LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C12 Chapter 12: Insideous
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LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C12 Chapter 12: Insideous
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C12 Chapter 12: Insideous

Ealry in the morning they all woke up and went to the ultra gravity room ,when they arrived there they saw nobody so they sat there just talking ,a few minutes later Elect came in to the basement

Elect: Good news ,I have found your individual categories of power

Max: So where do we belong

Elect: For now Max ,I don't know where to belong ,Gensa ,you belong to the overpowered warriors race which are like Saiyans

Gensa: Saiyan?? you mean like Goku

Elect: Something like that , meaning you have so many stages to open in your power level ,thats a good potential you know

Max: 😑😑😒😒

Elect: Rin sosuke you and Max am not sure if you guys belong to any class

Rin: 😕😕😕

Elect: Mezeus you belong to a holy warrior blood line ,am kinda surprised cause I thought your clan was wiped out ,to see you are from there ,it is actually nice and Ken is something we call the vegels

Ken: What is that

Elect: They are people that transcend beyond what we know as speed ,you can't find them on Earth ,they are hardly seen in Lantra because the speed their body use in breathing is so fast that their body vibrates to the extent that they become invincible to the normal eye but visible to those who can comprehend at the same speed they move at

Ken: Then why are you guys seeing me

Elect: Because you are useless maybe they was a mistake in the research ,vegels are not stupid

Ken: What are you trying to say

Elect: Ask me that again and behold what I will do to you

Elect's hand were sparking

Ken: 😅Yes am a very stupid boy😅

Elect: So for now ,Gensa, Mezeus and Ken are training with me ,Rin and Max what are going to do ??🤔🤔🤔uhhhhhh ,yeah I got something for you guys

Elect snapped his fingers and a giant hologramic screen appeared ,he went to YouTube and played a video called 3 steps on mastering karate

Rin/Max: 🤦🤦🤦🤦

Elect: 😁😁😁these is thr best I can do for you for now

Rin: I know karate myself, I don't need this

Rin walks to the end of the basement and saw a sword ,he took it from the shelf and was training with it

Max: 🙄I have to now follow this YouTube video 🤦🤦🙄😒

Max angrily joined the online karate lesson while Elect was teaching Gensa ,Ken and Mezeus how to grow their energy and turn it to a destructive force, they began to train .

...Milan, Italy ,inside the tree


The oni itamis assembled to meet Kurushimu

Byoki: Mistress we have done your work

Kurushimu looks at them

Ochiri: Mistress why don't you say a word?

Kurushimu: useless onis what did I tell you my goal was

Senso: To bring pain and suffering unto mankind

Kurushimu: And what do you all think you are doing

Kufuku: We are doing what we were told to do

Kurushimu got angry by their ignorance , she held her sword and teleported at kufuku's front , using her sword to touch his neck ,black liquid smoke was coming out from

Kurushimu: Dare to talk one of your bullsh*t and die for enternity in my hands

There was total silence in their midst

Kurushimu: If you all were all serious with this simple assignment ,our realms should have been merged a month ago but your dirty scum bags think this is all a joke ,huh?

her eyes glows in red

Kurushimu: I give you 3 months to finish ,break your boundaries if necessary and establish hell on Earth

The itamis: Yes great mistress

They all turned to black smoke falling from the top of the tree like a dropping bundle of cloud ,this time they were able to penetrate through people's home ,they were moving according to the of the four pillars of earth , covering everywhere with darkness, any where they pass would either decay or burn , vehicles would explode ,when the smoke enter people's houses the people inside would either be suck of all nutrient ,blood and soul in them or they turn mad. some days later people saw that hiding at home wasn't the safest option ,they engaged in an endless marathon running away from the slowly moving smoke which was slowly spreading round the globe

Different heroes guild e.g Blue core court, heroes unlimited, burning rainbow

and the space patrol force assisted in bringing people they could see into their different guild and made a barrier round it to protect themselves . some weeks later people had settled in the different guilds ,they were so many who couldn't make it to the guilds for safety .They had to hide themselves away in an air tight environment, some people were dying from lack of oxygen while some died out of fear .Elvis and his family where safe and all Asuka's friends where safe.

Elvis was in the blue core court, some of Asuka's friends where at burning rainbow while some where at the space patrol force. Eri who was in the burning rainbow called Elvis on phone

Eri: Hi

Elvis: What's it

Eri: Do you have a clue where Asuka is ??she was last known to be at your house, so where is she

Elvis: I don't know ,after everything I have done for that b**ch she ran away

Eri: Oh my God ,are you trying to say she is dead

Elvis: It's good for her ,let her die hard , atleast she died a virgin she didn't enjoy the pleasure of s*x hahahaha

Eri: Why are you such a bastard

Eri angrily ended the call

The guild members(heroes) went out to find the oni itamis and stop them .

3 months passed and they were still fighting with the oni itamis ,when ever they fight with the itamis and the itamis saw that they could be defeated they would back out and change position instantly to another part of the world ,in Space ,N.L.S.H

Elect looked at them and smiled

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