With a trace of doubt, Helian Lanruo took the talisman off Shang Zifeng's neck.

At that time, the green light in the room would expand like fireworks, spreading to every corner and obscuring the candles. It would cause Lan Ruo's eyes to almost turn white, making her unable to see anything clearly.

After a while, the green light quickly condensed and converged in the direction of Shang Zifeng. It formed a point and disappeared without a trace.

When the green light disappeared, Helian Lanruo's small mouth instantly grew wide, her eyes widened, and she screamed out in disbelief.

Subsequently, Helian Lanruo's furious roars and the sound of her table and chair being smashed echoed out from within the bridal room.


"Son of a bitch!"


"I will kill you!"

At this moment, Shang Zimo, who was in the corridor far away, suddenly felt the ground shake. He looked at the luxurious room not far away and thought, "This is bad!"

Shang Zimo guessed right. Helian Lanruo had already found that pet pig, Wu Tie'er, that her second brother had once brought to the market.

At the same time, he also found out that the one who married her and almost got into bed was not Shang Zifeng, but a pig that couldn't even be considered human.

For a pampered lady like Helian Lanruo, who had always been regarded as the apple of her eye, it was no doubt a great humiliation. Compared to Shang Zifeng, it was even better!

Under the moonlight, in a guest house a hundred miles away from Yiyang City, Shang Zifeng, who was eating a bowl of Yang Spring Noodle, unconsciously shivered, feeling a chill on the back of his neck.

Shang Ziyu noticed that Second Brother's expression wasn't right. He forcefully swallowed the noodles and asked, "Second Brother, what's wrong?"

"Hehe, I'm fine!"

Shang Zifeng wiped his mouth and smiled mischievously: "Maybe Wu Tie'er revealed something. I think that tigress is going crazy right now!"

Thinking about Helian Lanruo's usual fierce look, Shang Ziyu also shuddered.

He couldn't help but mourn on Fatty Hua's behalf, "Poor Fatty Hua, I think he has already become a roasted suckling pig!"

"That won't happen, even if Fatty Hua'er is a pig, he's smart. As long as he acts cute, the tigress won't be able to take it!"

Shang Zifeng smiled faintly. He had a lot of confidence in Fatty Hua.

His Fatty Hua was not an ordinary pig, he was a pig that was proficient in human nature. Don't think that Fatty Hua was usually timid, but if he encountered and handled matters, he was still proficient in it. Not to mention that he had a cute expression bag that was hard to match with millions of people.

Shang Ziyu smiled. Why didn't he think that Fatty Hua had such a trump card that could instantly kill everything … "Ugh …" Recalling the past cute actions of Fatty Hua, Shang Ziyu smiled. He wanted nothing more than to hug Fatty Hua in his arms.

Poor Fatty Hua, if he knew that his two young masters were thinking this way, he didn't know what to think.

Shang Ziyu snickered for a moment as if he realized something. Then he changed his mind, "Second Brother, where are we going now? We can't be walking aimlessly, right?"

Where to?

In the martial world, Yuxu Sect, Calan Temple, Castle of Heroes, Castle of Heroes, Caiwei Valley were all revered, and were the cauldrons of the righteous sects.

Other than the Caiwei Valley's female cultivation sects, the other four sects all had their own specialties. For a moment, Shang Zifeng was not sure where they were going.

After thinking for a moment, Shang Zifeng took out the remaining Glyph. He played with it for a moment and after making up his mind, he said: "Tianji Pavilion."

"What!?" Tianji Pavilion! "

Shang Ziyu suddenly quivered, he slammed the table and stood up, and exclaimed: "Second Brother, you are actually going to be a Taoist!"

Shang Ziyu's exclamation attracted the attention of everyone in the inn.

