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C3 Third prince

Dong Fang Jue Ya gnashed his teeth so hard that they almost broke. He looked at Situ Yaorao and said, "You're ruthless! Dongfang Jue will take his leave! " Saying that, he turned around and left. Before he could go out, he bumped into a person dressed in demonic red, who was heading towards the main hall. This person had a picturesque appearance, thin lips like a cherry blossom, and exuded a bewitching charm with every movement he made.

However ? For some reason, she felt that this person was somewhat similar to the man by the lake, but ? But he didn't know where exactly it was.

Of course, this was only thinking about it. Situ Yaorao did not probe any further.

Seeing that person, Dongfang Jue stopped in his tracks, turned his head, and looked at Situ Yaorao with a gloating look in his eyes, waiting to see a good show.

Dongfang Jue's gaze caused Situ Yaorao to not understand what he was looking at. At this moment, the red-clothed man had already entered the great hall. Following him into the Main Hall, Madame Situ's face turned ugly.

General Situ quickly got up, and knelt down respectfully on one knee: "General Situ Yu greets Third Prince!"

F * ck! What the f * ck!

With these words, Third Prince was like a thunderbolt out of the blue, striking Situ Yaorao right on the inside out, unable to be saved! Third Prince? Hehe, it's that Third Prince who was just secretly showered and sent to the previous owner of the name, the one who went to hell? F * * k! This old lady's body does not have any internal energy, I can't use martial arts!

Would he be able to make it in time?

Situ Yaorao looked at this Third Prince who looked like a demon and didn't look like a good person, and thought of retreating. Speaking of Situ Yaorao, there was one thing that was good, that is, he was extremely vigilant!

Although her martial arts from her previous life were not bad, once there was any movement, she would be the first one to notice it! If there was any danger, he could only say it in one word: Run!

That fifty meter long leg movement technique was created just for escaping with his life! At this moment, looking at the Third Prince, Situ Yaorao felt that it was very dangerous!

However, without waiting for her to run, Madame Situ had already pulled her along to kneel down and pay her respects.

Third Prince entered the house, he looked around at the people present and chuckled: "All of you have woken up. This king has only come to take a look to see if the young miss of your residence is still alive. "

Situ Yu:...

Madame Situ's expression was stiff.

As for Situ Honglei, his face paled, as if he was extremely afraid. At the side, Dongfang Jue was embracing her with his sharp eyes so that she wouldn't be frightened.

Situ Yaorao looked at this devilish prince with a complex expression, "If ? Is she dead? "

"Dead? Then she will forget about secretly watching this duke take a bath. After all, This King can't possibly whip corpses. " The man had a kind look, blinding Situ Yaorao's eyes.

"Hehe!" What if she's alive? " Situ Yaorao asked again. Looking at this man, he was already considering whether he should perish together with him, or be strangled to death by him.

Hearing Situ Yaorao's question again, a glint flashed across the man's eyes. His red lips moved slightly as he said, "Then, let's first ask her to give me the money for this teapot."

Teapot money?

After everyone heard this, they all had strange expressions, but Situ Yaorao had a bad premonition: I wonder, how much money does the prince want for the teapot?

When the man heard this, he smiled faintly. This smile would cause all things to pale in comparison. He looked at Situ Yaorao, and seemed to be muttering to himself, "Not much, just a hundred thousand."

"Hehe ?" "Why don't you just rob them?" Situ Yaorao's smile froze, as expected, his bad premonition came true.

The Third Prince heard and laughed again. He looked at Situ Yaorao and thought to himself, "If there's someone who is wronged here, what is this king going to do to steal it? After eating your fill? "


If it wasn't for the circumstances not allowing it, Dongfang Jue would really want to applaud. This Third Prince is simply eliminating evil for the people!

Hearing that, Situ Yaorao's smile completely froze, he looked at the man as though he was his father's murderer: "Did you get the money! [You want to die? I won't give it either! What do you want to do with me? "

Situ Yaorao looked at Third Prince and simply went back on his words. He thought to himself: "In any case, this is how I am. My reputation is bad, and even though I'm not ugly, I'm not a Heavenly Immortal. I don't believe that a prince like you can make me do anything!"

