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C4 Escape(3)

Four hours later, on the pier outside Yiyang City, there were three people, each leading a horse, looking at each other in the dusk. The atmosphere was a little strange, no one knew what they were talking about.

"Second brother, why did you leave without notifying elder brother? If I didn't accidentally run into you, would you have quietly slipped away like this?"

Shang Zimo unavoidably said with some blame.

Shang Zifeng was dressed like a servant and carried a huge bag of belongings as he stood opposite Shang Zimo. He listened to his big brother talk in anger, and had a playful expression on his face.

He curled his lips, "Big brother, it's not like you don't know! That tigress, whoever marries her will be in trouble! Moreover, this wasn't a marriage, it couldn't even be considered a bribe! If I really bow down to her, then wouldn't that mean that I won't even be able to be a man anymore! "

"If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have done it this way! Isn't this all your doing!? You reap what you sow, now you know how to be afraid? Do you know that your glorious achievements are not only causing a stir here in Yi Yang, but it has also spread throughout the entire XianZhou! They all knew that our Shang Family's Second Young Master couldn't be provoked in a martial arts match, and had actually lost himself to someone else as a wife! But now, you've left by yourself with your parents to wipe your ass. You really are their good son! "

"Alright, big brother, you don't need to talk about second brother."

"I know Big Brother has always doted on Second Brother and me the most, so he must be here to send us off as well. Otherwise, Big Brother would have long since ordered some people to capture us.

Shang Zimo looked at his little sheep like Third Brother, and couldn't get angry anymore. He lightly sighed, and looked at his two brothers with a meaningful gaze. You two! "

Sighing, Shang Zimo's angry look disappeared, returning to its normal kind brows.

He took out his sword and weighed it in his hand before placing it in his second brother's hand and said with concern, "Brother, this sword is for you to keep. If you encounter any trouble in the future, you can use it to order all the outer disciples of the Shang family to help you!"

Shang Zifeng looked at the treasured sword in his hand, his eyes became moist, and could not help but reveal waves of gratitude.

He knew that his big brother didn't know martial arts, but this treasured sword was his big brother's favorite. He normally treated it like a treasure and loved it very much. He would carry it wherever he went.

As Shang Zimo had been out managing his father's family business all year long, he had always been in the spotlight. As a result, after a while, every Shang Family disciple would recognize the treasured sword of the Eldest Young Master Shang Zimo, and as long as the sword was there, it was as if Shang Zimo had personally come.

This thing is too precious to big brother. How can he bear to take away someone's love?

Shang Zimo knew what his second brother was going to say, so he waved his hand and interrupted him: "Big brother does not know martial arts, it's useless to keep him. I might as well give him to you as a defense for now, when you learn something, this sword will be useful to you!"

Looking at the Immortal Sword that was filled with immortal qi and overflowing with colors, Shang Zifeng lost all traces of playfulness and politeness. He carefully put the Immortal Sword on his waist and said with tears in his voice: "I hope big brother will show my filial piety for father and mother. Second brother understands that these past few years, I have always shamed my family, but I promise you, one day, I will make you proud of me!"

"With this kind of heart of yours, big brother will be satisfied!"

Shang Zimo nodded his head in gratification, he was silent for a moment, and seemed to have thought of something, and asked suspiciously: "You brat, what method did you use to hide from Helian Lanruo?"

With Helian Lanruo's temper, if she discovered that her second brother had escaped the marriage, she would definitely gallop over.

However, even after such a long time had passed, there still wasn't any movement. Moreover, second brother didn't seem to be in a hurry to escape either. This was truly strange.

Shang Zifeng rolled his eyes, reached into his pocket and took out the last remaining talisman, placed it in front of Shang Zimo's chest, and laughed mischievously: "Hey, this is it!"

"What is this?!"

Shang Zimo had never seen talismans before, so when he saw it, he thought it was fragrant paper from the temple.

"Hehe, Hundred Transformations Immortal Eye Talisman!" Five years ago, I spent sixty silver taels to buy it from a Taoist. It has been of no use since then and until now, I never thought that it would actually come in handy today! "

At this point, Shang Zifeng couldn't help but laugh. His eyes had already narrowed into the shape of a crescent moon.

"Hundred Transformations Immortal Eye?"

Shang Zimo carefully studied the talisman, his eyes suddenly becoming cold, instantly recalling his younger brother's glorious past. He could not help but take in a breath of cold air.

