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C40 Inheritance(4)

"A silver robe falls upon the world, the three foot long brush will decide the heavens and the earth!" Your father was such a hero back then, yet he was called the Great Devil, and was buried on the Evil Killing Stage! This grudge which Aunt Bing will never forget in my life! "

After saying that, Bing Chan lowered her head, her eyes revealing a sorrowful look, she calmed her emotions and continued: "That kid's appearance is very similar to the old ancestor, and there is also a three dragon mark on his forehead. The moment he touched the ancient zither with seven strings, that birthmark appeared to be exactly the same as when the young master was born. "And the most important point is that he can use the Ancestor's zither …"

"Aunt Bing is saying that the zither music just now …"

"That's right, it's the zither music that the Ancestor released with the seven-stringed ancient zither. The Ancestor once said that only his direct blood could activate the zither. "

Fairy Qin remained unperturbed as she said, "So that means that hedonistic kid is … Shangguan Zi Feng? "

Bing Chan shook her head: "Hmm, it's about there."

Fairy Qin's beautiful eyes were deep as she murmured, "So, he is Shangguan Zifeng …"

What kind of person was he exactly?

Not only was his behavior impenetrable, his tone was flashy. His entire body was filled with pride; he was just a foppish young master, Fan'er.

None of the people who came to the Jing Shu Casino dared to be as impudent and rude as him, calling him "little girl".


It was no wonder that Aunt Bing was not angry at the time. Otherwise, with Aunt Bing's temperament, how could he still have the life to speak.

However, as the bet progressed, the Zither Fairy had a different view of Shang Zifeng.

Although dice shaking was vulgar to most people, it was the lowest grade.

After all, in the eyes of most people, they were wrong about gambling.

The reason is simply that it is harmful to people, many people because of its separation, family ruin and death.

Unbeknownst to them, they inadvertently overlooked the nature of the gambler.

Often the most unremarkable, the most loathsome thing, but most can truly reflect a person's heart.

Shang Zifeng was not the type of person who bet randomly, his rhythm was steady, he had guts and schemes, he knew to stop once things went wrong, he would not do things without confidence. If not for Aunt Bing making the second round, maybe Aunt Bing would have already lost, she knew this clearly.

Although Shang Zifeng boasted about his strength sometimes, he only said it because he had the actual premise. No matter what, it was still better than those who pretended to be arrogant and conceited.

Fairy Qin was high up, and she also had a stunning beauty. No matter where she went, she would become the center of attention.

However, this kind of person like her was actually left alone by a hedonistic young master. The moment Shang Zifeng turned around and ran, she became extremely curious about Shang Zifeng.

Especially after she lost to Shang Zifeng in her high level of zither arts, she had an even deeper interest in him.

The music originated from the heart. How could a person who could play such domineering and unparalleled zither music be lacking in any way?

Let alone she already knew Shang Zifeng's true identity, even though Aunt Bing did not leave any leeway when she said those words, it was already a foregone conclusion.

He was Shangguan Zi Feng, and he was Shangguan Zi Feng.

When Fairy Qin was born, her parents had already died. Although she hadn't met them before, she still had a sincere trust in them.

She slowly took out the jade pendant her mother had left her when she was on her deathbed. This jade pendant contained a strand of her mother's consciousness. When she was young, her mother would enter her dreams every time she fell asleep, accompanying her and asking after her.

However, with the passage of time, her mother's spiritual sense gradually dissipated. Finally, when she was ten years old, her mother forever disappeared, vanished from her dreams, and disappeared from this world.

During this short period of her childhood, her mother had accompanied her for most of the time. She had experienced motherly love, and she was satisfied.

She held the jade pendant in her delicate hands. Although her mother had already passed away, she could still clearly feel her mother's breath. It was so warm and peaceful.

With it by her side, she would no longer be lonely.

His mother trusted his father and loved him deeply. Since his father predicted that Shangguan Zifeng was not dead, then he was not dead.

She had always remembered what her mother had said to her, and she had always respected her mother's words as an imperial edict.

She had an extraordinary relationship with Shangguan Zi Feng, she had been destined to do this ever since she was born.

Over the years, as she grew older and things became more complicated, she had almost forgotten there was such a person.

However, today, they coincidentally were brought up and met within the vast sea of people. Even though they did not meet, it could still be considered a type of fate.

After hearing Aunt Bing describe that brat's appearance, she had an idea in her heart. She pursed her lips and thought of the letter her father left behind and the words his mother said to her. She unexpectedly revealed a rare smile.

At this moment, the clouds shifted, and a strand of golden light sprinkled onto her charming face, illuminating her delicate face.

Her beautiful face was bathed in golden light, as if a celestial being had descended to the mortal world.

The Zither Fairy's beauty surpassed Bing Chan's, and was the most beautiful in the world, unrivalled.

After smiling, Fairy Qin's expression became solemn. Although she had the orders of her parents, she was still surprised that she could easily trust someone who only heard voices and had not been masked.

Fairy Qin shook her head. She had to personally see him to feel at ease. If he really was as she thought, then so be it.

If that wasn't the case, then she wouldn't fulfill her father's last words. She believed that her parents' souls in heaven wouldn't blame her.

Shang Zifeng never would have thought that the woman he put away the pigeon was destined to be tied to him for the rest of her life.

Of course, that was something to be said later.

Looking at her niece, Bing Chan could tell what she was thinking. Although Bing Chan and Shang Zifeng had not even met for an hour, she had a very good impression of her.

Even if Shang Zifeng's background was disregarded, just his fearless strength alone was enough to match her appetite.

After all, according to age, he was only eighteen. He was young and arrogant, arrogant and conceited, but what did it matter to him if he was a popinjay?

If he didn't experience tribulation, if he didn't train himself, how would he grow?

Bing Chan gazed at her niece with a deeper meaning in her gaze. Starlight shone in her eyes, filled with pity.

Ever since she was young, they had been very harsh on her niece. Every day, besides forcing her to train or train, they would even use their rest periods to train her ability.

They had placed almost all of their burdens on her alone. At such a young age, she was able to withstand pressure that was many times greater than an ordinary person. Compared to Young Master Zi Feng, her niece had suffered far more.

She suddenly felt somewhat guilty. She fell silent and did not say anything.

After a long while, Bing Chan looked back and took the initiative to break the silence. She placed Shang Zifeng's treasured sword on the table, looked at her niece, and said indifferently: "Shuang Er, look at this, it's the sword I got from him."

The Zither Fairy also saw the strangeness on Bing Chan's face, and under her suspicion, she turned her head to look, and touched the "Shang" on the sword hilt.

After saying that, she immediately recognized the treasure sword and exclaimed: "Zhen Wu … "The Shang Family?"

Bing Chan nodded her head, "That's right, this is Yi Yang Zhen Wu Shang family's sword."

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