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C43 Causal change(1)

Just at this moment, five youths suddenly walked in from outside the restaurant. As they walked in, the entire restaurant was filled with exclamations, as if they had seen a fiend. They couldn't help but shake their feet.

Each one of these five youngsters were dressed like children from an ordinary family. Their natural nobility and grandeur, the luster that overlooked all living things, filled the air above the entire restaurant as soon as they entered.

With a gorgeous appearance, luxurious clothing, and an expression of contempt, one couldn't help but feel a sense of cowardice when looking at it.

However, beneath their bright and luxurious appearance was a lewd aura that caused one's hair to stand on end.

This aura was like a stench, gradually rising up and enveloping all of their bodies. It contaminated the little light they had and made them look like charcoal, and the stench filled the air.

Through the chaotic crowd of people, the first prince was walking in the front, shouting and jostling the crowd to clear the way for the second prince, acting as his lackey.

"You bastards, all of you listen to this young master. We'll take care of everything here today. Those who don't want to die, hurry up and take your food and get lost!"

Just as Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu were about to start eating, they were interrupted by a voice filled with disgust, ruining their good mood to eat.

Shang Zifeng turned his head and looked over, only to see a brat with a fan on his shoulder walking around arrogantly while shaking his head.

Judging from his age, he should be around the same age as her. However, his entire body was filled with a vicious, unbridled, and arrogant aura.

Those close to him were sent flying with a kick, while those far away didn't dare to take another step forward.

Behind the boy, there were three elegant princes standing around a beautiful man in a light blue brocade robe like stars surrounding the moon.

He was gentle, elegant, and as handsome as an immortal. He was enjoying the respect of the young masters.

Bathing in it, he gracefully stood there, leisurely waving his fan. His bright eyes were slightly squinted as he quietly watched the grand show.

Needless to say, this person should be their pillar of support.

Some of the customers immediately recognized the Young Master who had opened the path, and ran off gloomily without even raising their heads.

There were also many outsiders like Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu. Even if these people did not recognize them, but looking at their clothing and their aggressive attitude, they knew that these five were definitely not people to be trifled with. Thus, they obediently followed their orders and ran off with their unfinished food.

A few of the timid ones had slipped away before they even had time to pick up their food.

Seeing that, Shang Zifeng frowned, the Wangjiang City was not far from the XianZhou, but why was the security of the people so different from the Yiyang City?

Who was the guy with the fan on his neck and arm? He called himself "This Young Master".

And from the looks of it, he was even more arrogant than Shang Zifeng!

No, he shouldn't be called arrogant, he should be called arrogant!

Although Shang Zifeng was arrogant, he was not overbearing and had never bullied the common people.

On the contrary, Shang Zifeng hated those who oppressed others and the weak.

He turned his head in a bad mood and grabbed a young man who was about to run away. He pointed at the young masters and asked, "Why are you running away? Why are you so afraid of them?"

Seeing that his sleeve had been grabbed, the young man's heart tightened. He was afraid that he would be beaten up if he ran a step later.

Seeing Shang Zifeng asking him, he anxiously said: "Aiya, I'm not running, I'm running for my life! I can tell that you are an outsider but you actually do not know Du Ze, Third Young Master Du! "

"Du Ze, Third Young Master Du? Who is it? "

Shang Zifeng rolled his eyes, Du Ze, Third Young Master Du?

He was still the second young master Shang Zifeng Shang, he was at least a level higher than him!

"It's that one, the one at the front!"

The young man pointed at the Young Master with the fan in his arm and explained carefully, "He is the Third Young Master of the Du Family. The Du Family is the sixth of the eight great families in the Nine Prefectures, and is the wealthiest in our Wangjiang City. The Du Family's background was deep and their power overflowed into the heavens. They even wanted to curry favor with the Du Family. Anyone who dared to provoke the Du Family would not have a good ending. Since young, this Du Ze, Third Young Master Du had relied on the power of his Du Family to bully the villagers and the common people. The commoners like us were even more furious, but didn't dare to say anything. "Therefore, I advise you to leave as soon as you're full. It would be better not to provoke him in order to avoid bringing disaster upon yourself."

Shang Zifeng raised his brows, what the hell were the eight great clans?

Shang Zifeng had never left the Yi Yang territory since his birth, so he did not know anything about the martial arts world.

Now that he heard this young man speak, he became curious. Wasn't the Shang family part of the eight great clans?

In fact, the Shang family could be considered one of the best in the whole XianZhou. However, in the entire Nine Prefectures, the Shang family might not even be in the top 30.

If someone were to ask, compared to the Five Great Sects, which of the eight great clans were stronger?

All I can say is, there's no way to compare.

In terms of strength, of course, it was Five Great Sects who was powerful. However, Five Great Sects was an outer sect and for hundreds of thousands of years, he had never participated in the secular world and had never interfered with the secular world.

As for the eight great clans, they belonged to the forces of the mortal world. They relied on the various great clans to restrain each other.

Every year, there would be many disciples of the clan who were ordered by their elders to enter the Five Great Sects or other small sects to learn from their masters. When they have completed their studies and returned, they would become the new leaders of the clan and inherit the roots of their ancestors.

Therefore, if they wanted to unite the forces of the eight great families, the Five Great Sects might not be able to handle them. At that time, the world would be in chaos!

Seeing Du Ze walking over, the young man was startled, and immediately flung Shang Zifeng's hand away and ran away. When he passed by Du Ze, he was kicked fiercely by Du Ze, causing the young man to suddenly stagger and kneel on the ground.

He didn't even dare to look at her as he quickly got up and ran away.

Shang Zifeng frowned, this was the first time he had seen such a tyrannical person, but what made Shang Zifeng even more suspicious was the dignified blue clothed gongzi that was being escorted by all the young masters, even a young master from a wealthy family like Du Ze was willing to be his lackey, then what kind of background did he have?

"Second brother, what should we do? How about I carry you and run? "

Shang Ziyu panicked a little, although these people did not look like martial artists, there were at least five of them, but he and his second brother only had two people, if they started fighting, there would be three of them left.

In terms of strength, Shang Ziyu was definitely not their match.

But in terms of escaping, he, Shang Ziyu, was still an expert.

After all, he ran fast!

What the Lord wants most is that he is hungry!

If he wasn't hungry, with his movement technique, he would have more than enough time to deal with these people. But now … "Let's take a look at the situation first."

Shang Zifeng said indifferently, he did not know why, but suddenly he felt that it was unfair to pull out his blade and help, this kind of tyrant, he should take care of him a good while to vent his anger.

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