Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C16 Duan Mei: A Little Succuba
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Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C16 Duan Mei: A Little Succuba
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C16 Duan Mei: A Little Succuba

Soon all women emerged in the mystery of chess. His mother and Aunt were the fastest learners, they adept the game rules quite well, especially his mother who seemed like a natural-born chess master.

Cultivator's mental power has transcendent mortality, they have strong memories. Shi Tian experience himself, right now his memory was strong enough to memorize a thousand pages of the book word by word in one or two days.

After reaching the Spirit Master stage, one could open his sea of consciousness inside his mind which regarded a place where the soul resided.

The benefit of the sea of consciousness was that it greatly enhanced the mental power and senses of that person.

It was already evening when they stopped playing chess. His mother and his aunt made dinner for everyone.

After dinner, they played chess again for some time before going to their rooms.

Shi Tian once again slept in the warm and cozy embrace of his mother.

But the next day, he got a piece of disappointing news, that he might not be able to enjoy his mother's embrace for long.

From the next week, His mother going to start refining medicine pills for selling. She was going to refine them in batches, it would be time-consuming. She can't spend so many hours sleeping.

As your cultivation increases your body moved towards immortality, at that time, you can skip many mortal habits like eating and sleeping without affecting your health.

A spirit master could work continuously for days without eating, drinking, or sleeping. And Spirit Grandmaster could do the same even longer time.

High-ranked cultivators like his mother essentially lived on the spiritual energy of heaven and earth while they do meditate rather than sleeping.

Practically other Shi Tian who was still at the second level of body forging stage, others don't need to eat breakfast or dinner daily. But his mother suggested that everyone should eat together, spend some time together. It should be because of past shock.

After eating breakfast, Shi Tian went to his for cultivating. Today he was going to absorb the muscle tempering pills to temper his muscles. After seeing that his mother and others were working, he also decided to put some extra effort into the cultivation.

Sitting on the bed, he first calmed down his mind before taking the pill. As the pill dissolved inside his stomach, it released a great amount of warm energy. That warm energy soon spread out his entire body, Shi Tian clenched his teeth as he was ready to accept another wave of pain that appeared during the bone tempering.


As he expected body tempering was a really painful process, Shi Tian was once again assaulted by the agonizing pain when the warm energy attacked the muscles of the entire body.

He felt like every muscle in his body was being torn apart by the forces, then regenerating by the warm energy. This process was repeating again and again until his muscle become firmer and strong.

Shi Tian spent his next four hours tempering his muscles as he absorbed all ten muscle tempering pills. Shi Tian's physical increased again after tempering his muscles.

After that, Shi Tian didn't stop cultivating but took out the Superior Grade Spirit Stones to raise his Qi Cultivation.

He ran the Primordial Chaos Sutra and begun absorbing the spirit qi from the spirit stone. Another three hours later, Shi Tian stopped cultivation. His cultivation reached the third level of the body forging stage.

He noticed that his progress was becoming slower than before as his cultivation climbing up.

After placing the superior grade spirit stone back into the inventory, he stood from the bed and walked out of the room.

Just as he came out of the room, he met his mother in the hall. She was sitting at the table, there were a bunch of spirit herbs. Looks like she was going to start the refining process.

"Hm, Third level Body Forging Stage! Good. At this rate, it won't long before returned to the peak state again." Xiangyue immediately sensed the cultivation of Shi Tian and said.

Shi Tian nodded, then he asked, "Mother, where are the others?"

"Well, Xiaoli is cultivating in her room, your aunt went to the alchemist guild to the spirit herbs while the two little girls are playing chess in the garden," Xiangyue replied.

"Okay, mother! I'm going to the garden then." Shi Tian said before walking towards the garden. Xiangyue nodded as she once again started inspecting the spirit herbs.

When Shi Tian came into the garden, Xiu Ying and Duan Mei were sitting in the grown under the tree, a chessboard was placed in the middle of them. Xiu Ying has a serious expression while she looked at the chessboard, suddenly made a move, and a sweet small flashed on her cute face.

"Checkmate! Haha, I won again!" Xiu Ying laughed lightly.

"Ahhh... No, I'm not willing to give up, one more time. This time, I'm going to beat for sure." Duan Mei looked frustrated as she looked at Xiu Ying.

"Good Afternoon, girls!" Shi Tian suddenly said as he came to them.

"Good Afternoon, young master!" Both girls exclaimed lightly after seeing Shi Tian then greeted.

At this time, Duan Mei suddenly stood and moved to Shi Tian.

"Young Master, you have to help me out." Duan Mei held his arm in her bosom and said while she looked at Shi Tian with a depressed expression.

Before he could say anything, Shi Tian's mind was instantly occupied by the soft feeling on his arm, he was able to hear her words clearly.

Although Duan Mei was only one year older than Xiu Ying, her figure was much more developed than Xiu Ying. Her breasts were far bigger than average girls of her age, he could tell that a few years later, her breasts should be able to grow big as his mother.

Shi Tian snap out from his daze as she shook her arm slightly and asked, "Hmm! What happened?" Shi Tian wanted to withdraw his arm, but she held it tight in her bosom.

"It's all because of Xiu Ying, yesterday, she was a newbie, but today she suddenly became an expert in the Chess." Duan Mei complained, she didn't forget to hug his arm in her bosom more tightly, grinding against her soft breasts.

'Ahh, This little succuba! What the hell is she trying to do? Is she doing this intentionally?' Shi Tian cursed in his mind as he felt her soft boobs on his arm.


Hi dear readers. There are some things I want to ask, I am pondering over which platform should I use to publish this novel in the future.

1. Webnovel- It takes 50% of the author's earning.

2. Patreon- It only takes 15%.

Please comment and help me decide. For now, I'm looking towards Patreon.

New chapter is coming soon
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