As the Patriarch of the Helian Family, Helian Hong had long since understood Shang Jinghuan's personality and was very certain about it.

Although this farce would definitely cause the Shang family to lose face, if it was used cleverly, it would also be a great opportunity for the two families to settle their differences and work together.

Besides, he already knew that his precious daughter had a crush on Shang Zifeng, but because of his pride, she didn't want to lower her head to Shang Jinghuan. But it was different now, since the opportunity had come, how could he let it go?

As for why Shang Zifeng was competing with Helian Lanruo, and what kind of agreement Helian Lanruo signed, the commoners didn't care.

They focus only on results, not processes.

Since the results were out, he might as well wait to see a good show and see what else could be done.

On the other hand, the Shang family was thunderstruck after they received the news.

It had only happened less than half a day ago, and it was already over before he could even stop it.

Looking at the black and white paper and the letter of acceptance that was printed with the handprint of the Second Young Master, it had already been made public in front of thousands of people.

Originally, all of this was done in an orderly manner according to Helian Hong's calculations. Unexpectedly, in the time it took for everyone to send Shang Zifeng and Lan Ruo to their bridal chamber, a figure with a whip in his hand appeared outside the main gate of the Helian Residence.

He saw that this person had dismounted from his horse without any hesitation. He didn't even have the time to retract the horsewhip. Instead, he rushed towards the main hall in a flustered manner, as if he was a bandit robbing him.

At this moment, there were many guests gathered in the main hall, talking and laughing merrily.

For some reason, the worry on the Shang Jinghuan couple's face from before was completely gone. Now, they had joyous expressions on their faces as they chatted and drank with Helian Hong and his wife.

At this moment, a familiar figure broke through the door and entered the room, instantly breaking the peace.

For a moment, the entire hall was deathly silent!

When everyone saw who it was, they were stunned for a moment. Then, they heard Shang Jinghuan exclaim, "Mo'er, why are you so reckless? Quickly apologize to your Uncle Helian!"

After a brief moment of breathing, Shang Zimo also knew that he had lost his sense of propriety. He immediately cupped his hands and apologized to the crowd, "Zimo was reckless. I apologize to all the uncles and aunts here!"

With these words, he swept his eyes across the surroundings, but didn't see Helian Lanruo. The bad feeling in his heart grew stronger.

"Father, flowers... "Ugh …" Where are Third Brother and Miss Helian? "

Shang Zimo almost said the pig's name when he was anxious. Luckily, his father didn't notice anything, so Shang Zimo was relieved.

It was best to not let his father know about this.

Shang Zimo did not have time to explain too much, he had to settle this matter before Helian Lanruo finds out. Otherwise, with her personality, it would not be over even if he did not destroy Yiyang City.

"After three kowtows, nine kowtows, and six liters of kowtows, we naturally have to send them to the bridal chamber. Do you really want to drink with us old fellows outside?!"

Shang Jinghuan frowned. Normally, he had never seen this child act so rashly. What was going on today?

"What?" bridal chamber! "How can this be!?"

When Shang Zimo heard this, he turned pale with fright. The matter was going to be blown out of proportion!

Just as the father and son duo were discussing in bafflement, an extremely comical scene was put on in the room where the dragon's candle was burning red.

At this moment, Fatty Hua had been transformed by Shang Zifeng into his appearance and was entering the bridal chamber for him.

However, the situation was not optimistic.

He saw that its hands and feet were tied, curled up in front of the embroidered curtain, looking pitifully at Helian Lanruo arrogantly pulling the whip in front of her, even enduring the rubbing sensation of the whip on her face from time to time.

It did not even dare to pant loudly. It was trying its best to be submissive and submissive, afraid that if it messed with this mother yaksha and whipped it, it would not be worth it!

Fatty Hua was depressed. No matter what, he was still the number one handsome brother in the pig world. He had guarded his own life for many years, yet today, he was pushed down by this tigress and even had to endure her violent actions. "It doesn't want to live anymore …" Shang Zifeng, Shang Zifeng! "

Suddenly, Helian Lanruo pressed her charming face close to Fatty Hua's cheek, sized him up, and teased, "Why didn't I realize before that you had such a cute side to you!"

She smacked her red lips together, "Yo yo yo — look at your wronged appearance, I really can't bear to mistreat you …"

"Sniff, sniff …"

Evil Woman, you … What are you doing!

You're a bad guy, you're a bitch, you're a bitch — Hmm?


Shang Zifeng, f * ck you, don't you know how to speak human words!

This strange voice made Helian Lanruo irritable.

She raised her hand and whipped the bed. "Pa!"

"Ah!" Fatty Hua was so scared that he trembled. That pig-slaughtering howl once again filled the entire space.

