Did her young mistress invite him?

Could it be … Could it be Fairy Qin?

After guessing this point, the crowd once again burst into an uproar. For a moment, all the gazes of envy, jealousy, and hatred were focused on Shang Zifeng.

He really didn't know how many blessings this fellow had accumulated in his previous life. Why would he find him for all the good things in his current life?


To him, being invited by Fairy Zither was a great blessing!

Everyone could not help but sigh. Even if they could get a glimpse of a beauty, they would not have to travel the world!

Xiao Huan waited in a circle, and when no one answered, he turned to look at a beggar. Xiao Huan could not help but frown, and shouted again: "Excuse me, where is the young master playing the zither? My Young Miss has invited this young master here for a chat."

Under the crowd's watchful eyes, Shang Zifeng walked out from the crowd at a moderate pace. He raised his head and asked, "Little girl, what is your Miss looking for me for?"

Little girl?

Hearing someone call her that, Little Rings couldn't help but frown. Seeing Shang Zifeng's appearance, Little Rings almost bit off his tongue.

It was only at this moment that she was certain that the person who had played the zither just now was precisely this disheveled, dirty, and beggar brat before her.

If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn't have connected the beautiful sound of the zither with the little beggar in front of her.

Judging by his age and Miss's age, he was thousands of miles away from her in terms of manners and manners, giving off a playful and cynical air.

Forget about his vulgar appearance, just by being a foppish dandy, he was not worthy enough to sit under the same roof as his young mistress. This was a great insult to his young mistress!

However, thinking of how determined the Miss was just now, out of reverence for the Miss, Xiao Huan didn't dare to stand on the side and reject Shang Zifeng.

She glared at Shang Zifeng and said in a disdainful tone, "The reason my Miss invited you is because she thinks highly of you. You came up just like that, so stop wasting your breath!"

"Nonsense?!" Did someone look for me and I had to go up? "Then I'm a bit too cheap!"

Shang Zifeng saw the little girl's disdain and felt dissatisfied.

It was your young miss who invited me first, not me who invited your young miss.

Hmph, I, the young master, won't take your trick!


Little Rings already had a prejudice against Shang Zifeng, and now that she saw that this brat didn't know how to deal with people, she was even more angry.

Gritting her teeth, Xiao Huan stomped her foot hard and said in a high-pitched voice, "Stinky beggar, you should know that it's extremely difficult for many young masters to even want to meet my Miss, yet you're still asking questions. You don't know how to appreciate a favor, aren't you afraid of offending my lady!? You must know the consequences of offending my Young Miss! "

"Consequences? "Hehe, this young master really doesn't know the consequences of offending your young miss!"

He paused, "Then I'll have to trouble you to tell your young lady that I am not free and do not wish to see her. When my mood is better, I might give her a chance to come and see me! "

Do you really think that I'm your slave, coming and going whenever you want?

What a joke!

Shang Zifeng turned around and said to Shang Ziyu in a low voice, "Now that we have the money, let's go!"

"Ah, ah?! That... "That sword …"

"Stupid, what's the use of a sword? Such a big gambling den like this can't run away, so that sword will stay here for now. When second brother learns his lesson, he can come and win it back." We need to hurry up and get to the Yuxu Mountain. Time is of the essence, if we go too late, there will be no placings! "

While speaking, Shang Zifeng blinked at Shang Ziyu and signaled him to quickly escape with him. He was also worried that this girl would change her mind and leave when the time came.

With that, Shang Zifeng shouted upstairs, "Little girl, I won't waste my time with you anymore. Bye!" "We'll never see each other again …"

Before he finished his sentence, he turned around and glanced at Bing Chan before dragging his third brother through the crowd, disappearing in a flash.

And he shouted "See you" to the fourth floor.

Words, like the final lingering sound, gradually faded away as they left the scene, finally disappearing without a trace.

Bing Chan looked at Shang Zifeng's back as he left. Her beautiful eyes narrowed as she smiled elegantly. Her smile was extremely flirtatious, causing the dead tree to be greeted by spring.

Could it be that he planned to go to Yuxu Sect to learn from his teacher?

This brat … It seems that everything is fated by heaven. Oh, Tian Ge, I never would have thought that the person you wanted to kill today, eighteen years later, would still be standing right in front of you!

It's been eighteen years. It's time to collect your debts!

