Shang Zifeng slapped Shang Ziyu's head and said, "What are you trying to say!"

Shang Zifeng was so angry that he was about to die. Who would have thought that he, who had just escaped from the marriage, would have such a good time? Yet another wife was thrown down by the heavens.

In this world, was there anything crazier than this?

"I, I …" I wanted to ask second brother when did he get married, and why didn't I know? "

Shang Ziyu rubbed his burning forehead to show that he felt wronged.

Second brother, you didn't even tell me about your marriage, and you're still hiding it from your parents to see if I'm going to report you when I get home!

In this era, a woman's reputation was more important than her life. Which girl would joke about their reputation, and with such a beautiful girl at that?

Therefore, he wouldn't believe that this girl had nothing to do with his second brother even if he beat her to death.

"If you dare spout nonsense again, do you believe that I …"

"You actually said that you don't know me? You forgot that night, yet you …" Woo … I'm so sad... "Since that's the case, I might as well just run into a wall and die!"

Shang Zifeng was just about to give Shang Ziyu a few more headaches, but the young girl suddenly burst into tears. She cried until the sky went dark.

Hearing this, everyone felt the same, as if they had been abandoned by their husband.

At that time, there would be a lot of discussion and criticism, flooding the entire inn like a tidal wave.

However, when people were talking about Shang Zifeng, they ignored the craftiness that flashed past the girl's eyes.

Shang Zifeng, on the other hand, was confused by the girl's crying. His whole body was twitching under the denouncement of the crowd. His face turned pale and white for a moment. He felt ashamed.

Shang Zifeng pointed at his handsome face and blinked his blurry eyes in a daze. He said adorably: "Beauty, are you sure you're talking about me? You... I... Do we know each other? "


Seeing that Shang Zifeng was unmoved, the young girl felt indignant in her heart. With her beauty, which man would not be moved?

As long as it was a man, even if he didn't say anything, he would still curry favor with her and eat tofu!

But for him, this brat was actually playing dumb in front of a beautiful daughter-in-law like her. Was he mistaken?!

Was he too reliable, or was he too unreliable?


He didn't even want to give away a beautiful daughter-in-law for free. He really didn't know if he was pretending to be reserved, or if he was really just an immortal elm.

No matter what, she didn't believe that this brat wouldn't be tempted by her!

"Darling, do you really not remember me? I am your wife! "

After saying that, the girl rushed towards Shang Zifeng. Shang Zifeng dodged to the side to avoid the girl's attack.

"I... When did I marry you? In front of so many people, can you not speak carelessly? "

"Nonsense, you actually said I'm talking nonsense?"

On the surface, the young girl looked sad and disappointed, but in reality, she had already repeatedly scolded Shang Zifeng in her heart and ruthlessly stabbed his villain.

Heavens, he had actually found such an idiot when he was looking for someone for an emergency. Wasn't this pushing him into a pit of fire?!

Shang Zifeng had changed out of his servant attire and was wearing a new set of clothes. He was dressed in a silk brocade robe, which made him look even more elegant.

His exquisite facial features outlined his small face to be extremely handsome.

However, the elegant yet mischievous look in his eyes made him feel somewhat young and inexperienced.

The sword in Shang Zifeng's hand could be said to be perfect. It was showing its power and domineering attitude at all times. If someone did not know him well, they would think of him as a hero walking in the martial arts world.

This was also the reason why the girl chose Shang Zifeng to help her escape.

Because in her heart, Shang Zifeng was a martial arts expert.

However, she was wrong... Hehehe!

If you think that I am an elegant young master with thousands of young ladies and heroes of the martial world just by looking at the surface, then you are completely wrong!

Because I, Young Master, am a young girl who is extremely popular, invincible throughout the world. I am a gathering of handsome, talented, adorable people … "Ugh …" And … In short, in this day and age, Fang Fang Fang was the only one who could look down on the world and gather all the qualities of men together, who would he let go of?

All of a sudden, everyone who heard Shang Zifeng's thoughts started to boil up. They grabbed the eggs, cabbage leaves, watermelon slices, etc., and whatever could be thrown into their hands, they threw it at Shang Zifeng's location, causing his face to turn yellow from the impact!

Feeling the approaching crisis behind her, the girl bit her lips and directly got up, forcefully hugging Shang Zifeng. Then, before he could even react, she pushed him down to the ground and buried her head into his embrace, crying tenderly.

