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C8 Invite to the lake

"Lian Er?"

"Miss, this servant will bring you back to your room." Lian Er looked at Situ Yaorao and said softly. After Situ Yaorao heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately Lian Er was here, otherwise, she wouldn't know where her room was. She would probably be discovered.

"Elder sister, are you alright? Father didn't make things difficult for you, right? " Not far away, a woman dressed in white walked over with graceful steps. She appeared in front of Situ Yaorao with a face full of worry.

"It's fine, I don't need you to worry." Situ Yaorao's tone was ice-cold, she did not have the slightest good impression of this Situ Honglei!

Situ Yaorao's attitude made the lady turn pale, and she immediately teared up: "Why are you so cold, big sister? Could it be that you are angry that your sister told father about your elder sister going to see Third Prince? "

"Oh? "So you were the one who said that. I didn't know about it." Situ Yaorao continued to sneer.

Hearing this, Situ Honglei's face became even uglier: "Elder Sister ? Little Sister didn't do it on purpose. "

"That's enough. Are you intentionally waiting for me to say something that has nothing to do with me?" Situ Yaorao looked at Situ Honglei impatiently.

"Big sister, little sister heard from Young Master Dongfang that His royal highness the prince is going to swim in the lake tomorrow. will definitely make His royal highness the prince have a whole new level of respect for him. " Situ Honglei looked at Situ Yaorao and said cowardly.

The corner of Situ Yaorao's mouth twitched when he heard her. Did this person really take me for a fool? Thinking about that, Situ Yaorao gave a cold laugh, "Is that so? Thank you sister, Lian Er, let's go. "

With that, Situ Yaorao left with Lian Er.

Situ Honglei looked at Situ Yaorao's back figure, and his expression turned cold. Damn it! Why did this woman seem so different?

I have to think of a good way. At the very least, he had to get Situ Yaorao out of the Situ Mansion!

Situ Yaorao's room was in front of the manor's garden in the Middle East. His name was' Allure Pavilion '. Named after her. The pavilion was on the second floor, Situ Yaorao's residence was above, and below, was the place where guests were invited. In the yard, there were all kinds of flowers and plants. It was quiet and quiet, and was a good place to live.

Situ Yaorao entered the small building and went to the room on the second floor. This was Situ Yaorao's room.

On the bed in the room, Situ Yaorao liked the sight of the Violet Jade Immortal. She loved purple. Unexpectedly, her predecessor in this body also liked it.

"Oh my god! Miss, who is that? " Just as Situ Yaorao was sizing up the room, Lian Er's surprised voice came out. Hearing what she said, Situ Yaorao looked in the direction she pointed. He saw that the man he saved earlier was currently lying on the ground.

"I picked this up. Lian Er, help me take care of it. Call a doctor for him tomorrow."

"Picked it up? My young miss, if Eldest Young Master finds out about this, it will be very troublesome! " Lian Er looked at Situ Yaorao with a face full of lingering fear.

"It's okay, I'm here!" Situ Yaorao promised.

However, Lian Er was still skeptical, "Miss, are you sure? This time, if the Girl Examination in the palace does not pass, even if he pampered you, he would definitely not let you off! "

"Girl Examination? What is that thing? " Situ Yaorao had a puzzled look.

Hearing that, Lian Er's face changed: "Aiyo, my god! This servant had actually forgotten about this! Young miss, in another month, the girls in the capital will all belong to the Girl Examination, the old master has already said that, if you do not pass, I will imprison you for three years! "

"So, what is a Girl Examination?!" Situ Yaorao was puzzled.

"That is a special characteristic of our Lanlin. The women of the capital, once they had passed the age of twelve, had to enter the Girl Examination. They had a total of two chances, one was twelve and the other was sixteen. Miss, this year is the second time, and also your last chance. Only those who passed Girl Examination were allowed to get married. Miss, the reason why you were delayed with Young Master Dongfang was because Girl Examination did not pass the last time! "

"What are they taking?" Situ Yaorao asked.

