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C45 Causal change(3)

"Is this girl your sister? She looked really pretty … "Aoouuu ~ ~ ~ ~"

Du Ze asked Shang Zifeng lustfully, but just as he was about to reach out to touch Mu Zining's face, he was kicked away without any warning.

At that time, a comical figure with a few roars charged towards the four young masters behind him like a dog choking on sh * t.

'Bang! '

With a sound, the wooden table to the right of the blue-clothed gongzi was smashed into pieces by Du Ze's flying figure.

Seeing this, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. The sounds of exhaling rose and fell, and the atmosphere was extremely strange.

Third Young Master Du was sent flying by a girl. This was a completely unheard-of and unheard-of event!

Who was this girl, to actually beat up Third Young Master Du in such a valiant manner?

At the same time, they couldn't help but worry for Mu Zining.

They knew very well what kind of person Du Ze's Third Young Master Du was. He was a narrow-minded, vengeful person.

Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu looked at each other, then raised their hands to wipe the cold sweat off their foreheads, secretly giving Mu Zining a thumbs up.

This girl was indeed more violent and barbaric than Helian Lanruo. When she went berserk, she was like a mother Tyrannosaurus Rex, no, it should be a ferocious beast even stronger than a mother Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What happened with Shang Zifeng had actually already caught the attention of the blue-clothed Young Master. He arrogantly sized Mu Zining up, his eyes overflowing with golden light.

What he admired was her character, and what he admired was her beauty.

Mu Zining retracted her steps, and sneered at Du Ze: "A trash like you dares to take liberties with me, you truly do not know your place!"

"Damned woman …"

Du Ze struggled to get up from the ground while gasping for air. Just as he was about to flare up, he was stopped by the blue-clothed gongzi raising his fan.

The blue clothed gongzi waved his fan and slowly walked towards Mu Zining. His elegant and gentle footsteps continuously displayed his elegant and elegant elegance.

When he arrived in front of Mu Zining, the blue clothed young master's eyes flickered as he pretended to scold and glare at Du Ze. When his gaze landed on Mu Zining, Bing Feng Wannian's face instantly became extremely warm and gentle.

If he did not come with Du Ze, no one would have expected him to be in cahoots with Du Ze.

"My name is Su Jingqi. I was bored and came here with a few friends, but I didn't expect to disturb my young lady. For this, I am deeply sorry. If this friend of mine was reckless and offended this lady, this humble one shall apologize to this lady on his behalf, and hope that this lady can forgive him. "

Mu Zining slanted her eyes at Su Jingqi and ignored him, directly ignoring what Su Jingqi said.

She turned her head and grabbed Shang Zifeng's neck. Her beautiful eyes stared into Shang Zifeng's eyes angrily as she spoke word by word, "Come out right now."

Mu Zining's words and actions did not match in the slightest with her sweet and beautiful appearance, causing everyone to be dumbstruck.

No one knew where Mu Zining got her strength from, but before Shang Zifeng could react, she raised one of her hands, and under everyone's astonished gaze, rubbed it on Su Jingqi's shoulder, and carried him out like a little chicken.

When he walked past Du Ze, he did not forget to give him another kick, and once again knocked Du Ze down to the ground. He was so angry that smoke was coming out from Du Ze's head.

Seeing that, Shang Ziyu felt his hair standing up, he did not even have time to chew the meat, he immediately stood up and chased after Mu Zining.

Sister-in-law, you must not hurt my second brother!

Du Ze crawled up from the ground while dragging his injured waist, and wailed in pain again and again. He looked left and right at Mu Zining's Qianqian's back who had left, and right and left looking at Su Jingqi's deep gaze.

Since when had he, Third Young Master Du, been so vexed over being bullied by a girl?

If Su Jingqi had not stopped him, he would have taught Mu Zining a ruthless lesson long ago.

He didn't believe that he couldn't even deal with a little girl.

"Young Master Su, why did you stop me? That stinking girl dares to look down on us like that. If we don't teach her a lesson, then everyone will be willing to ride on our heads and act mighty …"

Du Ze said angrily, but being humiliated like this by a little girl in front of everyone, he could no longer suppress the anger in his heart.

"I'm stopping you for your own good, because you're not her match at all!"

Su Jingqi's gaze was deep, and flowed for a long time. While the words that came out surprised Du Ze, there was also the unwillingness to accept it. His eyes flashed with a ruthless light, and he pleaded for his defeat.

On what basis was he not that damned girl's opponent? Although his body was very thin, he was still more than enough to deal with a girl!

No matter what, he was still the third young master of the Du Family. From eating an unknown amount of nourishment medicine to getting the approval of the elders of the family, he was immediately sent into Yuxu Sect to cultivate. When he thought about the upcoming entrance examination, ripples surfaced in Du Ze's heart, and instantly recovered a little bit of confidence.

One day, if he were to meet them again, he would definitely make them suffer the consequences!

Du Ze thought angrily, but he seemed to have forgotten who it was that was kicked by the little girl he mentioned just now.

Who could it be? After being kicked into the air, it was extremely difficult for him to even get up.

How could he be a match for Mu Zining with his two moves?

Su Jingqi seemed to have seen through Du Ze's thoughts, he smiled slightly, pretending to be concerned and comforted her: "I think we should forget about today's matter, we are here to eat, not to fight with someone, don't let these unrelated people disturb our mood!"

Su Jingqi's words caused the few young masters beside him to secretly praise him. As expected of the person they supported, his belly was much bigger than Du Ze's.

Du Ze fiercely exhaled, "Since Young Master Su has already said so, what else can I say? "Shopkeeper …"

Du Ze called the shopkeeper over and assigned a series of tasks to him. The shopkeeper nodded one by one, and was very respectful.

As Du Ze exerted his ironclad hands, all the customers were chased out of the restaurant, and the bustling restaurant instantly became deserted.

Outside the restaurant, Shang Ziyu chased closely after Mu Zining and Shang Zifeng and arrived at the corner of the street, he saw Mu Zining pressing his second brother against the wall, he started attacking his second brother and turning his body randomly, causing his second brother's face to be filled with black lines, and his face was flushed red.

Shang Ziyu gasped when he saw this scene. It was too open, almost too relaxed, sister-in-law was actually on the streets with second brother … "Ugh …" In short, to put it simply, this young mistress wanted to molest you. What could you do to her?

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