Situ Yaorao was completely dumbfounded by Dongfang Jue's shitty attitude. Looking at Situ Yaorao, Dongfang Jue felt empty in his heart. He suddenly understood something.

Was this really the Situ Yaorao he usually sees? Calm, astute, and shameless. Compared to his usual harebrained self, he had a completely different personality!

Such a woman, if she was the mistress of the Dongfang Family?

Dongfang Jue only thought about it for a moment, but then he quivered. Not to be trusted! Not to be trusted! This Situ Yaorao's current appearance, was most likely an act! He absolutely could not believe it! Furthermore ? Honglei is the kindest woman in the world. Other than her, no one is fit to be the mistress of the Dongfang Family!

After brainwashing himself, Dongfang Jue continued to watch the show.

"Not giving if you want money, not even if you want to die? This is the first time This King has seen you act so shamelessly. However, there was no harm in it. In comparison to that, you have to take responsibility of looking at This King's body. " Third Prince looked at Situ Yaorao, his thin lips curving into a playful smile.

Hearing that, Situ Yaorao frowned: "You've already smashed my head, what else do you want?"

"Well? If you don't want silver, don't give it to me even if you want to. This King thinks it over and over again. Third Prince looked at Situ Yaorao and joked.

F * ck me!

With just one sentence from Third Prince, everyone felt as if they were in a dream!

The capital's prettiest man wanted to marry this capital's number one hedonist? She wouldn't be so beautiful even in her dreams! But the worst thing was that the Third Prince took the initiative to suggest it.

Everyone was simply shocked by him. Amongst them, the most shocked person was most likely Situ Yaorao himself.

She looked at Third Prince, her gaze turning cold as she recovered. She smiled sinisterly: "I will compensate you with a hundred thousand silver."

F * ck!

What happened today?

First, Third Prince proposed to the hedonistic girl, and then this Situ Yaorao actually gave up on it? He would rather pay a hundred thousand silver taels? Dongfang Jue was completely shocked.

If this matter were to be spread out, even a group of people would be so shocked that their jaws would drop.

It was probably to prevent more people from dropping their jaws, or to prevent Situ Yaorao from making a ruckus anymore, that Great General Situ stepped forward and said: "Third Prince, my daughter is too mischievous and ignorant, and has disturbed Third Prince. I hope that Third Prince would be magnanimous and not to bother about her. This official will definitely remember Third Prince's kindness. "

Situ Yu was already familiar with how to handle troublesome matters for Situ Yaorao. These words, even if he did not recite it from back to front, he could still be said to be completely familiar with it.

However, at the moment, Situ Yu was not confident either. One had to know that even though other people had offended them, they still had their eyes on the army of the Situ Family and didn't want to have a falling out with them.

But Third Prince was different! Third Prince's family was at the same level as the Old Master, so they naturally wouldn't worry about the issue of military power. Moreover, this person had an eccentric personality, so no one could really figure out what he was thinking.

The Third Prince looked at Situ Yu and laughed for a while. Then, his gaze fell on Situ Yaorao and said, "General, you misunderstood me. However ? After seeing the Miss Situ, this duke discovered that this Miss Situ and this king were a match made in heaven, and thus, the intention to ask for a marriage was born in this duke's heart. I wonder what General Situ thinks? If it's possible, This King will apply for the appointment tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow will be decided by imperial edict. "

Hehe! Are you kidding me?

Situ Yu really wanted to puke at Third Prince's face. A match made in heaven? Who would believe this! Situ Yaorao, that little scoundrel, in this life, if he could get married, he would definitely burn incense.

This matter was extraordinary, there had to be something going on.

Situ Yu was an old schemer when it came to government affairs, his heart spun as he said: "Third Prince, this humble subject requests Third Prince to think twice, my daughter is mischievous, she is really not fit to be your Third Prince."

"What does Lady Situ think? This King is sincere. " Third Prince looked at Situ Yaorao, his tone seemingly hiding some true meaning.

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