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C10 All girls amazed

"Maybe, I'm not simply cultivating for the first time but rather regaining the previous strength that I lost due to the qi deviation." Shi Tian replied innocently.

"Hm, this is also true." Shi Bingyao thought a moment and nodded. Shi Tian was already experienced cultivation one time, now he was cultivating again from the start his speed should be faster.

"Here let your aunt see your meridians." Shi Bingyao took his hand and transpired a bit of her spirit qi inside his body to check his meridians.

"Good! Your meridians are completely fine now, looks like the meridian mending pill worked perfectly." Shi Bingyao nodded in surprise, then her face frowned a little, "What happened to your spiritual roots, It's not the same as before."

"What happened?" Xiangyue also arrived in the hall, when she saw the troubled expression of Bingyao, she asked worriedly, fearing something was wrong with his meridian again.

"It's his spiritual root, it changed from before. Wasn't he had extreme flame spiritual root in the past? It's changed."

"Hm! Lets me see it." Xiangyue's face frowned as she took his hand from Bingyao and sent a bit of her spirit qi inside his body. Shi Tian could feel the spirit qi of his mother was stronger than his aunt's.

"Yes, his spiritual root changed from before. There is no sign of damage, that means his spiritual roots mutated." Xiangyue ponder for a moment and said with a pleasantly surprised expression.

The mutation of the spiritual root was rare in the world, some mystical natural treasures in the world could mutate the spiritual roots.

The mutation was always seen as a positive sign because whenever a spiritual root's mutation happened, it would raise the quality of the spiritual root in most cases.

"But something strange, I can't able to tell the element of his new mutated spiritual root." Hua Xiangyue murmured.

"Tian'er, do you know your element?" Xiangyue asked Shi Tian. Shi Tian should know his element better than anyone.

"I think it's related to flame. But I don't know specifics." Shi Tian ponder for a moment and said. He didn't know why his mother and aunt can't tell to see his element, maybe they never heard of chaos element. He decided not to reveal the chaos element to them for now.

"Hm! Shi Tian, your cultivation reached the second level of body forging realm." Mingyue was also become stunned after seeing his cultivation level.

"Big Sister, don't one more thing about him?" Bingyao said mysteriously with a light smile. Xiangyue curiously looked at the Bingyao then she glanced at Shi Tian, she didn't find any strange other than that he looked a little more handsome than before.

Wait a sec! Hua Xiangyue's eyebrows raised suddenly, as she looked at his face. If they saw him the first time, they would not able to find the difference, only felt that Shi Tian was a naturally beautiful and handsome man.

But they were living with him and have known him for years. They saw him a few hours ago, at that time, he looked normal. How could they won't able to tell the difference?

"You noticed!"

"Yes, his charm, it is outstandingly strong, and it's his natural charm that increased suddenly. Even if one cultivated charm technique, it can't become this strong. But He clearly didn't practice any charm technique, nor he has any charm aura. Furthermore, charm techniques could only work on those whose strength lower than you." Xiangyue murmured.

But Shi Tian's charm was showing its effect on the spirit lord and spirit king stage females while his cultivated was only body forging stage. Although Xiangyue wanted to explore this secret, didn't do so.

"Well, let's forget about this! I am glad that Tian'er could practice again. Our genius boy has returned." Xiangyue said with a smile. Bingyao also nodded with a smile.

"Come mother made many tasty dishes this time for you." Xiangyue led Shi Tian to the dining table. "Xiu Ying, Duan Mei, you go and help Xiaoli to bring the food."

"Yes, Master!" Both girls nodded then went to the kitchen to bring the food. This time, Xiangyue and Shen Xiaoli were responsible for cooking, Bingyao was responsible for bringing something good for drinking, usually, fruit wine while Xiu Ning and Duan Mei were responsible for setting up the dining table and helping in the kitchen if needed.

Xiangyue made him sit in the middle while she sat on the right and his aunt sat on his left side.

Soon, three girls bring out the food from the kitchen, as soon as the food appeared, he could smell the sweet aroma of food. Just by aroma, one could tell that food should be tasty.

When Shen Xiaoli's gaze landed on Shi Tian, she was also stunned like everyone else. But she has a cold and frosty personality, her heart was not easy to melt. She thought Shi Tian was looking more handsome because he recovered from the illness and started cultivating again.

But his cultivation speed really shocked her.

After everyone took the seat at the table, they started eating.

"Tian'er, here try this. This was your favorite dish before." Xiangyue said as she placed a dish into his plate.

Shi Tian looked at the dish, it was a non-veg dish, Shi Tian picked up a slice of meat with a fork and placed it in his mouth then started chewing it.

"Delicious!" Shi Tian couldn't help but exclaim. The dish was delicious, Shi Tian had never eaten such a tasty food on the earth. He felt only those five stars hotel's food could compare to this food but Shi Tian didn't have money to afford such opulent food.

"Haha, eat more if you like, try this one," Xiangyue said while serving him another dish. Shi Tian tasted the dish, and exclaim again, this dish was not less tasty than the previous one.

"Shi Tian, do you want to drink some wine?" At this time, Bingyao took out the wine jar from her storage ring, A strong aroma of wine appeared as soon as she opened the jar cap. He couldn't help but stare at the wine jar with anticipation.

On the earth, Shi Tian drinks like whiskey, rum, or other alcohol much except the wine, but due to the high cost of the wine, he didn't have a chance to drink much.

"Hehe, don't drool over this wine? You can't drink this wine, this wine is very strong, made hundreds of spiritual herbs. Only spirit master realm cultivators and above could drink this." Bingyao saw his drooling expression and said.

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