"Turn around!"



"Turn around again!"

No, no, no, no, no!


Mu Zining became more and more anxious. In the end, she just stopped looking and directly pressed her hand against Shang Zifeng's neck. Her beautiful eyes stared into his eyes as if she wanted to see through everything.

Finally, she was able to catch her breath, but Mu Zining had already choked her throat.

Shang Zifeng stretched his neck and forced out a sound: "What is it? All the things I brought from home have been snatched away by the red-furred monster. What else can you want? "

Mu Zining bit her lip and forced her arm to ask, "That scroll! Where did you get this miss's scroll! "

The scroll?

Shang Zifeng quivered. Could it be that the painting was hers?

So she had slipped into his sleeve when he wasn't looking?

Judging from her current anxious look, that item must be very important to her.

If that's really the case … Suddenly, Shang Zifeng shivered. With this girl's temper, if she found out that he threw the painting to someone else as trash, wouldn't he be torn to shreds by her?

No, she must not know.

"What scroll? I don't know what you're talking about!"

Shang Zifeng's mouth was full of nonsense.

"It's the golden lacquered scroll. I personally stuffed it into your clothes. You dare to say that you've never seen it before!"

Although Mu Zining did not show it on her face, she was still a bit perturbed in her heart.

This kid, he couldn't have really lost the painting, right? If that really happened, then if this matter were to spread to his aunt's ears, she might even be able to teach him a lesson!

"My second brother didn't lie to you. After you left the dungeon, my second brother and I were captured by the red-furred monster's subordinates and trapped by their demonic arts." Later on, a huge python appeared out of thin air and wanted to eat us. If it wasn't for the help of an expert at that time, Second Brother and I probably would have already been eaten by that python as a sacrifice. Not only that, but we were being pursued by the wolves as we descended the mountain. Look! My second brother and I both had our clothes torn by wolves. Even if you said that the painting was once on my second brother, after so many incidents, the painting definitely isn't there anymore! As for where it fell, we don't know either! In short, Second Brother and I have never seen the painting you mentioned before. "

At this time, Shang Ziyu stood up. Although he didn't like lying to others, for the sake of his second brother's safety, he started to make up nonsense, showing Mu Zining the holes on his second brother's clothes from time to time.

It was as if he was saying, Look, these holes were bitten by wolves. Your scroll must have long since fallen out of those holes.

So if you want to blame something, blame it on the wolves!

Mu Zining's eyes darted around as she listened.

Seeing that they were in such a sorry state, it didn't seem like they were lying.

However, the painting was extremely important. If it were to just be lost and end up in someone else's hands, things would be bad.

Although she did not know what kind of secrets were hidden on the scroll, but seeing how her aunt and the people from reincarnation hall valued it so highly, she knew that it must be very important.

"You didn't lie to me?"

Seeing that Mu Zining's tone was a little loose, Shang Zifeng took the opportunity to break her hand and break free from her restraints.

Then he coughed and cleared his throat, saying, "We really didn't lie to you, the painting is indeed not in our hands."

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "You've already searched for it and touched it, now you can let me go!"

Without waiting for Mu Zining to speak, Shang Zifeng said something and was about to leave. However, he was carried away by Mu Zining with two fingers, "You want to leave?" I have yet to say that I will let you go! "

"Please, what do you want to do? I still have things to do, and I don't have the time to waste time with you!"

Shang Zifeng looked at Mu Zining helplessly. He really didn't know what this crazy girl Mu Zining would do next. Thinking about her fiery temper, Shang Zifeng felt a chill run down his spine.

"Do you have something to do? With your lackadaisical attitude, what can you do? Besides, no matter what it is, it's not important for you to find a painting for me! From today onwards, you will only have one mission in life, and that is to help me find the scroll! If you can't find the painting scroll, you can't leave for a day! "

Mu Zining's domineering words made Shang Zifeng shudder from the bottom of his heart.

A naked hijacking, this was definitely a naked hijacking.

How could he be so unlucky? He had just escaped from the tiger's jaws, and yet he didn't even have the time to react before entering the tiger's mouth!

"There's still you, don't think that you can hide. You're like your second brother, right now, immediately, immediately, go find a painting scroll for me!"

Mu Zining stared at Shang Ziyu. Her threatening words made Shang Ziyu shudder. He looked at his second brother and threw him a meaningful look.

Shang Zifeng understood and replied, "I understand."

The look in his eyes.

After Shang Ziyu received the signal from his second brother, he looked towards Mu Zining. Seeing her chattering away, Shang Ziyu smirked.

'Sister-in-law, you can just mutter your thoughts here. I'll take my second brother and leave first. Bye to you! '

Taking a deep breath, Shang Ziyu took the chance when Mu Zining wasn't paying attention to cross his stamp and activated instantaneous six steps.

As for Shang Zifeng, he was caught off guard by Mu Zining. He pushed her forward with his arms. When his third brother ran over, Shang Zifeng's legs kicked and he instantly jumped onto his third brother's back.

Shang Ziyu steadied Shang Zifeng, gathered his zhen qi and turned it into a gust of wind, running away from Mu Zining.

The two brothers must have done these escaping movements many times before. They were able to do it in a single go without wasting any time. In just a blink of an eye, the two brothers successfully escaped.

A cold wind blew and Mu Zining staggered. When she looked back, she realized that Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu were already gone.

While feeling vexed, he hated himself for being careless even more.

Who would have thought that these two would have some ability to let them run away right under his noses?

Without thinking too much, Mu Zining raised her spirits and chased after the direction of the gust of wind. She did not believe that she would be unable to catch up with them with her Qing Gong.

Shang Ziyu carried Shang Zifeng and scolded as he ran, ran and ran. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the afterimage of a strong wind shuttled back and forth in the streets of Wangjiang City. It was unknown how many booths were flipped over and how many people were knocked down.

They ran all the way from the south of Wangjiang City to the north of Wangjiang City's city gate, leaving Mu Zining far behind.

At the city's gate to the north of Wangjiang City, there was a large group of people standing next to the city gate. They circled around the city three times, blocking the way out.

Shang Ziyu, who was running really fast, originally wanted to carry his second brother and run out of the city to hide. However, when he saw that there was a large group of people blocking the city's entrance, he was suddenly shocked.

At this moment, his speed was extremely fast and it was hard for him to stop his foot. If he were to collide with them, not only half of them would be sent flying, even their heads would be smashed open by the impact.

In a moment of desperation, Shang Ziyu shouted, "Get out of the way!"

However, no one heard him shout and no one looked at Shang Ziyu.

Everyone's attention was focused on the person they were surrounding.

Shang Zifeng saw that the situation was bad, but it was too late for him to jump off Shang Ziyu's back.


With a sound, Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu ran into the crowd at the same time. When they rushed into the crowd, a dozen shadows made a "sou" sound.

He flew out.

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