"Owner, I'll capture him now!"

Seeing Shang Zifeng leave without saying a word, the thugs from Jing Shu Casino were all extremely angry, and acted as if they were going to capture Shang Zifeng and bring him back.

Bing Chan raised her hand to stop them. She did not intend to stop Shang Zifeng because she knew that one day, he would come back.

What's more, she already knew where Shang Zifeng went, he wouldn't be able to escape her sight.

Xiao Huan was dumbfounded. That little brat actually ran away. This was the first time the young miss had invited someone of her own initiative, and yet he had been released. Was there anything more outrageous than this in the world?

Amidst the uproar of the crowd, a red figure had unknowingly disappeared into the crowd.

After the hall was cleared, Bing Chan brought Xiao Li to the fourth floor.

Inside the room, two peerless beauties were discussing something. One of them was Fairy Qin, while Xiao Huan and Xiao Li were waiting outside for him.

At this time, Fairy Qin had already taken off her veil. Towards her own people, she was never stingy in revealing her true appearance.

After taking off her veil, her face was misty, and her hands were soft. Her fair skin was as clear as crystal, and her slightly weak and frightening face had already surpassed the world's trajectory. She was like a fairy that had never stained the mortal world.

This sort of appearance could only be seen in paintings, it was unique in this world.

She was dressed in a flowing, silver, brocade dress. Her every gaze, every action, and every action exuded an incomparable elegance and nobility. She carried the aura of a king looking down upon the world.

Peony self-abasement of the flower pity, beautiful face like a painting of heaven shocking immortal.

In terms of beauty, if she dared call herself number two, then no one would dare claim themselves to be number one.

"Aunt Bing, you mean … He … He is... How is this possible? Wasn't he already dead eighteen years ago? "Why is Aunt Bing so sure of it?"

"There are some things that I should let you know about."

Bing Chan's beautiful eyes suddenly turned deep as time seemed to flow with her mind and return to a long time ago.

"Eighteen years ago, when the wife of the current High Lord was about to arrive, she was met with a strange scene in the Heaven Lake City. Not long after the falling stone landed, the young master was born. When the Young Master was born, the sky descended yet again. Three Golden Gigantic Dragons suddenly appeared above the peak. The descent of a Divine Dragon didn't happen even once in ten thousand years, it was unknown how many people were shocked at that time. However, the divine dragon didn't stay in the sky for long. It turned into three beams of light and entered the young master's forehead, forming three dragon imprints. Your father, my sworn brother, as the High Priest, has studied astrology for hundreds of years. After seeing this succession of strange phenomena, he immediately used the Gui Yuan Sect's abacus to predict 'Cold Moon, Liangyue, Sanlong, Feng Shuang, and Sirius'. Once this prophecy was released, everyone was puzzled. They did not understand what this prophecy meant. When asked, the elder brother was confused. He only talked about the calamity that was about to befall the Demon Area, but did not talk about its root. After all, breaking through the Heavenly Mystery at will is heaven defying, so we can only follow your father's wishes and not investigate any further. "

"And then?"

"Afterwards, the young master died a tragic death three days after he was born. The entire demon territory was grieving, but only your father was watching the stars in the night, not a single trace of grief could be seen between his brows. At that time, a disciple was by your father's side and personally heard your father say that the Young Master was not dead. But before your father could finish speaking, a disciple came to report the news of your mother being locked on the Evil Killing Arena by the Five Great Sects. When your father heard this, his expression changed and immediately threatened that disciple to not tell us about this news. Thus, your father went to the Qing Xuan Bian Garden alone, hiding it from all of us. Later … "I believe you already know about what happened afterwards …"

At this point, Bing Chan's heart was in a mess, she could not continue any further, because after the High Priest died on the Evil Killing Stage, the Five Great Sects used the reason of the dark fluorescent sword being stolen to take the opportunity to attack the Demon Area together with hundreds of other sects and families to massacre the million people there. The fire burned brightly on the thirteenth mountain peak of the Demon Area, burning away the former glory of the Demon Area and making it completely history.

Among them, how many were framed, how many were the grudges, how many were the dangers, how many were the designs, countless were there, the way was unknown … When Fairy Qin heard this, a cold light appeared in her eyes. She clenched her fists and said coldly, "How could I not know? There will be a day when I will flatten Five Great Sects and take revenge for my parents!"

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