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C9 Young girls(3)

Situ Ran swept his gaze back and forth between the three of them, his expression gradually becoming gloomy, the aura around his body suddenly skyrocketing, Situ Ran's red hair on his sleeves, fluttered without wind.

"Did I say let you go?"

Situ Ran's cold voice transmitted over, it carried an invisible might which caused Shang Zifeng's footsteps to become even faster. He called out to Shang Ziyu beside him in a low voice: "Quickly run!"

Immediately after, the two brothers ran outside at the same time!

Before they could run far, Situ Ran yelled, "Arrest them all!"

The guards then surrounded the two brothers in the direction they were running in, blocking their path. A violent and murderous aura swept through the entire area.

In an instant, the sound of people shouting and fleeing within the large inn became loud and chaotic.

Saber lights, sword shadows, they all struck at once.

Looking at the blades held against their necks, the Shang Zifeng brothers knew clearly in their hearts that if they did not surrender, they would be killed on the spot by the Evil Gods without hesitation.

They were completely flustered. It looked like they wouldn't be able to escape today.


Just then, a sonorous and powerful voice came from a corner. The source of the voice was the square-headed Monk Jiu Rou.

The monk wiped off the stench at the corner of his mouth, and slowly walked towards Situ Ran as if there was no one around. With his fat stomach, the way he walked was extremely light, completely inconsistent with his broad and fat body, giving others a strange feeling.

He arrived in front of Situ Ran and quietly observed him. A few moments later, he clasped his hands together, his deep black eyes pressing onto Situ Ran's eyes, and asked with a serious expression: "May I know if Benefactor has any illness in the canyon?"

This sudden sentence caused everyone to be stunned on the spot. In an instant, an unknown gust of wind assaulted the entire arena.

What was this monk saying?

Disease... On... In the stench?

The corner of Shang Zifeng's and Shang Ziyu's mouths twitched, their shoulders trembled non-stop, as though they were holding back their laughter.

It was no wonder that what the monk said sounded so funny.

And thinking about it, smelly, smelly... Stinking, smelly, it sounded like a curse.

No matter how much they thought about it, they could never have imagined that it would actually be this "weak".

It was this "Ji".

Not a stink.

In short, no matter how one looked at it, it was extremely funny.

The person with the most extreme reaction was the young lady, she couldn't help but burst out laughing, the laughter caused the cold atmosphere to become warmer, and relieved the entire place, but it also angered Situ Ran to the point that his face turned green, the corners of his eyes and his mouth twitched non-stop.

"Stinky bald donkey, what nonsense are you spouting!"

Situ Ran pulled out his sword and placed it on the monk's neck.

The monk ignored the cold feeling on his neck and said seriously, "Does Benefactor have a problem with peeing recently? If what this humble monk says is true, I hope that Benefactor can treat him as soon as possible. Otherwise, his life will be in danger! "

When fat monk's words came out, the entire audience burst into laughter, making it completely funny. The originally tense and murderous atmosphere slowly faded away, and in the end, under Situ Ran's fierce gaze, the laughter turned into light laughter, and at the end, all that remained was a strange low laugh.

Even the subordinates he brought with him could not suppress the joy in their hearts. They were close to suffering internal injuries.

"Shut up!"

Situ Ran was so angry that his face turned red, this was his private matter, how did this bald donkey know about it?

Could it be as the monk said, that he really had a disease?

Even if that was the case, the words spoken by this bald donkey in front of so many people was truly hateful. He truly deserved to be killed.

Situ Ran looked around coldly, and those who were caught in his cold gaze, retreated in fear, not daring to make a sound.

Just then, one of the guards took a step forward and whispered something into Situ Ran's ear.

Situ Ran's expression changed, he took a deep breath and suppressed his anger, and said to the guard: Bring the old bald donkey along!

Seeing this, the monk did not struggle and allowed them to tie him up.

Before long, the group of over a dozen people had left the inn in a strange atmosphere, disappearing without a trace.

As for the remaining people, they did not dare to stay after what had happened, and they all left.

In the inn, the noisy atmosphere that was originally noisy suddenly became extremely quiet.

The summer cricket gave a clear cry that could be heard … At the same time, far away in the Tong Zhou of the northern region, "Song Tiancheng" …

In the manor with over ten thousand disciples, a light arrow descended from the sky. Riding on a gust of cold wind, it pierced into the roof of the manor.

Upon seeing this, the youth sitting in the main hall reached out his hand towards the sky, and the light arrow flew into his hand.

This person wore a blue mask made of human skin.

