LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C15 Chapter 15: Faith prologue 2
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LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C15 Chapter 15: Faith prologue 2
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C15 Chapter 15: Faith prologue 2

From Indonesia heading to Australia

Gensa: Yo Elect

from N.L.S.H

Elect: Bro ?

Gensa: Am next to go off, where am I finding the oni?

Elect: Okay ,from my system here you guys are facing south west from Indonesia ,am detecting the dark energy 45° south east your direction ,453 miles away from you guys

Gensa: Got that homie

They continued to fly ,about reaching their destination ,Gensa stood at the doors of the jet getting prepared to jump ,they flew pass a mountain in an island close to Australia ,Gensa sees a human figure sitting at the top of the mountain

Gensa: Mezeus!!! I think I have found who we are looking for!!!!

Mezeus: Where?!!

Gensa: At our back !! let's go back !!

Mezeus: Alright !!

Mezeus changes the direction of the jet back to the mountain they just passed ,Gensa jumped

down to the mountain top but he fell to the road leading to the mountain top

Gensa: Ouch!.…it hurts (touching his head)

Gensa began to run to the top, arriving there he saw the on sitting down, eyes closed , meditating and he was tremendously shock

Gensa: Y.........you!!!

He remembers the oni from 6months ago that attacked them on their way to school

Senso: Prodigy is an acceptance ,a human always have two parts to go but yet he chooses death

Senso opened his eyes

he was about standing up then Gensa in fear did a little energy blast and shot it at him ,when it him


the place was a little dusty, Gensa saw that Senso wasn't hurt at all

Gensa: Kss ,Let me show you all I have got!!!!!

Gensa stretched his hands towards Senso and was shooting trillions of energy blast, it was an endless pour of blasts

Gensa: HaaaaaAAAAAAAH !!!!!!

The whole mountain top was covered in dust, Gensa was breathing heavily

Senso: Is that all??

Gensa heard his voice but didn't see him because of the dust around

Senso: You are powerful but your rage makes you premitive

Senso appeared at his back and slashed his hand with his sword

Gensa: Aghh!!!

He turned and shot an energy blast but no one was there, he appeared at Gensa's side and slashed his knee

Gensa: Aghh, kss

Then senso made 15 clones of himself and surrounded Gensa

Sensos: FLAMES OF ERIS!!!!

They made a dark firy blast through a slash from their swords

Gensa: Haaaaa

Gensa began to power up ,the aura he was emitting from his body change from Blue to red

Gensa: Genkai ! breaker!x2 haaa!!!

When he was hit by the 15 blasts, it all exploded, the environment was all dusty, Gensa waved away the dust by the swing of his hand,

Senso was amused by his rapid growth of power

Senso: How?.....how did you do that?

Gensa: 😏😏this is the Genkai breaker, it can mutiply ones power by any number ,I did mine by 2 because that's what my body can handle for now, isn't it great

Senso: That's how you are able to break into level 5 chukiseki stage from level 3

Gensa: Yes and that's what I will use to kill you😠😠😠

Senso: Hm

Gensa placed the four enjambment seals given to him on the ground to create a barrier so that Senso wouldn't escape Gensa did a martial art stance facing senso while senso stood ,they both rushed to each other to start

Gensa: Haaa!!!!!

Senso: grhaaa!!!

They blew each other and their fist collided


In the blue core court a hero called Moran, he is in charge of the database in the blue core, he noticed chukiseki power activities in Indonesia and Australia, he alert the others ,when they came they did some research and saw the two battle happened in a straight line sequence at the Eastern part of the earth

Storm: Let's go check it out ,it must be those bastard onis

Diavanti: No wait , something is fishy here ,the second insurgence happened 5 minutes after the first let's wait for another 5 minutes and see if there will be another insurgence

Storm: Okay Sensei

Diavanti: (I hope it's not what am thinking)

At the other side where Asuka was ,she was overloaded with boredom and loneliness, she began to remember her family, remember, she remembered her friends, she remembered the normal fun days with Elvis and she remembered does days when she had someone that always disturbed her(Rin Sosuke) all the time

Asuka: Why me ???why does all of this have to happen to me ,why must it be me to loose everything ,even my freedom 😢😢 is this how life is gonna be like for me

She layed on her bed to sleep

Asuka: (I don't even have a scissors to cut my overgrown hair)😒😒

she walks to a mirror

Asuka: Hm not bad ,I actually look good😊😊

In the burning rainbow guild

where Eri, Gina, Paula and suzume were

Eri: Girls are we gonna continue like this

Paula: Just stock in a massive house filled with people am tired of this earthly crises

Gina: Me too 😭😭😭I want to walk about

Suzume: Girls ,girls don't worry as usual a hero will surely win this battle so it's just left for us to wait

Gina: Yup, by the way who has heard from Asuka

Paula: I left my phone at home

Gina: 😒😒

Suzume: I heard she live with Elvis and his family were taken to the Blue core ,so let's just say she is safe

they looked at Eri and saw that she was sad and crying

Suzume: Eri why are you crying??

Eri: Asuka........ Asuka...is ... she is gone

Paula: Gone?? gone to where??

Eri: She is dead

Gina: It's a lie

Eri: It's true

Gina: Oh my God ,how did that happen

Eri: I think Elvis was harassing her and she didn't like it, so she ran out ,I called Elvis and he said she isn't in the blue core neither is she here

Paula: She is dead😢??

They all got moody and sad

Eri: When this is all over we must Organize an occasion in remembrance of her

Everyone: Sure

Gina: Aohhhhh!! look ! look ! look !

When they looked at the direction Eri was pointing at they saw muscular guys weight lifting

Everyone: Aohhhhh waw!!🤩🤩

They ran to watch guys in the gym weight lift.

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