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C7 Rescue

Situ Yaorao probed in close proximity, and frowned: "Breathe in less, breathe out more, and you have more injuries on your body, after a while, there will be no hope! So f * ck, why did you appear in front of me and cause trouble! " Situ Yaorao scolded loudly, then unwillingly tore off his clothes, and treated his wounds. After that, he sealed all the acupoints on his body, and after doing all of this, Situ Yaorao was drenched in sweat. If there was any inner force, the matter of sealing acupoints was as simple as eating and gasping for breath to her! But now?

This body's internal force was almost zero. If she hadn't practiced for so many years, she probably wouldn't have been able to seal this hemostasis acupoint.

After resting for a while, Situ Yaorao brought the person under the tree and started to watch the night. There might be some kind of wild beast in this wilderness. The stench of blood on this man was very strong. If no one was watching, then he would have to feed the wild beast.

"Seriously, saving you is one thing, but I still have to watch the night on your behalf!" Situ Yaorao looked at this person in dissatisfaction, then his gaze fell on the pouch of this person, and without saying a word, he pulled it off, and said with reason: "I'm not taking advantage of this person's situation! This is my reward! You have to know that I have saved your life! " With that, Situ Yaorao opened the bag. Inside the bag, other than a few blood stained silver notes, there was also a black order badge.

The word 'Cang' was written on it.

"Tsk tsk, that bastard from before sure is rich." Situ Yaorao thought for a while, then received the silver bills and placed the order badge back into his bag.

On the other side, Situ Yaorao was squatting under a tree and keeping watch, while the Situ Mansion was overturning the sky!

Situ Mansion Ancestral Hall.

"Unfilial daughter!" Unfilial daughter! How can I raise such a thoughtless thing! Lian Er, where's your young miss? "Speak!" Looking at this ancestral hall which only had Lian Er, he even had the heart to kill Situ Yaorao.

After Lian Er heard this, his body trembled. Trembling, she looked at Great General Situ and said, "This servant doesn't know where Miss is."

"You don't know?" General Situ raised his eyebrows and took out a list, "You've already sent the bill to my house, do you know? Speak! Where is that bad girl now! If you don't say it, I'll kill you first! " Situ Yu said, as he threw the bill to Lian Er.

Lian Er was also stunned seeing the bill, how did Fragrant Sky Tower know who the young miss was?

"Master, please calm your anger. This Lian Er has never been able to control her enchantment, you ask a little girl, what does she know? "Let's find Allure first. Allure is a girl's home in the middle of the night. If something were to happen ?" Madame Situ looked at General Situ and advised.

"You got used to it! And at a girl's house? Whose family's girl do you want to meet in the brothel to look for Hua Kui? General Situ glared fiercely at Madame Situ. Hearing what was said, Madame Situ blinked his eyes but did not say anything.

In her heart, whatever Situ Yaorao did, could be tolerated.

And it was at this moment that hurried footsteps suddenly came from outside. One of the servants that was going out to look for Situ Yaorao hurriedly ran in: "Master, Madam, it's bad! Someone just saw our young miss carrying His royal highness the prince and running out of the Fragrant Sky Tower! "

The servant's words were like a thunder from a clear sky, striking both Great General Situ and Madame Situ until their minds were buzzing.

Great General Situ's face changed again and again, gritted his teeth and said angrily: "Unfilial daughter! Unfilial daughter! Where was he? Find them for me! I must skin her today! "

Great General's angry roar spread throughout the entire General Situ Manor.

At this moment, in the wilderness.

Situ Yaorao was so sleepy, seeing the unconscious man beside him, he had the urge to just leave.

"Eldest Miss!"

"Eldest Miss!"

"Eldest Miss Situ!"

"Miss, where are you?"

Just as Situ Yaorao was about to fall asleep, a series of shouts came over. It startled Situ Yaorao. He quickly got up and said, "I'm here!" Once Situ Yaorao's voice came out, not long later, five servants holding lanterns came over to Situ Yaorao's place.

"Eldest Miss, I've finally found you. The news about you has already spread throughout the capital. If you don't come back soon, the old master will skin you alive! " A family servant said, and gave the lantern to Situ Yaorao.

"Tear off my skin?" Situ Yaorao raised his brows as he felt slightly puzzled in his heart.

"Isn't that so? You too, can the His royal highness the prince touch it? "

"Crown Prince? I touch him? How is this possible!? I've never even seen it! " Situ Yaorao was stunned. Hearing that, the servant did not dare speak anymore, and led the way for Situ Yaorao.

"Wait, you guys, carry him. "You are not allowed to tell my father, or else I will not forgive you." Situ Yaorao pointed at the men under the tree and threatened them.

When the servants heard this, they hurriedly went forward to carry the person.

Situ Mansion.

"Master, master, the young miss has returned."

"You're back? Humph! Get her to come and see me! " In the main hall, Great General Situ was sitting straight and motionlessly, his eyes cold.

"Master, don't get angry when Allure comes."

Hearing that, Situ Yu's face became even uglier: You're not angry? Humph! "Why don't you see what she's doing today!"

"The old master can't be angry either! If anything happens to Allure, I won't be able to live anymore! "

Hearing that, Situ Yu's face became even uglier: Then why don't you take care of her? Can you give birth to it but can't control it? "

Madame Situ's face paled when he heard this.

Outside, before Situ Yaorao even entered, he heard this sentence and was immediately filled with rage. "Father, aren't you saying that's a bit too much? When people say that raising a father is not enough, what do you think my mother would do? "

"What did you say!" Great General Situ widened his eyes in anger.

"Allure!" When the Madame Situ saw that Situ Yaorao had returned, he was overjoyed. He immediately carried her in his arms and looked at her carefully, afraid that she would be injured.

"Mother." Situ Yaorao called out and looked towards Great General Situ. At this moment, she did not have the slightest bit of good impression towards this Great General!

"Good child, it's good that you're back, it's good that you're back. "Don't go out and worry mom in the future." Madame Situ patted Situ Yaorao's back, her face full of gentleness.

Seeing this, Situ Yaorao felt guilty. This woman was too gentle. Unfortunately, he wasn't her daughter after all.

"Don't get used to her! As the young miss of the Situ Family, you want to go out and visit a brothel in the middle of the night? If this matter were to spread out, wouldn't it make everyone in the world laugh? " Situ Yu was enraged. Looking at Situ Yaorao, he was filled with anger.

Situ Yaorao laughed coldly when he heard this, "Father, I have long been laughed at by the people of the world. If I don't act as I please, wouldn't my life have been wasted?"

"You still have reason?" Situ Yu was so angry that his eyes were popping out.

"I don't dare." Situ Yaorao lowered his head.

"Humph!" Is there anything else you don't dare to do? " Situ Yu sneered.

"Alright, old master, stop talking. It's already so late, let's talk about it tomorrow. " Madame Situ saw that he was not used to General Situ questioning Situ Yaorao, and spoke unhappily.

Hearing that, Great General Situ looked at Situ Yaorao with a complicated gaze, and disdainfully said in the end, "Go out! I get upset when I see you! Hurry up and find a wife for you, so that you won't get in my way! "

With the permission given, Situ Yaorao turned and ran without a second word. Seeing this, Madame Situ helplessly shook his head. He looked at Situ Yaorao's back with a doting expression in his eyes. When would this child truly grow up?

"Miss!" After exiting the great hall, Lian Er, who had been waiting outside the whole time, came over quickly.

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