Ezekiel/C1 The Old Stranger Mr Lucas
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Ezekiel/C1 The Old Stranger Mr Lucas
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C1 The Old Stranger Mr Lucas

"Do you believe that on earth, we are interacting on some creatures disguised as human but not human at all?" an old man asked the ten children. He was seated in a medium rock at the side of the road.

One of the children about seven years old answered with disbelief, "Huh? Was there such a thing? A human but not a human at all?"

It was around seven in the evening and only the light of the full moon serves as the torch around. There was no electricity yet on that particular remote island of the Philippines and only cities have electricity. It was normal for young people and some adults to gather around and spend the night together every night. Some of the men sang while some were playing the guitars.

"If that is true, how can we be able to recognize them? How can we know they aren't human?" another young girl about eight-year-old asked the old man.

The old man smiled before answering, "There were times when people don't really need to know their existence in the world because most of them live normally just like humans. However, there were times when their existence spontaneously appears in the world because of unexpected events."

"Ah, are those creatures are also good and kind?" another young girl asked.

"As human beings, there are good and there are evil. They are maybe not human beings but just like human beings they are also composed of good and evil."

The old man stood up from the rock and smiled at the children before saying goodbye, "Let's talk again next time. Farewell children."

"Wait a minute Mister." The boy who asked earlier stopped the old man and asked again, "Can humans be friends with those creatures?"

"Hahaha, you may never know the possibility that maybe one of your friends is like them. I'll bid my farewell now. See you again next time." And the old man waved his hand while walking away from the children.

"Please be careful, Mister!" the children shouted in a chorus before they stood up and played on the roadside.

"A human form but aren't human at all? Was that true or fiction of that old man for the kids?" Lester curiously asked himself while walking away from where he had been standing for a while. After buying some gas for their flambeau, he was only passing by the area and got curious after hearing the old man's story.

Lester suddenly laughed at the thought, "I think it was only fiction. Hihi. There was no way it could be possible."

Later on, Lester forgot about it.

His name is Lester Wang, twenty years old, extremely masculine, and a very handsome guy. However, due to his work as a farmer and a fisherman, he has a dark complexion. But that was not a hindrance to an islander guy like him. In fact, such burnt skin was common in their place.

After how many weeks...

"Lester! Lester!"

Lester suddenly woke up in confusion. He was startled because of his mother's shouts outside his bedroom door. He ran barefooted while feeling dizzy towards the door.

"What's all the fuss about, Mother?" half-awake Lester asked his mother right after opening the door.

"You should hurry, Son! There is a commotion on the seashore right now because of the huge fish paddling on the shore. It is as if a god of the sea give us a miracle and that fishes were given for us!" she sighed and signed of a cross while saying thanksgiving to God.

Lester quickly grabbed his t-shirt hanging at the back of his bedroom door and hurriedly ran to the backyard while putting on the shirt. He grabbed a fishing net and a big bucket and ran barefooted to the seashore not far away from their house.

The sky was still dark, in his calculations, it was only four in the morning. There was no sign of daylight yet. However, from a distance, he could see some of the villagers were anxious and busy on the shore.

"This is a miracle!" one man shouted in disbelief. He was holding a round fishnet with many alive fishes that struggling for their lives inside of it.

Some of the folks were busy and don't know what to do to catch all those fish.

Lester's eyes widened in disbelief after seeing the unbelievable scenery. Such too many big fishes! He couldn't believe his eyes! He quickly catches some of the fishes and put in his big bucket.

"This is enough," Lester whispered to himself after looking at the bucket full of fish. "There are too many fishes but what should I do if I take more? This one bucket is enough for me and my mother."

With contentment in his heart, Lester walked back to go home without hurrying.

While walking, Lester heard some old women talking from his back. They could possibly also go to the shore to catch fish and now walk back to their respective homes. He did not say any word but he heard their conversation.

"I pray to the deity. I hope my suspicion isn't correct. When I was very young, such an unexplainable event like this occurred to this place before. People believed it was a miracle but it wasn't! Those fishes in the seashore represent bad omen!"

Another woman replied, "I hope it is not the same sister. But I also remember those horrible times. A tragic event happened at our place. It was a very strong typhoon that ruined many houses, damaged many farms, and many things. The big flood that occurred those times almost erase our island from the map!"

"My goodness!" the women chorused with a horrified tone. Lester can assume that they all made a sign of a cross because of fear.

He did not say any word but Lester quickly walked away from them with a horrified heart. He drank two glasses of cold water from the big jar in their kitchen right after he arrived home.

Lester already heard about that story mentioned by those women. Because he was not a native islander, Lester thought it was only fiction. However, he can say now that such a tragic event really happened before. When he was very young and his father still alive, they lived on that island after his father bought a huge part of the land in the village.

There was hearsay before that huge fishes found in the seashore just like what happened today. It was believed a miracle and a gift of God. However, as the hearsay said, a god of sea disguised as an old beggar on the city and stroll every street and every village to look for food. Knowing how poor was that beggar, wearing dirty clothes and barefooted, no one dared to help him nor gave a single food. The island was very rich in many kinds of foods like fruits, vegetables, rice, corn, and any kind of edible plants. But those idiots ignored the old beggar. The beggar cursed the people and a very big typhoon occurred that almost washed the entire island. Still, it was a miracle that the island survived but many lives were taken away by that tragedy.

After recalling the story, Lester felt very annoyed just like how he felt the first time he heard that story. He said to himself, "Is it hard to hand a single piece of food to the beggar?! Such an inhumane manner! Selfish people worth to be punished!"

