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C1 Another World

"I am standing at the bus stand, where are you?"

"Just wait five minutes, I'm almost there."

"Okay, baby, I'm waiting on the second platform, please come fast! Love you."

"I love you, my angel. I am coming!"

'Haha today, I'm going to have sex, I will remove the tag of virgin from my head.' A young boy laughed while placing his phone in his pocket as he walked on the street hastily almost running. He looked thrilled.

His name was Shi Tian, slightly handsome body with tall and thin body structure, 23 years old, a normal college student.

He has a good family, a retired army officer father, mom, three younger siblings, two brothers one sister. He has a beautiful girlfriend as well, her name was Su Mingxia. She lived in his neighborhood, and she was a beautiful and intelligent girl, both of them grow up together went to the same college to study.

Today was a special day, today they were going to sex for the first time. Until now, Shi Tian and his girlfriend have done everything other than having sex.

Shi Tian was enduring this for years, but his girlfriend wasn't ready to have sex emotionally. Yesterday, she finally agreed, this was her gift for his upcoming birthday.

Suddenly a strange phenomenon appeared, Shi Tian saw a white light orb floating in the sky moving in his direction.

"What is this?" Shi Tian looked at the white light orb and thought in his mind.

The white light orb directly crashed at the Shi Tian, he felt like he was hit by something hard, suddenly his consciousness started to blur.

"What the fuck? Not today..." Shi Tian roared but the next second he fainted on the road.


After sleeping in the dark for like eternity, Shi Tian finally opened his slowly.

"What the fuck was that white light orb?" Shi Tian murmured slightly. He remembered that he was passed out when the white light orb hit him. Shi Tian instinctively moves his body to get up, but suddenly a strong pain hits him.

His body felt too weak, filled with pain. He didn't know what happened to him after passing out which cause this.

Seeing he can't get up, he decided to observe his surrounding, where is he?

He found himself in an unknown room, lying on the bed. He looked around in the room, clearly, it was not his room, nor it looked like a hospital's room. The room was very strange, there were weird shape fire lamps placed in the room for light, not far away from him, there was even a fireplace in the right wall with chairs to sit in front of the fireplace.

Just as Shi Tian was observing the room, suddenly another pain struck in his head, Shi Tian groaned painfully because of a strong headache.

At this moment, soon some fuzzy memories of another person started appearing in my mind, they were likes puzzles at the start but after some time, these memories start to become clear.

A few minutes later.

'Transmigrated! For real! Are you kidding me?' Shi Tian roared in his mind after short out his current situation. For a moment, he thought it was a dream, but everything feels so real, the pain was certainly real, he felt this level of pain in his entire life.

Many possible weird ideas appeared in his mind like someone kidnapped him and injected another person's memories in his mind, or he becomes a lab rat of neuroscience lab. But none of them fit right other than he was really transmigrated into the otherworld.

He has read many web novels in the 21st century, he knew what transmigration was. But he never thought he would also get transmigrated into another world. Furthermore, the timing was worse.

'Hey, god or goddess whoever brings me this world, I don't want it, I want to go back to the earth.' Shi Tian prays to the gods but no one answered. He cursed in his mind, 'Fuck, why this happened to me on one of the greatest days of my life?'

After cursing for a few minutes just as he was going to read the memories of another person whose body his soul transmigrated into, something happened.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for activating the god-level sign-in system.]

"System! Ha, great! Hey, the system just sends me back to the earth." Hearing this sound, Shi Tian was suddenly excited.

Shi Tian was pleasantly surprised, and indeed the crossing was accompanied by gold fingers.

As a regular web novel reader, he knows what this system is, and if there is a system, he can reach the pinnacle of his life. But Shi Tian this time wanted to go home, he didn't want to abandon his family.

[No, host! This was only a one-way ticket! The system can't help it. If the host wants to return to the earth, he had to rely on himself.]

"Fuck, then tell me a way!" Shi Tian said.

[Sure! The host just needs to become super strong to cross the world.]

"Fuck, this is a scam!" Shi Tian roared but got no reply. He realized there was no point of arguing with the system on this topic, so he changed the topic.

"So what do I need to do to get stronger, do I need to kill monsters to level up." Shi Tian asked casually.

[No, Host doesn't do that, this system is from the memories of the host.]

"How does system word?"

[The Host needs to sign daily, and the host can get god-level rewards by signing in at the corresponding place.]

"What are the sign-in rules in the system?" Shi Tian immediately asked tentatively in his heart.

[Everywhere in the world, the host will have a chance to get rewards when signing in at any place. As long as you arrive at the place you want to sign in, you can order the system to sign in.]

[Note: You can only sign in once a day. Different places to sign in will result in different rewards. Some places can sign in once, and some places can sign in repeatedly. The host needs to test by himself.]

[Note: The stronger the Spiritual Qi, the richer the rewards.]

Shi Tian nodded then started reading the memories of the young body whose body his soul transmigrated into.

This world was different from the earth, it was much bigger than earth from his previous life. Furthermore, this world completely filled with magic and strange things.

The civilization of this world had not developed in technology but martial arts.

He was transmigrated into the body of a 15 years old young boy, coincidently his name was also Shi Tian. When Shi Tian read the memory of this boy, he could not help but lament on the poor luck of this boy.

The Previous Shi Tian was the son of the Shi Clan's patriarch, the Shi Clan was a powerful fifth-grade clan. Shi Clan's Patriarch has three children, he was the youngest of them all, as well most loved by. Shi Tian was a hardcore cultivator, he mostly used all of his time on cultivating. He was also a rather top genius among the young generation of Shi Clan, having the best talent in the entire clan.

But a tragedy stuck on the Shi Clan a month ago. A strong enemy appeared out of nowhere and attacked the Shi Clan, the enemy was too powerful.

The entire clan was annihilated by the enemies in one night, only a handful of people were able to escape safely and able to live up. Shi Tian was one of them because of his father's effort.

When the enemies appeared, his father somewhat knew the ending of the battle. His father prepared an escape route for clan members to escape, but one of the elders betrayed them, he told the enemies about the escape route.

Later, his mother used a secret treasure to escape while his father fought desperately and bought enough time for them to escape safely. In the last scene, he remembered that was his father's heart was being pierced by the leader of the enemies.

His mother used a sixth-ranked teleportation treasure to escape, this teleportation treasure could only support a few people. Along with him, only six members more were able to escape. Him, mother, aunt, sister-in-law, elder sister, two maids.

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