"Chess, calligraphy, poetry, singing, dancing, and embroidery. All of these must be tested." Lian Er said as he looked at Situ Yaorao.

"Hehe!" If I don't get married this time, then I won't be able to get married for the rest of my life? " Situ Yaorao looked at Lian Er and asked.

"Hm!" I think no man would be willing to marry a girl who hasn't even passed the Girl Examination examination. "

"Then, I won't marry!" Situ Yaorao was decisive.

"I can't do that!"

"I don't know zither, chess, calligraphy, or painting. I don't understand poetry, song, or dance. "You think I can embroider?" Situ Yaorao looked at Lian Er and asked.

After Lian Er heard this, he was also stunned. He wanted to cry, but there were no tears! That's right! Miss already knew nothing when she didn't lose her memories. She shouldn't hope for her loss of memories this time around!

After tormenting himself for an entire day, Situ Yaorao was still lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling carved with flowers. It was clear that not long ago, she was still under the control of that group of old fogeys. Every day, she practiced martial arts and occasionally competed with others. But in the blink of an eye, he had actually arrived at a place that even he didn't know about.

She didn't have anyone close to her, so it didn't matter to her. This Situ Family might be a good place. At the very least, it would be able to make up for the kinship he didn't have in his previous life. Freedom!

As he thought about it, a hint of determination surfaced on Situ Yaorao's face. "From today onwards, I am Situ Yaorao.

A good night's sleep.

"Miss! Young miss, hurry up and get up, it's not good! " In Situ Yaorao's room, Lian Er pulled at Situ Yaorao with an anxious face.

"Hmm? So noisy! "Sleep a little longer, I don't need to go train!" Situ Yaorao slapped his face. It almost hit Lian Er on the face.

"Training?" "What kind of skill is this?" Just as Situ Yaorao was in a daze, he heard a man's playful voice. Hearing that voice, Situ Yaorao felt as if cold water was poured over his head, he suddenly jumped and shouted: "Why are you in my room, you monster?" When the words came out, Situ Yaorao immediately covered his mouth. This is bad! I've leaked it! However ? When he looked at Third Prince again, he felt that he really looked somewhat similar to that man. Unfortunately, he didn't know that person's name. Otherwise, he would have asked if the two of them were related.

"Monster?" Hehe, this is really a novel way of calling it. Is it a favorite title that the future wangfei gives This King? " Third Prince looked at Situ Yaorao with a face full of playfulness.

"Lian Er! How did he get in! " Situ Yaorao directly ignored Third Prince, and looked angrily at Lian Er who was beside him. Lian Er laughed bitterly when he heard it: "Miss, Third Prince is here to invite you to the lake."

"Swimming Pond? I'm not going! " Situ Yaorao replied decisively. What a joke. She had gone through great difficulty to calm herself down, so how could she possibly do such a thing? Besides, what if he met that lunatic again?

Situ Yaorao didn't doubt his bad luck at all.

Third Prince was startled when he heard this. Her beautiful phoenix eyes were full of grievance. Her red lips slightly opened as she said, "You only saw this king's body yesterday, why don't you love me today? To be able to live in such a situation is to harm others. If not, This King will take your life and let you and I be together forever. The Third Prince said, as he pulled the sword out from his waist and pointed it at Situ Yaorao's neck.

Situ Yaorao had just woken up, and his brain wasn't very sharp. At this moment, his brain was completely filled with blood! She could clearly feel the killing intent coming from this man!

"What does Your Highness mean by this?" Situ Yaorao took a step back and looked at him warily.

Hearing that, Third Prince chuckled: "Killing ungrateful people."

"F * ck, I just didn't agree to go for a swim in the lake!" Why are you being ungrateful? " Situ Yaorao was completely dumbstruck.

Then he heard the man's gentle tone, as if he was talking about a love story. "Then ? "Do you agree now?"

Wait for me here?

Q: When you wake up in the morning, someone will tell you with a sword that you can either swim with him or die! What are you going to do?

Option 1: They would rather die than submit.

Option two: beg for mercy.

Solution 3: Go for a swim in the lake honestly!

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