LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C17 Chapter 17: Faith epilogue
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LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C17 Chapter 17: Faith epilogue
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C17 Chapter 17: Faith epilogue

The oni called Ochiru who hijacked Ken from Indonesia appeared in Italy, into the enormous tree in Milan.

Kurushimu: Ochiru...... what's happening, Senso has been defeated and gone, who is responsible for this??

Ochiru: Hmmm thesame night I was attacked by a puiny human

Ochiru throws Ken to Kurushimu, Ken was so scared that he pretended to be unconscious

Kurushimu: What's this?? you brought a human here

Ochiru: He is no ordinary human ,he has chukiseki energy within him like those humans that always disturbs us

She walks up to Ken, takes down her mask and opened her mouth wide and a 1.5 ft long tongue came out and she licked Ken's face

Kurushimu: Tasty ..... I will toture this one till it's body weeder then feast on his flesh and bath in his blood

Ken knew his life was in danger, so he decided to stop playing around and stand up to fight, Ken opened his eyes and jumped high, Kurushimu and Ochiru jumped aside ,they all landed , Ochiru and Kurushimu were looking at Ken and Ken was looking back

Ken: (How am I gonna do this)

Ochiru: I will murder you

Kurushimu: Ochiru ! no ! let me handle it and let this human feel my power

Kurushimu rushed to Ken with her sword ,Ken knew that they were not in the same level so he tried his best to dodge all her attack ,she made an invisible move and kicked his jaw ,Ken flew and fell down, She faced him and white coloured roots arose from beneath the tree and tied Ken

Kurushimu: This is C8 explosive, any movement from your and Kaboom😈😈, Ochiru come with me

Ochiru followed her and they continued their talk.

Back in Brazil where Mezeus continued to fight with Byoki. As the fight continued and Mezeus was beaten up continuously by Byoki it was given him more courage to fight ,When he got to the peak of his anger he stood and watched Byoki launch an attack

Byoki: Tes Tes!!!

A wave filled with swagling swamp of insects Rose from Byoki back about to fall on Mezeus, Mezues just stretch his hand faward and opened his palm wide

Mezeus: Tsunami ...... Ignition!

A large shock wave of made of flames, boomed away Byoki's attack, the place was covered in flames

Byoki: Hmmm 😈hahaha

Byoki ran to Mezeus to continue the fight, when they were fighting Mezeus this time was fighting back and he had the upper hand in the fight. After some few minutes in the fight Byoki was seriously beaten up ,Byoki smiled and tried to teleport from that area but he couldn't

Byoki: What!?

Mezeus: Look around you ,I have kept Enjambment arrays around us ,this means that you will not be able to run away, Oni you are dead for sure!!😡

Mezeus powered up in flames

Byoki: Kss, this power?? it's a level 8 chukiseki stage

Mezeus: Haaaa!!

He flew to Byoki ,gave him an uppercut, which he flew to the sky , Mezeus powered up more and flew to meet Byoki up to give him a devastating punch ,while flying up with burning chukiseki ,his energy turned in to a burning snake dragon

it flew to Byoki and passed through his body, immediately his body scattered the dragon exploded and turned him to dust, Boom!!! ,after the explosion

Mezeus came down

he was breathing heavily so he sat down to rest. After a while he called on Elect and Elect teleported him from there to N.L.S.H.

The Heroes from the blue core were done with the Oni itami(Kufuku) in California. Max flew to Italy with the jet, arriving there he sees the tree from afar

Max: Wow ,it's far bigger than it's size in TV, it's 5x the height of Burj khalifa, I bet the residents don't mind me crashing on it

Max kept on flying towards the tree.

In N.L.S.H

Elect: Good job, both of you

Gensa: Am exhausted

Mezeus: Oh God !! me too

Elect: Though Max is in the air heading to Italy, I have lost connection with Rin and Ken and Based on my tracking research Ken was taken into that enermous tree inwhich I believe Kurushimu is there

Gensa: Wait ,you want us to go back and continue fighting

Elect: Yes

Max: What about Rin

Elect: He is unconscious ,still in Indonesia

Gensa: Can I have a little water before I go

Elect: No

Elect teleported them out from N.L.S.H.


in the symmetry

Devil Rin stood up ,all that was in his mind was to kill and kill but who he wanted kill first was Ochiru, based on the agreement Rin and Genova made to kill Ochiru and rescue Ken, Genova didn't tell Rin the other side of the agreement which was to take over his body ,in which he was slowly doing, Rin's conscience was asleep while Devil Gen(Rin) took over

His wings came up and he boom!! flying to Italy.


standing on a building 100ft away from the tree was were blue storm stood, He knew the 5 boys recruited by Shane would come ,so he waited there. suddenly a jet passed above his head .

in the jet

Max: I better jump out now

Max jumped out of the jet and landed on a building while the jet flew to the tree and crashed at the bottom of the tree



That was when Gensa and Mezeus appeared. They saw the explosion

Mezeus/Gensa: Huh?

the shock wave from the explosion pushed them far away, the tree gradually began to fall, and it landed, BUUFFFF!!!!! half of Milan was covered with dust .When the dust cleared off

Max who was on a three story building

Max: The tree has fallen, good, hmm what's that (he looks well) that should be Kurushimu and her Oni itami

Ken was put in a small pyramid made of black sand by Kurushimu

Max: And Ken! he was captured

Mezeus and Gensa were on the ground while the dust was clearing up

Mezeus/Gensa: (coughing)

Mezeus: Ahhh my body !!!!

Gensa: It hurts!!! I don't think I can fight any more

Mezeus: Me too 😭😭

Max looks down and saw his brother and Mezeus on the ground helpless but they didn't see him. They all heard a sudden wind falling on an uprooted root of the enormous tree, blue storm from where he was looked

Storm: Hmmmm

Max, Gensa and Mezeus looked and they saw

Gensa: Rin??

Mezeus: 😳(surprised)

Max: Rin........ is that you???

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