While standing in the kitchen with annoyance, Lester's mother came and pursued him, "Lester, go back to the shore and take more fish. Such miracle rarely happens." She put the fish on a big basin to wash after pursuing Lester.

"These fishes are more than enough for us already, Mother. Let the rest of the villagers get it too. That's a lot of fish and I've put in a big bucket. "

His mother was convinced, she then replied, "Okay okay. I won't pursue you anymore. Now go back to rest more in your room, take a nap while it's still dark. I will cook for breakfast so you can eat fish soup before going to work."

"Alright, Mother!"

Lester went to his bedroom again, took off his clothes, and lied down on the mat at the top of the wooden bed.

While lying on the bed, Lester fell into deep thought and he recalled the story he heard from the old man weeks ago.

"Could it be possible that his story related to the event on the seashore today? Could it be possible that the god of sea disguise as human again?"

Thinking these thoughts made Lester's fur stood.

"How if I encounter him or meet him but I ignored him unintentionally? How will I know if he possibly asked for some help but I did not even help him? Will a tragedy happen again? How can I pay attention to him?"

Lester swallowed hard.

At seven in the morning, Lester went to the farm. On the way, he met the old man.

Lester smiled and cheerfully greeted him, "Good morning, Mister. Are you going to town?

"My goodness! Such a very handsome young man!" Looking intently, a shadow of desire and admiration could be seen hidden in the old man's silver eyes. The old man continued, "You are right, Son. I am going to buy medicine for rheumatism, my knee is useless already!"

The old man walked to Lester's side and whispered shamelessly, "I cannot make love countless to your grandma if my knees cracked. Hihihi."

Lester scratched his head and felt his face blushing due to the old man's praise and shameless vulgarity.

"Oh my goodness, Mister! Haha. By the way, my name is Lester Wang. I've seen you many times in this village already. However, I don't know your name," Lester answered politely while smiling and continued, "Do you live here or just visiting a family?"

"My name is Lucas. I'm only visiting a relative and I won't stay long here."

"Ohhh. I understand," Lester answered nodding his head. He continued, "I'll bid my farewell now, Mister Lucas. The sun is rising already. See you again next time. Be careful, Mister."

The old man did not answer but smiled and nodded.


Lester felt he was enchanted. Did he saw it correctly? Was there a gleam of silver in the old man's eyes? Was that happiness hidden in his eyes? It was as if the old man achieved something that made him very happy.

It was very peculiar...

Lester turned around to see the old man but he was quite far already, only his back could be seen. He shook his head and thought, 'It might just be a sunshine,' as if convincing himself.

It was already dark when Lester decided to go home. He finished planting sweet potatoes and corns on their vast land. Lester took advantage of the timing after three days of consecutive rain. The land was right for planting.

The road was dark but even it was very dark, Lester did not feel a single fear. He was used to it anyway. There were actually times that he intentionally went to the farm at night to make sure there were no animals roaming in his field especially when the crops have fruits already.

As usual, Lester's torch was only the moonlight above the sky but today it seems that the moon was only peeking out and not very bright. Causing a very dark ambiance.

While passing by, Lester heard a small voice. He followed the voice that seems from the group of bananas on the left side of the rocky road. Seconds later, Lester heard a strange growl that paralyzed his entire body!

As if the moon knew what Lester was feeling, for the time being, the little moon hid on the heavy clouds teasingly, leaving the place very very dark.

"Ohhh! Ohh! Uhhhh!"

Hearing the strange voice again, Lester felt his soul wants to separate from his body while his heart pounding like a drum nervously.

"Uhhhh! Yeah!" moaned from behind the bananas.

Lester's eyebrows knitted while his composure slowly returned. He thought, 'Did he heard it correctly? Does the moan was in English?'

When the little moon appeared again, Lester could be able to see somehow that one trunk of banana was moving!

Slowly and quietly, Lester went to the other side of the banana to know what's behind the moving and moaning.




Lester's soul was near to separate his body while his eyes widened in disbelief.

He first saw the two arms hugging the big banana tree, his gaze landed next to the exposed butt cheeks of the unknown creature. As Lester moved closer, he saw that the butt was moving back and forth, and sometimes the hips were grinding!

He cannot hold it anymore, Lester's soul completely separated from his body and it must have been replaced by a soul of darkness!


"Ohh, Maria! You are so delicious! You are so beautiful! Be mine baby!" said that blasphemous creature! He grinds his hips and looked up at the sky with his eyes closed. Feeling the taste of shameless fornication with the banana tree!

Lester's blood boiled upon realizing such a shameless action! He was so angry that he wanted to kill someone.

In a fit of rage, Lester kicked the ass of the blasphemer with all his might! His manhood sank completely into the hole he made in the body of the banana causing him to wake up on his bullshit craziness!

"Ouch! Ouch! Son of a b!thch! Who the f*ck hurt me?!" the shameless creature with his manhood sank still on the banana shouted angrily.

Lester was also very angry that he angrily kicked the bullshit again very hard, but this time, it was in a different place, he kicked him at the back of his neck that caused the shameless creature to blacked out while still hugging the banana tree. He could no longer be able to pull out his shaft on the tree.

Lester hurriedly retreats from the 'crime scene' still very angry. His blood was still boiling.

"Can a case be filed against those who rape bananas??" Lester asked himself with disgust.


Lester slammed the door angrily upon reaching their house.

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