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C4 Mother

Shi Tian cursed the previous Shi Tian, this boy dares to neglect such a goddess.

"Tian'er!" Suddenly a gentle voice appeared as a woman in a red robe entered the room. Coming to his bed, sitting on his right side, she looked at him with affection and gentleness.

Shi Tian got another shock this time because of the extraordinary beauty of this woman in red clothes. She was a middle-aged woman. She had an oval face, she doesn't need to put on makeup, her skin was white and tender and was actually not inferior to Xiu Ying. Her black clear eyes it was as if all the beautiful waves in the world were gathered in her eyes, with a perfect facial structure making her look like a stunning goddess from a world-class artist's painting.

Her beauty was not lower than Xiu Ying's, but her face was full of the charm of maturity which Xiu Ning lacked right now. The most notable thing about her was her full breast that seeming to burst out her robe, they were very big, F-Size at least.

This woman in red robe was none other than the mother of Shi Tian, Hua Xiangyue.

"Tian'er, thank god! You woke up, you worried me very much!" His mother placed her hand on top of his forehead, stroking a little, and said. Tears running out from the corner of her eyes as those two watery eyes looked at him fondly.

Two more people entered the house behind his mother, one was Xiu Ying while another one was a blonde-haired girl same as Xiu Ying. All her features exuded a charm, a round face. Although her height was shorter than Xiu Ying, her proposition was much more developed than Xiu Ying, although she was quite young, her beauty was able to move kingdoms.

She was the second maid of Shi Tian, Duan Mei. 2

At this time three of them come to the bed and sat down near him.

His mother was sitting on the bed on his right side while Xiu Ying and Duan Mei were on his left. Looking at the three fairies in front of him, Shi Tian was really wondering if this world was filled with fairies and goddesses.

"Tian'er, Tian'er, what's the matter with you? Is there anything else wrong? Don't scare your mother." Looking at Shi Tian in trance, Hua Xiangyue quickly held his hand and said worriedly.

"No, no, mother, I'm fine!" Shi Tian hastened to reply.

"Here, eat this, first. It will help you recover fast." His mother picked up the bowl that Xiu Ying brought earlier, this must be a medicine potion. She started feeding him the medicine potion with a spoon.

Shi Tian open his mouth slightly and took a sip, it was very bitter, he really wanted to throw it away but couldn't bear to refuse after seeing the concerned faces of three women.

Shi Tian knew that his mother was an alchemist, this medicine potion should be refined by her. It was still warm, he could tell that it was made not long ago.

Shi Tian drank all the potion, at this moment suddenly a strange thing happened. Warm energy started spreading throughout his body and limb, he could feel, his injuries started to heal at a rapid rate. A few minutes later, Shi Tian found that the strength was returning into his body.

Although his face was still pale and the body felt weak, he could move his body now.

'So marvelous, this is the wonder of alchemy.' Shi Tian thought in his mind.

"Tian'er, how do you feel?" His Mother placed the empty bowl on the side then she asked. "If this potion is not enough, I will go and refine another potion for you."

"No need, mother! I feel better now, thank you!" Shi Tian shook his head and said.

"Tian, why did you do this kind of stupid thing? You can't do this to your mother, I was so worried. If something happened to you then..." His mother scolded him while tears dripping from the corner of her eyes.

Shi Tian knew that she must be talking about the demonic cultivation that caused the death of the previous Shi Tian. Shi Tian said, "Sorry, mother!"

"It's okay, as long as you understand. Tian'er, I know that you wanted to take revenge for your father, but you can't force things. What will happen to your mother and others if something happened to you? You know how much your mother loves you." His mother said in a serious tone. 1

"Sorry mother, I will not do anything like that in the future." Shi Tian could only nod his and said.

"Tian'er, You don't have to worry about your injuries. Your mother will definitely find a cure for you." His mother said in a determined expression. She thought he must be saddened by the fact of being crippled.

"Hm! I trust mother!" Shi Tian nodded with a weak smile. A knowledge of this world, Shi Tian knew that it was very hard to find a cure for a cripple person. If it was before, her mother might be able to find the cure with the resources of the Shi Clan, but now it was hard as climbing heaven.

Xiangyue also understands this, but false hope is better than nothing. At least for his safety.

"You two can go to your rooms, I will be staying with Tian'er tonight!" Xiangyue gave orders to Xiu Ying and Duan Mei. Both girls nodded.

After that, she laid down on the bed beside him, "Son, everything will alright. Now, you should sleep, mother will accompany you." 1

His mother hugged him gently like a mother hugging her child, burying his head in her bosom. Shi Tian's face blushed heavily instantly.

You know, it was not the fifteen-year-old ignorant Shi Tian who has mastered this body, but the 23-year-old virgin boy who has passed through the 21st century. How can he bear such a thrilling scene?

Shi Tian was curled up in his mother's arms, some blood spurted, and his heart jumped continuously. Shi Tian was wanted to move away, but when he felt the softness of her breasts on his face, even the world's best cotton pillows were trash in front of their softness and smoothness, he became reluctant to move. 1

Shi Tian wanted to think of her as his mother, but his manly instincts boiling. His mother was devastating beauty, any man would fall for her charm, he was not exceptional. Furthermore, Shi Tian has a thing for mature beautiful women.

Shi Tian has a very tight urge to touch her godly breasts but is held back with very difficulty.

Although he has gotten the memories of previous Shi Tian, he didn't get any feelings from his body. Shi Tian was just an ordinary college student in his previous life, as well as a desperate virgin, he could only dream of his English teacher who has such huge boobs.

His english literature teacher, Li Chenhua was a thirty years old woman with a beautiful face and enticing busty figure, she has huge F-six of breasts which would seem to burst out from her clothes. Li Chenhua's huge breasts were the hidden crush of almost every male student from his class, including Shi Tian. 3

Shi Tian never in his wildest dream thought that he would be transported to another world with heaven's blessing accompanying him. First, he was angry at Heaven or God whoever brings him in this world to bring him this world, but now he didn't know if he should hate or feel grateful for giving him such beauties as a family.

Other than these three women, there were another three beautiful women in his family, his aunt, sister-in-law, and his sister. And none of them less beautiful than these three.

'Fuck the world, I have system cheat, I don't need to take unnecessary risks. I will live a happy life with my beauties while cultivating through the system. Until I become strong enough to return to the earth before my previous family here. Haha, what a good plan.'

Shi Tian thought in his mind and laughed silently as he laid on the fragrant boobs of his mother, being held in her arms by her devilish figure, which was very exciting.

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