Wuu wuu — — Master, where are you? The evil woman is hitting Fatty Hua!

Master, where are you? Hurry up and save Fatty Hua. Fatty Hua doesn't want to die yet. "Don't yell!"

Helian Lanruo covered her ears and stamped her feet. She frowned and screamed, "Do you know that your voice makes me nauseous?!"

Bad people, bad people!

Fatty Hua's voice was the best in the world, you stinking woman, you have no breasts, no buttocks and no butt, you can't even be compared to the ugliest sow in the world of pigs, yet you dare to talk so shamelessly here, you don't even know the depth of your words!

Hearing Helian Lanruo's shout, Fatty Hua's wailing stopped.

If it were to observe it closely, its eyes would be filled with tears of grievance. If it could, it would bite Helian Lanruo to death.

Helian Lanruo lightly spat out an orchid and vexed her anger. Her right leg stomped on the bed, and with another whip, she lashed out at the bed in a domineering manner.

"Speak!" Why did you run into my room that day to peek at me taking a bath, and... "Also …"

As she spoke, Helian Lanruo's face blushed.

This time, Fatty Hua did not dare to scream again. Carefully blinking his eyes, he stared at Helian Lanruo with an appearance of an upset wife. That small look of his was as pitiful as it could get.

Master doesn't want to see you take a bath, so you should just talk to yourself.

Fatty Hua acted cute and continued acting cute. I'll see if you can still bear to hit Fatty Hua!


Helian Lanruo stomped her foot furiously and clenched her hands around her waist in anger. She stared at Fatty Hua with her beautiful eyes. She really didn't know when this scoundrel had learned to act good. How shameless was he to make such an expression at a girl's house!

I, Helian Lanruo, am still a lady of a famous family. Why do I have to fall for a young master like you, who only knows how to be idle all day?

Helian Lanruo thought in frustration.

"Tsk …"

Wow — don't — slap!

Helian Lanruo lashed out with her whip and shouted, "Shut up!"

Seeing that Fatty Hua was going to yell again, Helian Lanruo couldn't hold it in anymore and cursed. This whip, however, was no longer just for show and forcefully lashed on its body.

Fatty Hua's crotch instantly seeped out a large puddle of water. His legs swung, trembling on the spot without daring to move. Fatty Hua'er, who was acting cute, peed on his pants.

The bad guy, wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu — Helian Lanruo was completely stunned when she saw the unceasingly dripping liquid. This bastard, wuwuwuwuwuwuu … He actually peed his pants. Did he have to be that pitiful? Was it that exaggerated?

Was she really that frightening? She didn't do anything to him, yet she scared him into this state. Was he even a man?!

At that moment, a bright light flashed in front of Helian Lanruo's eyes, attracting her attention.

Helian Lanruo's beautiful eyes were attracted by the green ray of light as she looked at Fatty Hua's neck. It was only at this moment that he noticed a flickering green ray on the back of Shang Zifeng's neck.

Her eyebrows slightly raised as she couldn't help but ask in her heart, "Why is there such an unknown light in Zi Feng's neck?"

Sensing the strangeness in the evil woman's eyes, Fatty Hua'er was elated and dared to make a move.

Ever since it entered the chamber, it felt as if it had entered hell. Not to mention moving, it didn't even dare to breathe too loudly. Otherwise, it would have been whipped to death by this wicked woman!

Now that the opportunity had come, how could it let it go?

Master, Fatty Hua has already done what a pig should do, I can't help you hide it anymore. Fatty Hua doesn't want to be pushed aside by the female devil after being whipped by her, Fatty Hua's first time is very precious, he won't give it to the female devil no matter what.

Master, I hope you can run fast. If you haven't run far, don't blame Fatty Hua for betraying you. Fatty Hua can't hold on any longer, you don't know how fierce this evil woman is!

As it spoke, Fatty Hua did not hesitate to match Helian Lanruo's gaze and eagerly went up to her. Although her hands and feet were bound, it did not affect the movement of her limbs.

Helian Lanruo's beautiful eyes gradually narrowed as she gazed at the fleeting flames, glanced at the fragrant orchid musk deer and the dazzling golden flowers around them. She stretched out her hand and gently parted the embroidered cloth covering Shang Zifeng, revealing a square piece of paper the size of a palm.

Although this was the first time she had seen such a thing, she could immediately tell that this was the talisman invented by the Daoist Priest. Although this was the first time she had seen such a thing, she could immediately recognize that this was the talisman invented by the Daoist Priest.

However, how could such a rare thing appear on Shang Zifeng?

Helian Lanruo thought of Shang Zifeng's strange actions before and his pig-like howling. Suddenly, an idea appeared in her mind.

Shang Zifeng, he's been possessed!

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