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C48 Causal change(6)

Shang Zifeng said shamelessly, angering Mu Zining to the point that she was trembling.

She bit her lip as her face flushed red. Her face was so red that it seemed as if blood would drip out at any moment.

You've taken a fancy to him?

Wasn't this fellow too shameless!

It would be better to take a fancy to a beast pet than to a beast pet, unless she, Mu Zining, was blind in the eyes. Only then would she like a young master like him, who had no manners, no bearing, a popinjay like him, and yet also a Fan Er.

Seeing that the two parties were at odds with each other, the old Daoist stepped forward and laughed as a way to smooth things over: "Alright, the two of you, it's better not to get even with each other. Why not find a place to sit down and have a peaceful discussion, wouldn't that be better? "Why are you so angry!"

"Pui!" Who wants to talk to him! "

Mu Zining was unhappy, she now really wanted to pin Shang Zifeng on the ground and give him a painful thrashing, how could she believe that there was some nonsense about someone who was wronged and untied that she shouldn't have?

The old Daoist stared at Mu Zining for a while, and then said suddenly: "May I ask, lady, was the Qing Gong you used just now the Rong Flower Dance from the Illusory Sound Arts?"

Mu Zining was shocked. The Illusory Sound Arts was a unique technique, if not for the fact that it was a leader of a sect, ordinary people would never know of it.

Looking at the way the old Taoist acted, he was extremely wretched. He was just a swindler who walked the martial arts world, yet was able to recognize the unique skill of the Caiwei Valley with a glance. This was too strange!

Seeing Mu Zining's gaze that she had sized up, the old Daoist covered her mouth and coughed lightly, then explained: "Three years ago, this Penniless Priest was in danger in the mountains, and I was saved by a Caiwei Valley female disciple. And this is the movement technique that she is using to evade, which is why This Penniless Priest has a deep impression of this technique. "

"Oh, so that's how it is."

Every year, the Caiwei Valley would leave the valley to train a lot of disciples, and there were many examples of people helping the weak out of poverty. He said that it was normal for female disciples to have seen the Caiwei Valley before.

However … Shaking her head, Mu Zining did not think anymore and trusted the old Daoist. She then turned and grabbed Shang Zifeng's neck with one hand and prepared to leave with the other.

and Shang Ziyu, on the other hand, were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

"Miss, please wait!"

Seeing that, the old Daoist took a step forward and extended his hand out, blocking Mu Zining's path.

"Smelly Taoist, you just stopped me. I already won't bother with you. If you continue blabbering like this, don't blame me for being impolite!"

How could this old Daoist not know what was good for him? If he dared to interfere in her affairs, then she wouldn't have to be courteous with him.

Anyone who dares to obstruct me will eat me a few slaps!

"Miss, you misunderstand. This old Daoist merely wants to say a few words to this little brother. After I finish speaking, this old Daoist will leave on his own and will no longer interfere with the matters between you and this little brother."

The old Daoist pointed at Shang Zifeng.

Shang Zifeng was a little depressed when he heard this. He thought that he had managed to grab hold of a life-saving straw, but who knew that this awesome nose decided to just leave, and in his heart, he gave this old Taoist a negative score.

Mu Zining thought, this was the first time that the old dao had met Shang Zifeng, so there was no friendship at all.

Since he wanted to talk to Shang Zifeng alone, then let them talk alone. Furthermore, he had Shang Ziyu as his hostage, she did not believe that Shang Zifeng would run away alone.

Thinking about it, Mu Zining nodded her head and agreed.

The old Daoist shook his head and placed the big egg into a bag. Then, he dragged Shang Zifeng to the side, where there was only the two of them.

Shang Ziyu stood by Mu Zining's side all alone, his upper teeth poking at his lower jaw, his small face flushed red. He only made Mu Zining roll his eyes, and glared at him a few times in annoyance.

What he meant was, "To think that with your tall stature, you're actually this shy when you see this great beauty. For a man to be able to make you look like this is truly useless!"

Little did he know, that it was not because he was shy that Shang Ziyu became like this. It was clearly because he was timid, and had already treated Mu Zining as a man-eating devil, that he was so afraid.

If one were to ask, as a boy that was afraid of even thunder, how could he not be afraid of standing next to a female devil?

He was really afraid that if he was not careful, he would be eaten by this evil woman!

On the other side, when no one was around, the old Daoist looked straight at Shang Zifeng and said: "Although this is my first time meeting this little brother, we are destined to meet each other. This old Daoist has a request that I hope little brother can agree to."

"What?" Senior, you mean you want to ask for my help? "

Shang Zifeng was a little dissatisfied, that woman would torture him and his third brother no matter what!

He was in prison himself, and he didn't know who to ask for help.

But he didn't expect that there would be someone else who would ask for his help.

He really did not know what this old Daoist was thinking.

The old Daoist seemed to have seen through his thoughts and couldn't help but smile. "Don't worry, little brother. In my opinion, that lady has no intention of harming you."

Old senior, if you say there isn't one, then there isn't one!

Of course that violent girl didn't torture you.

Shang Zifeng could not help but shoot the old man a cold glance.

However, since this old Daoist had a request from him, it meant that he was still useful. Since that was the case, why not let this old Daoist fulfil his wish?

Thinking about it, Shang Zifeng threw a bargaining chip onto the old dao and said: "It's fine to help, but as long as you agree to help me escape, I will agree to your request.

The old Daoist stroked his beard and smiled bitterly, "According to my vision, you and that girl are very fated to be together. Even if I help you escape her line of sight, that girl will still meet you in the future."

Shang Zifeng could not help but shiver, this leader actually said that he and Mu Zining were fated?

How is this possible, it can't be that the old Daoist couldn't win against Mu Zining, that's why he lied about such nonsense, right?

Yes, that's right!

This old Daoist was definitely speaking nonsense!

Shang Zifeng secretly shook his head, it seemed that he should wipe off the tears from now on.

But then again, it didn't matter if this old Daoist was capable or not. As long as he could find a way to help Third Brother escape, then it would be considered as having achieved his goal.

At present, I only hope that Senior can help Third Brother and I escape the control of that woman. As long as Taoist Priest can help me accomplish this, no matter what request you have, as long as junior is able to do it, I will not shirk my duties.

When the old Daoist heard this, he stroked his beard and said with a smile, "This matter requires little brother's consent."

"What promise? Please tell me."

Shang Zifeng became a little interested.

"Before this Penniless Priest speaks, I ask that little brother must agree."

The old dao's tone of voice did not allow for an end, but it made Shang Zifeng waver a little.

He sounded as if he would not help him escape as long as he did not agree to his request.

It was as if even if he did not agree to his request, he would still force him to agree to this matter.

Seeing the hesitation in Shang Zifeng's eyes, the old Daoist laughed: "Don't worry little brother, this matter is very simple, as long as you make a move, it will be done."

gritted his teeth and agreed: "Alright, I agree."

Hearing this, the old Daoist was overjoyed. Without explanation, he placed the bag of eggs into Shang Zifeng's hands, causing Shang Zifeng to be startled, not knowing what the old Daoist wanted to do.

Just as he was feeling suspicious, he heard the old Daoist say, "In that case, This Penniless Priest has decided to give the most precious thing of This Penniless Priest to you. I hope you can bring it with you. Remember, you must take good care of it and not give it away as a gift. "

Shang Zifeng carried the heavy belt and stood in a daze.

Needless to say, he knew what was inside.

It seems like this old Daoist had just found someone to hatch his egg, and now he was looking for him to be the old hen that did so.

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