He wore a long robe adorned with red and blue scales. As he sat there quietly, he gave off an invisible pressure. He did not rage nor did he give off a sense of majesty. He was perfect in every aspect.

From the outside, he looked to be around eighteen or nineteen years old, but upon closer inspection, the light in his eyes was deep and distant. It was unknown how much time had passed, but he had the reserved temperament of an old martial artist.

Rows of red clothed disciples that pretended to be dignified stood respectfully at the sides, not daring to slack off in the slightest.

Spreading out the letter on the arrow, the youth slightly narrowed his eyes. When he finished reading the letter, the corners of the youth's mouth curled up in an imperceptible smile … After an unknown period of time, when Shang Zifeng opened his eyes again, what appeared before him was a gigantic and spacious dungeon.

It turned out that after they were taken away, they were knocked unconscious. When they woke up again, they had arrived at a strange place like this.

Following the flickering of the candle flame, the light in the dungeon flickered, giving off a different gloomy atmosphere from that of the Shura Infernal Realm.

Looking around, there were also many commoners who were imprisoned here for no reason, including a few seven to eight year old children.

What was going on? How could so many people be locked up here?

"Third brother, wake up!"

Being slapped in the face by second brother, Shang Ziyu slowly opened his eyes. When he clearly saw his surroundings, he suddenly sat up and exclaimed: "Second brother! Are, are we dead? "

He actually thought that he and his second brother had both died and even went to hell together. Waiting for the trial of the frying pan, he was immediately scared to the point that his face turned ashen, his hair stood on end, and the back of his neck felt cold.

Shang Zifeng snappily "Pa!"

With a sound, it shook Shang Ziyu's head, "Die your head! Do you have any brains! Look, which one of them looks like a ghost? "

Following the direction in which Second Brother pointed, Shang Ziyu looked around. Only when he saw the silhouette on the wall, did he finally believe that he wasn't dead, if he was dead, he would become a ghost without a shadow. But there were so many shadows here, which meant that they were definitely not ghosts.

He couldn't help but feel a sense of joy in his heart. It seemed that he really wasn't dead yet. However, before he could feel happy for too long, he began to tremble again.

"Since we're not dead, then where are we? and so on... It was so dark here, and so many people were locked up. Was this the human meat bun shop that his father always spoke of? That's right, only that damned place would have so many people locked up. It seemed that the red-furred monster was a human meat bun! "Howl …"

Shang Ziyu said in a sobbing tone, he seemed to be afraid: "Second brother, I'm so scared, I don't want to be turned into a meat bun!"

Shang Ziyu was a little regretful. If he had known that the outside world was dangerous, even if he had a hundred times more guts, he wouldn't have dared to sneak out with his second brother.

Now, before he could even drink the water of the martial arts world, he was about to be chopped into dumplings!

While thinking about that, Shang Ziyu looked at his arm that was tender and tender, and couldn't help but start crying.

Three black lines appeared on Shang Zifeng's forehead. His third brother's train of thought had gone way too far, even his meat buns had appeared, just what the heck was going on?

He was upset by Shang Ziyu's argument and frowned: "Don't cry! Why are you looking like Fatty Hua, it's not shameful at all! "

"Amitabha …" "Good, good …"

As the voice suddenly stopped, Shang Zifeng unconsciously looked towards the source of the voice. He saw the fat monk that was eating and drinking heartily in the inn.

"Great Monk, we are all about to die, and you still have the mood to say what kind of Buddha you have …"

Shang Zifeng rolled his eyes at the monk. You were eating so much just now, and now you even dared to open your mouth and talk like a Buddha, I really don't know what kind of buddha you cultivate.

Even if there was a Buddha, he wouldn't come to save a monk like you!

"Young Benefactor's words are wrong!"

The fat monk replied, "The heart is peaceful, the heart is peaceful, and the earth is peaceful. Buddha is sincere! If there is a Buddha in the heart, then why not eat and drink wine? "

Shang Zifeng was startled, how did he know what he was thinking?

While feeling suspicious, he heard the fat monk speak again: "If your heart is calm, then you know what you are thinking! "Turbid heart …"

"Stop!" I admire you, okay? "

Shang Zifeng's head started to hurt from the monk's words, he could not help but interrupt them: "Since you are so knowledgeable, then do you have a way to help us escape?"

"Buddha …"

"Stop!" Don't say anymore! "

Seeing that the fat monk wanted to pull those crooked words of his, Shang Zifeng quivered and immediately said: "It's useless asking you! If you really have the ability, how could you be caught together with us! "

"You also know that you don't have the ability?"

At this moment, another gentle voice followed, its tone tinged with disdain …

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