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In the morning!

Xiangyue looked down at her son, who was sleeping soundlessly while burying his head in her bosom. She moved her body to get up, she wanted another medicine potion for her son.

Shi Tian woke up when he felt the soft pillows moving away from him, he pushed his head forward into those soft pillows.

"Tian'er!" Xiangyue softly called out while caressing the back of his head.

"Mm!" Shi Tian groaned slightly as he woke up from sleep. For a moment, he thought everything was a dream but Xiangyue's sweet voice and soft touch on his face, it was the fact that this was reality.

"Yes, mother!" Shi Tian lifts the head from the divine ravine of his mother and said while looking up.

"Mother is going to refine another healing potion for you, Mother will accompany you soon, okay!" Xiangyue gently said. Shi Tian nodded. After giving a light kiss on his forehead, she got up from the bed.

Shi Tian looked at the back of his mother, her slim waist swayed left and right on her every step in addition to her perky big hips, she was releasing another level of charm and seductiveness.

Shi Tian almost drools out seeing her dancing hips. Xiangyue was a Spirit Lord, her sense far stronger than ordinary peoples, she sensed his gaze but didn't think. 1

As Shi Tian was left alone in the room, his gaze landed on a big bronze mirror, getting up from the bed, he moved in front of the mirror to see his appearance. Shi Tian was become shocked by the beautiful appearance of the young boy in the mirror.

He was a slender youth with smooth white skin and dressed in snow-white clothes. His face was pale white and extremely handsome, yet very feminine. His dark black hair naturally hung over his thin shoulders, and even under the curtain of darkness, it occasionally gave a faint shimmer with a dark kind of luster.

With these looks, Shi Tian could top model on the earth.

"Good Morning, Young Master, we brought breakfast for you." Xiu Ning and Duan Mei entered the room, carrying two metal trays of dishes. After placing the trays on the side table of the bed, both of them came to him.

"Good Morning!" Shi Tian turned to look at them and said with a smile. Both girls were taken aback a little seeing his gentle response. In the past, Shi Tian always replied in a plain tone, rarely showed a smile to them.

"Young Master, your body still weak, you shouldn't move around much." Xiu Ying held left his hand and said concernedly.

"Don't worry too much, I am fine!" Shi Tian patted her head and said.

"Young Master, you didn't eat for days, you should eat a little." Duan Mei held his right arm and mildly.

Shi Tian nodded, he also felt hungry right now.

Later, both girls helped him to eat the soup, Shi Tian was more than willing to feed with their jade likes hands, after finishing the soup, they gently cleaned his mouth with a silk napkin.

"Shi Tian!" At this time, a woman in a purple robe entered the room, she called out as she walked towards him.

Shi Tian looked at the woman and was amazed.

She was a slender and tall woman with a stunning woman. She has the appearance of a mid-twenty years girl. She was wearing an ordinary and plain purple robe, but it was still looking gorgeous on her. Her slender and graceful figure added to her beauty with milky white skin and had a pair of narrow, fox-like eyes, they gave off an erotic feeling when placed together on her thin oval face.

Her breasts were full but not oversized, with her two mounds pushing up into her clothes it would give any man the urge to reach out and grab them. Her butt appeared even more plump compared to her thin waist, and her full, yet long slender legs also added to her feminine appeal.

Altogether, she was more alluring than beautiful.

One could stare at her for hours on end and not get tired, and her memorable figure would be branded into one's mind.

"You idiot, is the decease of our clan was not enough that you wanted to give us another shock?" The purple-robed woman comes to him, knocked his head lightly, and said in misty eyes.

"Sorry, Aunt!" Shi Tian lowered his and said lightly. The purple clothes woman was his aunt Shi Bingyao.

After reviewing the memoirs of this world's Shi Tian, Shi Tian realized that men and women of this world could alter their appearance after cultivating. After refining one's bodies with spiritual qi of heaven and earth, the bodies of the cultivators become strong and undying, no mortal disease will affect their bodies. Not only that, cultivators could regain youthful appearance even after living hundreds of years.

So you can't define the age of a cultivator by his or her appearance, especially women who like to retain their beauty, a young girl could be a hundred years old hag.

The cultivator has a longer life span than ordinary people, the life span of the cultivators depends on the cultivation stage. The higher cultivation higher the lifespan.

"Bingyao, you returned, did you find all the ingredients?" Xiangyue arrived with another potion in her hands, she looked at Shi Bingyao and asked expectedly.

"Big Sister, I found twenty-four ingredients, there are still eight ingredients missing, we could only wait for, fortunately, she might find the other ingredients." Shi Bingyao's expression was a little sad and said.

They were gone out to search the ingredients for the Meridian Mending Pill, as the name suggests this pill could heal the broken meridians. They needed this pill to cure the meridian of Shi Tian, but this region was too deserted. The alchemist of this place never heard the name of Meridian Mending Pill much less refining. Fortunately, Xiangyue was a fifth-ranked alchemist, she knew the refining method of this pill, but she lacked the ingredients. So, She sent both women to find the ingredients for the pill.

"Okay, let's wait for her!" Xiangyue was a little disappointed and said. "Here, Tian'er, drink this!" Xiangyue softly said while giving him the medicine potion.

After drinking the second healing potion, Shi Tian's health improved again, now he has no difficulties walking around.

Shi Tian spend the next three hours chatting with four beautiful women, He felt blessed this time surrounded by the four fairies.

"She returned!" Mingyue suddenly said then she glanced at the gate. Shi Tian also curiously looked in the direction of the gate.

The girl who had appeared was wearing a long white dress that covered both her delicate and jade-like legs. Her gleaming and lustrous black hair tumbled down to her shoulders, covering half of her snowy white neck. Her slender figure and slim waist were simply enchanting. What was remarkable was that her figure and height were comparable to Shi Bingyao's.

Her facial features were beautifully and exquisitely carved. Her dark and thin eyebrows hung over her beautiful eyes that radiated a sense of lordliness. However, her face was as cold as the frost and emitted a cold aura that could force people away from her for a thousand-kilometer radius. However, not only did this icy arrogance not repel men but instead aroused their subconscious desire to conquer her. There were many beautiful girls, but not many girls who were so perfect that they would be difficult to even dream of.

"Shen Xiaoli, you looked angry, what happened?" Hua Xiangyue sensed the cold aura of the girl and said.

"Just encounter few pests, nothing important." Shen Xiaoli's frosty expression loosened a bit and said.

"Haha! Many toads in the world want to eat the swan! What did you do? Did you kill them?" Shi Bingyao laughed and said.

"No, I want to make trouble for us." Shen Xiaoli's face frowns slightly and said. She really wanted to kill these types of disgusting men who coveted her beauty. 1

"Don't worry, this world is filled with these kind men, you don't need to pay attention to them." Hua Xiangyue said.

"Chuckled!, if they annoy you again, just cut their third leg, they will not able to annoy any female in the future." Shi Bingyao giggled.

At this time, Shi Tian sweated furiously. Isn't he also have desire to make them all his women.

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