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C16 Iceberg master

"Allure, don't worry. Don't go out for the next few days, just embroider some words in your room. Once mom has dealt with everything, it won't be too late for you to come out." Madame Situ was a typical girl, looking at Situ Yaorao, she touched her face with pain. As he spoke.

How could Situ Yaorao dare to say no now? You dare to say that you dared to drown her in tears!

Plus, she really needed to stay in the room for a while. Get to know the world.

Also, he wanted Lian Er to tell him more about Situ Yaorao so that he wouldn't cause too much trouble.

Thinking about it, Situ Yaorao agreed.

"Alright, Ruo Bai, bring enchantment with you and watch her return to the courtyard. Then ? Get those scholars and friends of yours here, I want to choose a master for Allure! "

"Master?" This time, Situ Ruobai was moved: "Madam, what is the matter, can't I teach you?"

"You're too enchanting, no way!" The Madame Situ said in a serious tone.

"Yes." Situ Ruobai lowered his head, his eyes filled with an undisputable gloominess. After the siblings left, Madame Situ rubbed his glabella. He thought to himself, "What kind of evildoer have I created?"

This child was too intelligent. If she had known that he would be so capable, she would not have adopted the child in the past. Now, this child's desire towards seduction caused her to be at a loss as to what to do.

If she had such an enchanting personality, she really wanted to find someone to marry to. However, this was the first time she was bewitching someone like this in the capital! Thus, it was best to find some disciples from the Humble Class.

The offspring of the Humble Class would at least take care of the Situ Family and listen to Allure's words. First, he would start with his master. In the future, when he had feelings for her, he would directly marry her!

Madame Situ's heart was thumping loudly.

At this time, Situ Yaorao had already been sent back to his enchanting pavilion.

"Allure, you have been behaving obediently at home during this period of time. "An Xin will definitely find a good master for you, just like mother said, only ?" Don't get too close to Master. Otherwise, I will not forgive you for the sake of my brother. " Situ Ruobai's voice was pleasant to listen to, as if she was her lover talking to herself.

Hehe! Is teacher your lover, big brother? Situ Yaorao secretly cursed in his heart, but he maintained the look of an obedient child: "Yes, big brother."

"Mm, then I'll leave for brother." Situ Ruobai then left the place.

When Situ Ruobai left, Situ Yaorao heaved a sigh of relief and without saying a word, called Lian Er over.

"Miss? You're called servant? " Lian Er anxiously ran up from downstairs and asked.

"Mn, Lian Er, let me ask you, has Big Brother always been like this for me?" Situ Yaorao frowned.

"Hmm? "Well?" Lian Er did not understand.

"Always so close?" Situ Yaorao felt a little awkward. Although he knew that he shouldn't ask this, he still felt that it was weird.

"Oh, that's right, Miss and Eldest Young Master are very close. It was said that when the Eldest Young Master was adopted by the Lady, they were unwilling to eat or speak, and were only comforted by the Lady. From then on, the Eldest Young Master listened to whatever the Lady said. The important matter was carried by the young miss. Afterwards, when young miss grew up, young master started to discipline young miss severely. Young miss' relationship with Eldest Young Master was better than that of siblings. " When Lian Er mentioned the Eldest Young Master, his mouth was like a river that flowed out.

Hearing this, Situ Yaorao's face became wooden, and at that moment, the only thing he wanted to say was: Damn it!

It felt like Situ Ruobai was actually so special to Situ Yaorao? And it was an adopted child!

Situ Yaorao's entire being was really not good. Situ Ruobai was really too dangerous! A person who grew up with his predecessors should definitely be included in the list of people to guard against! Marry! He had to get married! Even if he didn't want to get married, he had to think of a way to leave the Situ Family!

Situ Yaorao made up his mind. He looked at Lian Er and asked: "Lian Er, let me ask you, is the only way to marry someone, the Girl Examination?"

"Miss, if the girl from the Shangguan family wants to marry someone, this is the only way." Lian Er said. Then, he started to unconsciously worry about whether Girl Examination Situ Yaorao had passed or not.

"Go!" Bring me all the books about the Girl Examination! " Situ Yaorao slapped the table and ordered.

"Yes, this servant will go now." Hearing that Situ Yaorao was no longer evading the Girl Examination, Lian Er was wild with joy.

After all, Situ Yaorao's Girl Examination could not compare to her this time. She was the one who was truly punished.

To Situ Yaorao, wanting to leave the Situ Family was basically impossible. Therefore, he didn't even need to think about it. Situ Yaorao was very clear on this point, which was why, if he wanted to leave this place, the only way was to marry someone.

If she could find a gentle and refined young master to marry, then ask him to write a letter of rest so that she wouldn't embarrass the Situ Family and stay away from them. No matter how much the Madame Situ loved her, he could do nothing about it!

At that time, he would have to rely on jumping fish in the air and sea. Thinking about it, Situ Yaorao clenched his fists, he had to pass the examination!

In this world, there will always be a few people who are born to be a hindrance to you. On this point, Situ Yaorao truly understood.

In the morning of the next day, Situ Yaorao endured the pain of having to endure an entire night of suffering with his panda eyes, and looked at Madame Situ, Situ Ruobai, and an ice mountain that was as cold as ice! Is that an iceberg?

Absolutely! If dug up, it could be used to make ice planing!

"Allure, let me introduce you. This is your master in the future. The Girl Examination is near, I think it would be better to find a master for you, quickly come and get master. " The Madame Situ smiled gently and pointed to the ice mountain beside him, telling Situ Yaorao to call him master.

Hehehe! Situ Yaorao really wanted to cry.

But! Facing the Madame Situ who was terrifying to the point of crying, and the Situ Ruobai who was ambiguous to her? What could she do? After thinking about it, Situ Yaorao could only pull away from her smile and call out sweetly: "Master."

The sweetness of her voice made Madame Situ's smile freeze on the corner of his mouth. Situ Ruobai resisted his laughter and did not look at her.

Ice Mountain remained unmoved.

"That... Young Master Nangong, our family's Allure isn't usually like this, it's true! " The Madame Situ tried to explain.

Ice Mountain heard this and silently nodded. Speaking of which, this ice mountain looked like a real beauty!

Even though he was expressionless, but his face was so exquisite that it looked as if he had carved it with supernatural skill, it was still breathtaking.

Her beautiful, yet profound phoenix eyes were a bit sharp. Under her nose was a pale pink thin lips. Even with her oval face, she still did not seem feminine. His long hair hung down to his waist, his white hair was tied up in a band, he wore a sword at his waist, his body was white, and a cold air emanated from his body.

Of course, this was not the main point! The important thing was that this ice mountain would become Situ Yaorao's master in the future!

Situ Yaorao looked at him and suddenly felt that her future was definitely going to be great!

In fact, it was not only Situ Yaorao who felt like crying when he saw this person.

She was too naive to entrust such an important task to Ruo Bai! Indeed, her master had come, and she was a good person. But since she was so cold, no matter how one looked at it, it was impossible for anything to have happened between her and Ruubai!

Now, he could only hope that he would be able to live up to his expectations. After all, this Young Master Nangong was not an ordinary person.

Thinking about that, Madame Situ smiled again: "Then, I won't disturb you anymore. Please teach my daughter properly. Ruobai, come with me. " When the Madame Situ mentioned Situ Ruobai, his voice was somewhat cold.

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