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C12 kiss

"Let me help you in washing your hair, Young master!" Xiu Ying came to him and said. As Xiu Ying placed the shop and towel on the side. Shi Tian nodded before turning his head forward, then he bends his little more making his head resting on the bathtub headrest.

Xiu Ying helped him to wash his hair, she gently washed his hair with a serious expression with Shi Tian stared at her cute face. In this serious expression, she was looking even cuter.

After washing his hair, Xiu Ying wanted to wash his back but Shi Tian rejected her. It was too sudden for him, he was not used to this kind of treatment. At this time, Shi Tian didn't notice the dimness of her eyes, when he refused her.

After fifteen minutes later, Shi Tian came out from the bathroom wrapping towel around his waist.

As he came back to his room, he was surprised to find Xiu Ying who was standing with a sad expression.

"Xiu Ying, what happened?" Shi Tian come closer to Xiu Ying and said.

"Young Master, do you dislike me?" Xiu Ying hesitated for a moment and said in low voice.

"Absolutely not, why do you think like this?" Shi Tian shook his head and replied.

"I think because young master refuses to take help from me." Xiu Ying's eyes were becoming misty as she spoke, tears about drop out from the corner of her eyes.

Shi Tian was surprised, he didn't expect such a small incident would make her feel so bad. Just looking almost crying face of Xiu Ying, he felt pain.

Shi Tian pulled Xiu Ying to his embrace, she was surprised, shocked for a bit before she hugged him back.

Shi Tian could feel her small developed breast pressing to his chest, as she laid her head on his chest, and started

"You are wrong, You are so good, how could I dislike such a cute girl?"

As Shi Tian said those words he hugged her harder pressing her closer to himself, he could feel her response as her body trembled, and she too hugged him harder.

Shi Tian felt a little guilty this time, the boy, she liked and loved was already dead, Shi Tian was taking advantage of his predecessor. But when he thought about it, he felt it right. If he told her the truth, it would only give her pain, this family already experienced devastating pain, he didn't want to give them more pain.

In addition, if he didn't reveal anything, everyone will be happy.

They continue to hug each other relishing in each other's warmth, it was only a minute later did Shi Tian released Xiu Ying.

Shi Tian held her head and brought his face closer to hers. She just moved her up to look at him as his hand moved up to the back of her head. Suddenly, she felt her lips were covered by something warm and soft.

Shi Tian's warm lips pressed against her glossy full ones and fireworks exploded in her brain. For all of a second, Xiu Ying was frozen, it was as if a lightning bolt had crashed into her from above. That passed quickly, however, as her heart filled with joy and tears gathered in the corner of her eyes.

She felt everything transmitted through the warmth of his lips. Young Master didn't dislike her!

After the light kiss, Shi Tian withdrew his lips from hers then whispered, "Next time, I will let you wash me properly."

Xiu Ying nodded happily absentmindedly, still thinking about the kiss. 'Young Master just kissed me!' Her heart was pounding fast as she thought about the short kiss just now.

Knock!!! Knock!!! "Young Master, It's me!"

At this the knocking sound appeared from the door, with the voice of Duan Mei, after that Duan Mei opened the door and walked into the room, she was surprised after seeing the bare upper body of Shi Tian, her face blushed instantly as she stared at his perfect body.

"G-good morning, Young Master!" Duan Mei comes to her senses and said.

"Good Morning, Duan Mei!" Shi Tian nodded with a smile.

"Young Master, Master inviting you for the breakfast." Duan Mei said. The entire time, her eyes focused on Shi Tian or his bare body. Her eyes seemed to be glued on him, flickering with stars.

"Okay, you girls go out first, I'm coming after wearing the clothes." Shi Tian said.

Xiu Ying nodded obediently as she walked towards the gate, Duan Mei reluctantly withdrew her gaze from his and walked outside with Xiu Ying.

After five minutes later, Shi Tian finally came out of the room wearing white clothes. In the living room, his mother, aunt, and sister-in-law were already sitting at the table.

"Good Morning, Aunt! Good Morning, Sister-in-law!" Shi Tian greeted his aunt and sister-in-law as he came to the table.

"Good Morning, Shi Tian!" Both girls greeted back.

After sitting at the dining table, Shi Tian started eating a delicious breakfast. They talked and chatted for a few minutes, his mother and his aunt talking regarding the future. While Shen Xiaoli wanted to go out to train.

"We don't have a source of income, although we have some funds and resources in our storage rings, it won't last too long. In addition, we need resources to cultivate. Without resources, our cultivation will lack behind." Xiangyue ponder for a moment and said.

Cultivation was a time and money consuming profession, the higher the cultivation the higher resources you need to cultivate. That's why poor people can't able to cultivate to a high level.

Everything related to the cultivation was expensive, whether it was cultivation techniques, martial skills, pills, or weapons. All of these things were essential for cultivation, and you need money to acquire them.

Fortunately, they have all these essential things on them in their storage rings.

"We have many high-ranked martial skills with us, we can make their copy and sell them. They should fetch a good price." Bingyao pondered for a second and said.

But Xiangyue shook her head and said, "No, we can't do that. Firstly, It will be eye-catching, will draw others' attention to us. The lowest-ranked martial skill on us is Profound Tier and most of them are Earth Tier skills. If they appeared in this region, it would naturally create a ruckus."

The cultivation and martial techniques were divided into the four graded Mortal Tier, Profound Tier, Earth Tier, and Heaven Tier. Each of them was divided into four subgrades, Low, Mid, High, and Top.

The Shi Clan was a big clan, the profound tier skill could be considered as low ranked skills. But In the Red Cloud Kingdom, the Profound Tier techniques could be regarded as treasure.

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