Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C11 Helping in the bath
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Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C11 Helping in the bath
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C11 Helping in the bath

Shi Tian looked at Bingyao with a pitiful expression. Bingyao found him cute at this moment, but she still didn't agree. Just as his face saddened more, she took out another wine jar from her storage ring and placed it in front of him.

"Here you can drink this wine, it is a much lighter wine than mine. You, Xiu Ying, and Duan Mei you three can only drink this wine," Bingyao said with a firm attitude.

Shi Tian looked at the second wine jar with a happy expression and opened the cap, instantly a wine aroma smashed on his face as he greedily inhaled the aroma of the wine. Although it was not strong as the first wine, it was still very good.

He poured wine in a cup slowly, not a single drop of wine dropped on the table. After that, he picked up the cup and slowly took a sip of wine.

"Wow!" He exclaimed pleasantly. The wine tasted sweet with some mysterious flavor mixed in that making it tastier. Shi Tian just wanted to gulp down the entire cup in one go but restrain to do so. Shi Tian drinks the wine slowly while enjoying its taste.

Before he knew it the wine in the cup was finished. Without delay, he poured the wine again to drink. At this time his mother stopped him and said, "Tian'er, don't drink the wine, eat some food as well."

"Here, try this one, this made by Xiaoli." His Mother severed another dish into his plate and said.

Shi Tian gave a glance to his sister-in-law who was giving him a frosty glare, saying with her eyes that if he dares to say bad about her cooking, she will turn him into an ice statue.

Shi Tian gulped and taste the dish made by her slowly, "Mm! It's delicious, sister-in-law's cooking skills are good."

Although her dish was not appetizing as his mother's dish, it was quite yummy. He ate her dish with a pleasant expression. Shen Xiaoli saw his expression and nodded slightly seemed satisfied.

After that Shi Tian started drinking the wine again.

"Tian'er, do you like wine?" His mother asked seeing his overly blissful expression while drinking the wine.

"Yes, mother!" Shi Tian nodded.

"Well, you can drink wine, but you are not allowed to drink regularly or too much. You are still young Furthermore, don't make a bad habit of alcohol." Xiangyue warmly warned him.

Whether it was earth or this World, the habit of alcohol was considered bad in both worlds.

Shi Tian nodded sincerely. The atmosphere was lively, the entire family drank, eat, chatted, and laugh. Shen Xiaoli, Xiu Ying, and Duan Mei also drink few cups of wine. While his mother and his aunt were heavy drinkers, they were drinking wine like water.

After a few hours later and drinking seven or eight cups of wine, Shi Tian started to feel a little dizzy due to the alcohol. Because his cultivation was lowest in the house, his capacity for alcohol was also lowest.


In the morning, Shi Tian woke up slowly. He didn't know when he fell asleep last night due to the effect of wine.

Currently, he was lying in his mother's embrace, as she was tightly hugging him into her bosom. Due to the wine's effect, his mother seemed to lay down her all guards, she was sleeping in her thin red nightgown, the cleavage of her gown was a little open. He could feel half-bare big white jade-like melons on his face.

Burying his face further into her breasts, he closed his eyes and fallen asleep again as he was still feeling sleepy. After one hour later, he was woken by his mother.

"Good Morning Mother!" Shi Tian lift his and said. He felt a little bit of headache when he moved his head.

"Good Morning Son!" Xiangyue said. "You must be feeling a mild headache? It should be because you drank too much last night."

"Just take a bath in freshwater, you will feel good then," Xiangyue said. "I am going to prepare freshwater for you."

After that Xiangyue gets up from the bed went to the bathroom to prepare fresh water for him to bathe. After five minutes later, she returned and said, "Tian'er, water is ready."

Shi Tian nodded after that he went to the bathroom, which was the left side of his room. He entered the bathtub that was more than 10 feet in length and width. Such a large bath could already be used as a small swimming pool. Speaking of swimming, there was a swimming pool in the house. He planned to swim in the water with his girls sometime.

Shi Tian untied his robe, becoming naked in a few seconds.

"Holy fuck, how this boy such huge dick? This is way bigger than my previous life." Shi Tian exclaimed in shock after seeing his little brother. It was longer than seven inches and two inches in width. Although he felt his dick was bigger than average, he didn't expect it to be a monster.

But he was also surprised at the same time, he remembered that his predecessor didn't have such a huge giant before, then how is become bigger suddenly? What caused it?

'Could it be due to the celestial yang physique?' Shi Tian thought in his mind, other than celestial yang physique, he couldn't think of any other reason. Now he was feeling happier to obtain the celestial yang physique. Having a big dick dream of every man, he was feeling proud and happy to have a big dick that every man dreamt of.

With a blissful expression on his face, Shi Tian entered into the bathtub that was filled with fresh water. Diving into the fresh cold water, Shi Tian felt relaxed a little.

A few minutes later, he suddenly heard the sound of someone's footsteps behind him. Shi Tian frowned. Could it be his mother?

Shi Tian turned around to look, greeted a girl with a pair of pure and innocent emerald green eyes.

Xiu Ying was wrapped in a snow-white thin robe and holding a bar of soap and clean towel in her hands, slowly moving towards him.

Just as he was about to ask why she came here, Xiu Ying spoke, "Young Master, I am here to help young master in the bath."

Shi Tian was surprised by her words, he couldn't help but stare Xiu Ying. Suddenly he thought of something, the previous Shi Tian was son of big clan, naturally he has many maids to take of his daily life needs. Because Xiu Ying and Duan Mei were still young, they don't do heavy chores like washing his clothes, cleaning the house, making food etc.

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