LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C9 Chapter 9: Breakthrough 3
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LEGENDS WITHIN 1/C9 Chapter 9: Breakthrough 3
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C9 Chapter 9: Breakthrough 3

That night Elvis entered into Asuka's room while she was fast asleep ,he sat on her bed looking at her over and over again as she sleeps ,he began to touch her legs, going up to her laps ,he slowly moves his hand on her hips , he touches her a*s then he had an erection, he held his d**k as it stood ,with the strong desire to have s*x with Asuka he tried taking her gown up ,Asuka woke up and held his hand .

Asuka: Stop it

Elvis: Please let me in

Asuka: Pervert stay away from me

Elvis: 😔😔okay ........

Elvis sadly walked out of the room, Asuka ran to the door and locked it.

Asuka: Gosh , is this how am gonna live here

Asuka went back to sleep .

The next morning Asuka woke up, took her bath, coming out from her room she saw a $500 dropped by Elvis at her door step ,when she saw it she smiled and picked it up, she saw Elvis

Elvis: Good morning ,the money is to apologise for last night ,it was the devil, I hope you forgive me

Asuka: Sure, why wouldn't I

Elvis: Thanks

They both walked to the sitting room of Elvis's quarter in the house, they sat down watching a comedy show .

Asuka: What about your mum and dad

Elvis: I think they should be doing their thing now ,I heard her groaning ,my dad loves her sh*t

Asuka looked at Elvis in a strange way ,her reaction to what he said was😕😕😕😕😕, she acted like she didn't hear anything ,they were laughing as they were watching the show till Elvis brought out cigarettes and a lighter.

Asuka: What the f**k ,do you smoke??

Elvis: Yeah ,is it bad ? its good , come try it out

Asuka: No ,do your parents know about this

Elvis: Do they know? my mum introduced me to the life

Asuka: What a family

Elvis started smoking ,Asuka got uncomfortable and decided to go outside the house

While she was outside blue storm flew down.

Asuka: What does he want

he landed

Asuka: Hero boy why are you here, you are a pest just like an enemy of mine(Rin)

blue storm: You can call me Storm , that's my actual name and you are??

Asuka: Hahaha why aren't you asking me how I created a holy barrier today ,it seems you are sensible now to understand am not special like you people, by the way am Asuka Ray

Storm: How was your night??

Asuka: It was good ,what brings you here

Storm: You see, I can here to ask you questions and tell you things

Asuka: Okay.…

Storm: Do you know you are a white fang ???

Asuka: What's that

Storm: It is pretty long you know but you will understand later, you come from a special and unique blood line and you are wanted by all both good and evil and it will be best to join the blue core court to ensure your safety

Asuka: Hahahahahahaha very funny, you are trying to say I have powers like you

Storm: Yes

Asuka: Hahahaha keep this up you won't just be the best hero, you will also be a comedian ,you have a bright future in this

Storm: 😕😕😕😕😕😕am being real and open to you ,now that oni notice your holy barrier ,this means you will be an attraction of more danger and most destructive threats will be happening in Japan

Asuka: Hmmmm you are being serious about this but I haven't showed any significances of power in me

Storm: Join the blue core and we would ensure maximum safety on you

Asuka: I will think about it ,hmmm what's happening this days

Storm: I will be back to get your answer

Asuka: Okay

Storm left Elvis's compound , immediately he left Eri came through the gate ,she saw Asuka

Asuka/Eri: Am sorry for........

Eri: You go first

Asuka: Am sorry for all my I'll characters ,I now understand I have been wrong all this while and what happened to you that previous day

Eri: Am sorry for what has said that day and sorry for your parents death ,if there's any way I have offended you ,can you forgive me

Asuka: I have forgiven you already ,I need your forgiveness too ,cause you were right all this while .

Eri: Asuka is this really you ,The Asuka I know never apologize

Asuka: Hahaha everyone is just making me laugh today

Eri: Really?? what about Elvis

Asuka: The bastard ? he is in the sitting room ,go in you will see him

Eri: Alright ,am coming just wait up

2 weeks later in space, N.L.S.H

Elect entered into the ultra gravity ,when he entered he saw that they had already reached the end of the room and they stopped

Elect: Why did you stop??

Max: We are done with the race

Elect: You haven't even started ,go back to where you started from and that is lap 1

Gensa: Jesus!!!

Elect: You still have 99.5 laps to go

Ken: 😭😭😭😭 Why!!!!!😭😭 the suffer is too much 😭😭😭

Rin: I can't murder myself ,it took us how may hours to reach here

Elect: Actually 2 weeks

Mezeus: 2 weeks!!!!

Max: Sh*t

Elect: Look see don't worry much , when you go 50 laps the stress will reduce ,you will be able to stand because your body had adapted to the nature of the force of gravity and then you will be able to run the remaining 49 laps in a day. it's no big deal

Max: Okay

They all started moving again ,this time they were faster than before because their body was slowly adapting to the intense force of gravity.

Down on Earth 6 months had passed ,Asuka had continuous sexual molestation every night by Elvis ,which she endured Because he would plead with a $500 bill till one day he wanted to rape her , she was helpless screaming for help ,she saw a bottle and used it on his head and she ran away from the house ,to her lonely home.

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