Ever since Shang Zifeng liked to play with talismans, the entire Shang Ye Manor was disturbed by him. In the end, whenever Shang Zifeng appeared, the servant girls would immediately run away like mice seeing a cat, afraid that they would be affected by Shang Zifeng. There were even a few times where the house was almost burnt.

"As he thought about it, Shang Zimo's heart began to fill with unease. Could it be that this kid is acting up again …" Just what did you do!? "

Just by looking at his gloating face, Shang Zimo knew that this guy had definitely not done anything good.

"It's nothing, I just wanted to change the Fatty Hua into my appearance, and instead of me, I wanted to bow down to the tiger girl!"

Shang Zifeng chuckled, with a face full of pride: "From the looks of it, that talisman is quite effective, it should be able to sustain for an hour!"

Shang Zifeng said casually, but what he did not expect was that right after he said those words, Shang Zimo's expression became incomparably wonderful.


He couldn't hold back and slapped Shang Zifeng's head, causing Shang Zifeng to feel dizzy and a clear sound to ring in his ears.

"You did good!"

After saying that, Shang Zimo no longer paid any attention to the two of them. He turned and mounted his horse, waving his whip as he rushed back to the City Lord's Mansion.

What he needed to do now was to stop that pig before it was in trouble. Otherwise, this would become a huge issue!

The sunset glow retreated, and Long Yue moved to this quiet and beautiful night. As the other Genuine Force Warrior of the Helian Family in Yi Yang, it could be said that they were radiating light and brimming with vitality.

Because today, their eldest daughter had given the Helian Family face by 'marrying' the second young master of the Shang family.

He came back.

This not only caused the head miss to worry about him, but also gave the Shang family a severe slap on the face.

Shang and He, the two major families of Zhen Wu, had been fighting each other for decades, calling each other out.

Even if it was before Shang Zifeng's generation, when it was suppressed by the other young masters of the Zhen Wu Clan, it was only limited to their generation.

If one looked at the overall situation, the Shang Family's power could not be underestimated. Experts were as common as the clouds, just with their unique mysterious guards, they could turn half of XianZhou upside down.

Whether it was the annual Zhen Wu competition, or the running competition between the merchant guilds and the escort company, the Helian Family could not take any advantage of them and was completely crushed.

Even though Patriarch Helian was also the Yiyang City Lord, he could not use this identity to set foot in the martial arts world.

After all, there were different levels of rules that no one could break.

However, what no one expected was that right when the Helian Family was at their wits end, they suddenly received news that the Shang Family's Second Young Master was going to compete with the Helian Family's Young Miss.

Once the news spread out, it instantly caused an uproar, and in less than two hours, everyone knew about it.

It was just that the focus of everyone's discussion was not Shang Zifeng, but Helian Lanruo.

In the eyes of the people, Helian Lanruo was a young lady from the Shangguan family who did not know even a little bit about martial arts, and as for Shang Zifeng, although he had never properly learnt martial arts since young, and only played with the three runes on her body all day, for the past ten years, her martial arts had never been as good as her, and she had truly become a weak person. But no matter what one said, she was still much stronger than a weak girl like Helian Lanruo.

However, such a weak girl was actually able to set up a stage to watch the battle, and Shang Zifeng, this weakling, also acted out a stage to fight the battle without hesitation.

At the same time, the Helian Family had not expected the final result of the competition.

Shang Zifeng, who everyone thought would win this round, was actually defeated in less than a single exchange by this "weak girl" Helian Lanruo.

He was beaten black and blue as he lay on the ground like a dead dog.

It was also at this time that the people found out that Helian Lanruo was actually a profound martial arts expert. This was also something that Shang Zifeng did not expect.

However, it was too late for him to regret it now, because the letter of acceptance that Shang Zifeng had signed had already been revealed by Helian Lanruo in public.

Although in the eyes of outsiders, Shang Zifeng was a hedonistic young master that did not learn or use any skills, or in other words, an extravagant piece of trash, this did not affect anything.

This was because the Helian Family did not care about Shang Zifeng, but about the Shang Family's reputation and influence in the Yiyang City or even in the entire XianZhou. As long as they could establish a relationship with the Shang Family, in the future, no matter if it was the Jianghu or the government, they would no longer need to care about other people's opinions and actions.

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