Just like that, a man and a woman fell to the ground. In the eyes of outsiders, it was as if they were trying to make things difficult for the men and women below.

Shang Ziyu looked nervous as a palm-sized sweat drop instantly appeared on his forehead.

Sister-in-law, do you have to be so domineering to push down my second brother in broad daylight?

He couldn't help but pay his respects to his sister-in-law and give her a thumbs up.

These days, it was rare to see a girl as valiant, as open-minded and as unique as her sister-in-law!

Shang Zifeng's wish was wrong, what kind of sin did he commit? He just escaped from the palm of a tigress and got entangled by an even fiercer woman. He didn't know what kind of peach blossoms he committed recently!

Thinking about it carefully, Shang Zifeng was sure that there must be a reason for this woman to do this. She probably had some tricks up her sleeve!

He did not want to be pulled into a pit of fire without knowing why or why.

It seemed like it wasn't a good idea to stay here any longer, as it was better to avoid getting entangled with her.

Thinking of this, Shang Zifeng made a gesture to push the girl away, then he pulled Shang Ziyu and quickly left.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard from outside the relay station. Immediately, a dozen saber-wielding red-cloaked men rushed in.

The cold light of 'Piper' flashed continuously on the blade of the saber, striking fear into one's soul.

The moment they entered the door, without saying a word, they aggressively rushed towards Shang Zifeng. Everywhere they passed, it was a complete mess.

When Shang Zifeng and Shang Ziyu saw this, they were both stunned for a moment and knew that things were not looking good.

The leader, a black-clothed, red-bearded man, walked up to Shang Ziyu. He looked at Shang Zifeng, who was lying on the ground, and the young girl, who was crying happily, and said coldly: "Damned girl, you actually dared to mess with me!"

The girl's body froze and her crying slowly stopped.

She raised her head, wiped away her tears, and replied: "Who dares to mess with you? I'm here to find my husband for what! "

As she spoke, a bitter look flashed across her eyes, full of helplessness, this brat did not have martial arts, it seemed like she would lose here, but it did not matter, as long as she had time, she could break through her meridians, and then she would be able to escape. In any case, the thing was not on her body, so she did not need to worry, as long as she could keep an eye on this good-for-nothing young master and wait for her to break through her meridians, then she would be able to … Hehe, I'm really smart!

The red-bearded man's cold eyes suddenly changed as he shifted his gaze downward. He stared keenly at Shang Zifeng, who was being suppressed by the young girl with a confused expression.

"Cut the crap, quickly hand over the scroll or …"

The red bearded man glared at Shang Zifeng with his cold eyes.

Streams of threatening cold lights pierced Shang Zifeng's ears, as if they were constantly sucking in his soul, causing his entire body to tremble.

However, his words were directed at the young girl.

"Or what?"

The girl tilted her neck playfully, looked at the red bearded man, then looked at Shang Zifeng, who was beneath her, and asked doubtfully: "Why are you staring at Hubby Shang Zifeng like that? Do you think he's very handsome? "

As she spoke, the young girl nudged Shang Zifeng's chin towards the red-bearded man. She seemed to be saying: "Look at him, how is my husband? He's very handsome, isn't he?"


Shang Zifeng met the red-bearded man's gaze and blinked his eyes a few times. His appearance was as innocent as it could be.

He grimaced with effort, his face wreathed in a smile.

The meaning behind his words was as if he was saying, "Big brother, don't misunderstand. I have nothing to do with her. I was wrongly accused."

At this time, Shang Zifeng had already treated the red-bearded man as the girl's fiancé. From the looks of it, he was probably here to seek revenge!

Shang Ziyu, on the other hand, was not as calm as Shang Zifeng. He was scared pale by Shang Zifeng's threatening manner and his legs kept shaking.

Ever since he was young, he had been living in a greenhouse, being protected by others. When had he ever seen such a scene before? Now that he met one, he was naturally afraid.

Shang Zifeng's cynical expression, in the eyes of the red bearded man, seemed to be a provocation.

His expression suddenly turned even more dark and horrifying. He looked like he wanted to tear Shang Zifeng into pieces.

"Look at her!"

The red-bearded man pointed at the girl and ordered her. His voice was cold and his tone was cold.

As his voice faded, a few cloaked men arrived in front of the girl and lifted her up from Shang Zifeng's body.

The girl struggled to shout and stopped crying. She was only slightly angry, "Situ Ran, let me go, otherwise, if my aunt finds out, she will definitely kill you!"

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