Compared to Shang Zifeng, Du Ze looked a little weak. His body was thinner than Shang Ziyu, as if a gust of wind could easily knock him down.

If it wasn't for his luxurious clothes, no one would think of him as the young master of a large family.

Shang Zifeng didn't believe that he couldn't beat this rogue whose Yang energy was depleted!


With a loud sound, Du Ze raised his arm and slapped the table where the brothers Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu were eating. He shouted loudly: "Stinking beggar, didn't you hear what this young master has said? This place has already been covered by this young master, if you know what's good for you, then scram by yourself, so as to avoid dirtying my hands! "

Du Ze looked at the brothers' dirty appearances and his stomach kept rolling. He didn't even want to kick them, afraid that they would dirty his shoes.

Staring at the shop assistant, who was scared silly, Du Ze humphed and said, "Since when did your place become a place of kindness? Even beggars are allowed in here, aren't you afraid of polluting the air and sweeping away other people's appetite!"

On the surface, Du Ze was trying to teach the shop assistant a lesson, but in reality, he was mocking Shang Zifeng. His tone was filled with disdain.

At this time, the restaurant manager could no longer hide his presence and timidly walked out from the crowd. He really did not know what day it was today to actually invite such a large group of elders.

He took a few steps and trotted to the side. He bowed to Du Ze and the four young masters behind him in apology, then turned around and smiled towards Du Ze. He said very respectfully: "Third Young Master, please calm down, I'll let them go now."

"Hehe!" Old fellow, consider yourself sensible! "

He patted the shopkeeper's shoulder with all his might, praising his answer. Then he turned to the shop assistant and pretended to reprimand him: "I'm very happy today, so I'll let you go this time. In the future, be more quick-witted and don't let anyone in. If there is a next time, you don't need to open this restaurant!"

Hearing this, the storekeeper and the shop assistant's faces turned pale with fright, and their necks turned cold. This was the capital they relied on to earn a living. If they were really sealed off by such impudence, what would they rely on to support their family in the future?

The shopkeeper gave the waiter a look, indicating that he should go and entertain the few masters at the entrance first.

After the shop assistant left, he turned his head and walked in front of Shang Zifeng, trying to console him with a smile: "My two little brothers, I am really sorry for what you have done today. As you have seen, this place has already been reserved by Third Young Master Du. The two little brothers, today's meal money is mine. If you don't eat well today, when the two of you come back another day, the store will definitely receive you free of charge as an apology. "

As he spoke, the shopkeeper winked at Shang Zifeng from time to time. His meaning was self-evident.

The shopkeeper was a lot more shrewd than that lowly shop assistant. He was afraid that Shang Zifeng would get into trouble if he stayed, but he was more worried that there would be a conflict between both sides and his restaurant would be affected.

Shang Zifeng didn't look at the shopkeeper, but at Du Ze. This guy actually called their brother a stinking beggar, he simply didn't have eyes.

Even though Shang Zifeng didn't have much ability, he wasn't someone that could be easily bullied.

If you want me to leave, that depends on whether I want to leave or not.

"Young master, I'm not done eating. I don't want to go!"

Shang Zifeng spoke with his teeth as he picked up the dish, smacking his lips and slapping his lips. He didn't seem to have any image of himself at all.

Young Master?

This brat actually dared to call himself young master in front of him?


Just as he was about to kick Shang Zifeng and teach him a lesson, he saw Shang Zifeng raise his hand and beckon to a corner of the restaurant. He shouted, "Sister Zi Ning, what are you doing over there? The dishes are all served already, why aren't you coming over to eat!"

Little sister Zi Ning?

Everyone heard this and was stunned. They looked in the direction Shang Zifeng waved at and saw a sweet little beauty in a dazzling purple fairy dress squatting at the corner of the restaurant. She looked at Shang Zifeng like a thief.

Mu Zining blinked her eyes when she heard that, looking very suspicious.

Little sister Zi Ning, who is that boy calling out to?

Mu Zining didn't have time to react until she was caught off guard by the lightning-fast gazes. Only then did she realize that she was infuriated.

What did that brat call her?

Little sister Zi Ning?

That brat actually called her little sister Zi Ning. When did she ever have such a shitty big brother? What a joke!

Mu Zining puffed up her cheeks, angrily rushed in front of Shang Zifeng, pointed her finger at Shang Zifeng's nose and angrily scolded, "You, you, you, you! You don't even have eyes! "Who are you calling little sister Zi Ning? Who's your little sister Zi Ning? When did I become your little sister …"

Mu Zining's series of discontented words were like sugar-coated artillery shells as they bombarded Shang Zifeng and splattered all over his face.

The crowd couldn't help but sigh with their hands on their foreheads. This little girl's mouth was simply too fast, too ruthless … It turned out to be sister-in-law. She was still so mighty and domineering!

Hehe, hehe!

Shang Ziyu smiled with a hint of admiration. He squinted at second brother and rolled his little eyes, as if saying, "So, my sister-in-law is so awesome."

Second brother, you are so happy!

Shang Zifeng, on the other hand, was looking at Mu Zining calmly. Facing Mu Zining's bombardment, he was calm and composed, with not the slightest bit of emotion on his face.

Just now, he had noticed a pair of sharp eyes staring at him.

However, every time he raised his head, that gaze would return, causing him to be unable to catch any trace of it.

If it wasn't for Du Ze's sudden arrival and her clamoring, Mu Zining wouldn't have revealed her identity, and Shang Zifeng wouldn't have noticed her.

This girl had followed them all the way here, so she knew what her intentions were.

Since you used me as a shield last time, then I will make good use of you this time!

Give him a taste of his own medicine, and let him take me as a pawn.

Mu Zining was able to escape from the hands of the red-furred monster. Furthermore, while she was in the dungeon, her posture was obviously meditating, and her body was overflowing with Zhen Qi from time to time.

He had never eaten pork before. Had he never seen a pig run?

In conclusion, Shang Zifeng soon concluded that Mu Zining must have some skills.

If he dragged her into the water, she might even be in danger and teach these guys a lesson.

Du Ze stared at the little beauty who jumped out of nowhere. Two big red hearts burst out from his eyes and his lust rose in an instant.

His eyes wantonly wandered over Mu Zining's body, looking as if he wanted to eat Mu Zining into his stomach. Mu Zining felt goosebumps all over her body, and she wanted to punch Du Ze to the ground.

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