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C42 Cooperation(2)

Seeing that the blood dragon did not have any reaction to his medicine, the masked man weighed the medicine in his hand and chuckled: "Could it be that Lord Teng is planning to cooperate with reincarnation hall?"

"Cooperation? "Hahahahahaha!"

The Blood Dragon seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world.

It faced the sky and laughed. Its laughter was deafening as it shook the ground three times, causing the masked man's body to sway uncontrollably.

"They are not worthy of cooperating with This King. At most, they are This King's pawns. "Unfortunately …"

Speaking up to there, the Blood Dragon was enraged, its sharp gaze landed on the two men lying on the ground, and the cold Qi on its body instantly erupted. It was they who caused it to fail in transforming into a dragon, if not for them luring Jiu Peirou and the meat and wine, it would not have been reduced to such a state.

The masked man seemed to have seen through its thoughts. Without saying anything else, he directly threw the medicine bottle in his hand towards the blood dragon's mouth.

When the blood dragon saw this, it no longer hesitated. It hurriedly opened its mouth and swallowed the bottle of medicine in one gulp.

It knew best about its injuries. The only way for it to survive was to trust this person, or else it would die sooner or later.

Therefore, regardless of whether the tube worked or not, it still had to give it a try.

Seeing this, the masked man laughed out loud. His laughter was filled with pride. If one listened carefully, one would feel a little cold and fearful.

After he finished laughing, he stood in front of the blood dragon. Inside the dark and gloomy cave, the secret transaction between a person and a flood dragon had begun.

No one knew what they were going to talk about or what they were going to do next … After and Shang Ziyu left the Jing Shu Casino, they went straight to a restaurant in the Wangjiang City. Although there was a delicacy area in the Jing Shu Casino, it was still the territory of the girl. They did not want to eat in front of her, because that would only make them feel uncomfortable.

As there were a lot of people in the restaurant, the two brothers found a corner and sat down. Seeing the incoming person, the hotel staff could not help but frown, he threw the white cotton rag onto his arm, then walked in front of the two brothers, squinting at them: "We do not have credit. If the two brothers do not have money, please leave!"

Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu looked at him and blinked, then turned and looked at each other. They blinked, blinked again, and finally couldn't help but voice out in their hearts: To think that I was looked down upon again!

Due to the hunger in their stomachs, they didn't even have the time to wash up in an inn before directly arriving at the restaurant. They didn't expect that before they had even ordered their dishes, they would have been banned by the waiter's gaze.

Without even thinking, he grabbed the banknotes from Shang Zifeng's pockets and slapped them on the table. Then, he pointed at a stack of banknotes and shouted: "You despicable fellow, I have a thousand taels of silver, hurry and bring up the best banknotes in your shop!"

Shang Ziyu imitated his second brother's arrogant tone and began to play with treasures. He didn't expect that this action of his would attract the attention of the surrounding people. In an instant, all the gazes of envy and jealousy shot towards them, but most of them were filled with greed.

What a joke!

That was ten notes worth a hundred taels of silver, a total of a thousand taels of silver!

Although a thousand taels of silver was nothing to a wealthy family like them, it was still more than enough for ordinary people to spend for a few years or even over ten years.

The corner of Shang Zifeng's mouth twitched, and he glared at Third Brother, as if he was saying: Third Brother!

You've followed me for so long, yet you still haven't learned a tenth of my ability.

If it were him, he definitely wouldn't have taken out a thousand taels of silver all at once. He would have slowly lured away that fellow's appetite, worn down that fellow's willpower, and finally left his dreams in a puddle.

The shop assistant was as surprised as the others were. He looked at the silver notes on the table with his mouth wide open.

Unexpectedly, looking at their tattered clothes, he really met the God of Fortune. He didn't expect them to reach out with a thousand taels of silver.

He composed himself and then immediately put on a flattering smile. He then lightly slapped his own face and said with a regretful tone of voice: "Two … The two of you are quite objective. This humble one had a bad eye just now and was looking down on you. However, I did not know that it was an esteemed guest who had come, and actually caused trouble for the two of you. This little one will give you two apologies, and I hope you two will forgive me. "Hehe, look, I've already hit myself a few times, it's about time for you two to vent your anger."

"Alright, there's no need. Just let this matter go. Next time, you must open your eyes wide!"

Shang Ziyu slanted his eyes at the fellow, his eyes filled with contempt.

"Ok, thank you little brothers!" "Please wait a moment, I will serve the dishes to you right away!"

As he spoke, he extended his hand to grab the banknotes.

As far as he was concerned, these were all rewards to him. With so much money, how could he not accept it? He was practically blooming with laughter.

Shang Zifeng frowned, from the start to the end, he did not say a word, how could he endure when the shop assistant extended his hand to take the money, this was something that the two of them had accumulated for a long time, putting aside the fact that the shop assistant's attitude towards him made him unhappy, even if he treated him with respect and courtesy, he would not be stupid enough to give away a thousand silver.


Shang Zifeng opened the shop assistant's hand, and under the shop assistant's surprised gaze, he unhurriedly rolled up the silver bills and stuffed them into his sleeves.

When everything was done, he raised his eyebrows, smiled at the waiter and said, "We don't need all of them. There's only two of us. We can't eat much, hmm …" How about this, three plates of your signature dish. Oh, and two big bowls of rice. "

With that, Shang Zifeng turned his head, ignoring the shop assistant and not looking at the shop assistant's stinky face.

The meaning behind Shang Zifeng's words could not be clearer. The shop assistant saw it clearly, and started to curse in his heart.

Shang Zifeng met the shop assistant's pressing gaze, and lightly blinked a few times, and asked innocently: "Is there anything else?"

The shop assistant snorted in dissatisfaction, then turned around and left.

If he could, he even wanted to poison his food and kill these two annoying kids.

After the shop assistant left, Shang Zifeng glared at Shang Ziyu again, and unconsciously looked at the surroundings, then bent his head and scolded Shang Ziyu in a soft voice: "This place is not comparable to Yiyang City, and is not your brother's territory. Everything requires caution, and for this thousand silver, please do not show it to others easily. You should know that money is something that is feared by all. If you do not know your place when you do it in the future, sooner or later, it will set your body on fire! "

Shang Ziyu met his second brother's serious gaze, and started to regret his actions just now. He said apologetically: "Second brother, I'm sorry, I was wrong."

"It's good that you know your wrongs!"

Shang Zifeng nodded his head in gratitude, but he did not know that as he was lecturing his third brother, a nimble purple figure had followed the shop assistant's back into the kitchen of the restaurant.

Not long later, the waiter brought out three plates of unique delicacies.

As the delicacies landed on the table, a fragrant aroma filled the air around the two brothers, causing them to sniff excitedly. They wanted nothing more than to stuff the entire dish into their noses.

"Salad Smoked Chicken, River Gazing Jellyfish, Dry-Liangfu Sea Ginseng, these three dishes are all the signature dishes of our restaurant. You two are being objective, please enjoy! "

The waiter strangely revealed a kind smile and introduced them with the names of the dishes. Shang Zifeng was surprised by his actions.

If one looked carefully, it would not be difficult to notice the cunning golden light in the shop assistant's eyes.

However, Shang Zifeng did not notice anything strange in the shop assistant's eyes.

Out of politeness, he raised his head to look at the shop assistant and faintly responded. He then picked up the chopsticks and began sharpening them along with his third brother. He was eager to try his luck.

With two bowls of rice, they could start.

At this time, Mu Zining was hiding in a corner and staring at Shang Zifeng with a smile.

Small like, you eat, eat as much as you can, eat until you die.

She had put several bags of sweat medicine into the meal!

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