Shang Zifeng glanced around like a cicada in winter. He helplessly pulled Shang Ziyu back to his seat and whispered, "Shh! What are you so loud for that you don't want others to know? The Tianji Pavilion is the origin of the Tao technique. To be able to become the disciple of the Tianji Pavilion and to learn the Tao techniques at the top have always been my dream! "

"But …" "But …"

Shang Ziyu said with a hint of tears, "But I don't want to go abroad. I haven't gotten married yet …"


Shang Zifeng disliked Shang Ziyu and slapped him so hard that both of his eyes went into circles, "Who told you you that you can't get married as a disciple of Tianji Pavilion?"

While speaking, Shang Zifeng pointed at the monk sitting not far away with his big ears and large buddhist beads and said seriously, "Did you see that, even monks can eat meat and drink, not to mention Taoists, everyone marrying each other's wives shouldn't be that big of a deal!"

Shang Ziyu's eyes were blinking, looking at the monk eating meat and drinking wine in big gulps, as if there was nothing nearby. In his mind, he suddenly recalled the vulgar smile of that monk hugging his wife while wearing a Taoist robe.

All of a sudden, Shang Ziyu's eyes squinted into a crescent shape.


Shang Zifeng saw that Shang Ziyu was drooling and knew that his third brother was not thinking of anything good.

Just as he was about to habitually beat him up, a fragrant wind blew past and a bell-like voice suddenly rang in his ears.

This voice instantly broke Shang Ziyu's fantasy and also caused Shang Zifeng to be stunned. The two brothers looked at each other blankly for a moment and then turned around to look at each other.

Shang Ziyu was a bit confused. He had just thought of his wife, yet she came just like that?

This was way too fast!

Appearing together with the voice and appearing in front of the brothers was a very sweet looking little girl.

She was about sixteen or seventeen years old and wore a dazzling purple fairy dress, accentuating her snow-white skin and making her look like a fairy in a painting.

Looking up, Shang Zifeng could clearly feel it. Between her eyebrows, there was a hidden sense of nobility that could not be concealed.

Her beauty was different from Helian Lanruo's.

The former was a beauty that transcended the mortal world. Her smiling face gave people a feeling that she was a jasper from a small family.

Helian Lanruo, on the other hand, was the purest of beauties. She was valiant and valiant, with a picturesque look on her face. Every movement of hers was as clear as a painting.

If the two were compared together, they would each have their own characteristics.

Just when the two brothers were mesmerized by the woman's beauty, they saw the little beauty hug Shang Zifeng's leg and start crying on the ground like a spoiled child.

The sound of her crying was extremely loud. Once again, she drew the attention of her guests.

"You bastard! I've finally found you! I'm so happy!" I'm telling you, you're not allowed to abandon me. Do you know that I've found you so much trouble these past few days? "




Kill him with a thousand blades?


When Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu heard this, they staggered and almost choked to death on their own saliva.

Their mouths were wide open and their eyes were wide open. They looked at the little girl who was crying on the ground without denying anything. They were at a loss … Especially Shang Zifeng, he was beyond confused.

She didn't know where this lunatic came from. She looked like an immortal, yet her actions were so impactful. She didn't care about her own reputation anymore. She had already identified her husband the moment she arrived. Could it be that all the children in the martial arts world were so open now?

Besides, when did I have that kind of affair with her?

He was a real virgin, and also a elegant and elegant virgin.

Although it could not be said to be extremely popular among tens of thousands of young girls, it was still more than enough to bewitch over a hundred beauties.

However, before he could start eating, someone had put a "Ungrateful" sign on him. How was he going to deal with this in the future?

His innocence was ruined by this girl just like that. Who could understand the bitterness in his heart?

The corner of Shang Zifeng's mouth twitched continuously. His expression was as if he was telling everyone, "I really don't know her, don't misunderstand. She's a virgin. Ah, no, a handsome virgin!"

"Second, second, second brother, she, she, she …"

Shang Ziyu pointed at the little beauty who couldn't be any more upset because of her crying. He stuttered and didn't know why, but the meaning in his words was clear.

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