward and coldly said, "Sir, nine hundred taels of silver is probably not even enough to buy a single bottle!"


Shang Zifeng was shocked, although he did not have any concept of silver, but he knew that nine hundred liang was not a small sum. How could it not be worth even a single cent of that porcelain bottle?

The servant snorted, and after throwing a blade at Shang Zifeng, she turned her head and ignored him.

After Shang Zifeng finished eating with the servant, he turned to look at Bing Chan, wanting to hear what he had to say.

Bing Chan raised her brow and lightly nodded her chin.

Seeing that, Shang Zifeng was so angry that he couldn't say a word.

It was obvious that this girl wanted to suppress the treasured sword and not return it to him.

Whether it was the quality or the carving techniques, those two porcelain bottles were worth at most three hundred taels of silver.

He had seen this kind of trash in the Yiyang City's antiques market a lot, why did it become a priceless treasure in their mouths?

Feeling Shang Zifeng's slight dissatisfaction, Bing Chan moved her skirt sideways and smiled faintly: "900 taels of silver is indeed not enough to pay for those two porcelain bottles. How about this, let's bet once more, if you win, you can redeem your treasured sword."

Just as Bing Chan finished speaking, Xiao Li took out a stack of silver and walked over. Under Bing Chan's gaze, she handed it over to him.

Shang Zifeng weighed the heavy silver in his hand, feeling unspeakably depressed in his heart. A few dozen silver was enough to pay for the coiling and rental of the carriage.

Originally, he wanted to use the remaining silver to redeem the sword, but in the end, he didn't even have enough to pay for a fragment of it.

The reason why he had won the third round was entirely due to luck. He didn't even know how he had managed to produce such a beautiful zither note.

If he didn't accept it and continued to gamble with her, who knew what tricks this girl would play next? However, if he didn't gamble, wouldn't that treasured sword be given to someone else?

Just as Shang Zifeng was at a loss about this, a beautiful purple dressed lady appeared on the fourth floor and looked down. After looking around, she shouted: "May I ask where is the young master who was playing the zither just now? "My family's young mistress invites you."

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