Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C6 Meridian Mending Pill
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Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C6 Meridian Mending Pill
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C6 Meridian Mending Pill

"Hm! You should throw them in front of the horny demonic boars. Let them taste their own medicine." Duan Mei said cutely. 1

"Hmm! This idea is good, I should think about it next time." Shen Xiaoli nodded and said.

Shi Tian looked at Duan Mei in horror. How could such an innocent and lovely fairy have such evils ideas?

Shi Tian looked at pure Xiu Ying.

"Young Master, why are you sweating so much? Is your health declining again?" Xiu Ying who was sitting beside Shi Tian saw his sweating face and said worriedly.

"No, I'm just feeling a little hot!" Shi Tian lightly shook his and make an excuse. While he secretly said in his heart, 'Only my Ying's heart is pure without evil thoughts.'

"Hm! The weather is indeed quite hot today." Shi Bingyao nodded. Although this hot weather didn't affect the cultivators, Shi Tian was a mortal right now. For mortals, today's weather was felt hot.

"Let me help!" Shen Xiaoli said as she released some of her Ice Qi in the room, suddenly the temperature of the room started to drop, Shi Tian felt like someone placed AC in his room during a hot day of mid-summer.

"Thanks, sister-in-law!" Shi Tian said.

"Okay! Stop joking around, Xiaoli did you bring the ingredients?" Xiangyue waved her hand and said.

"Here!" Shen Xiaoli nodded, and a silver ring appeared in her hand as she gave it to Xiangyue, Shi Bingyao also gave it an iron ring to Xiangyue.

Although these rings have an ordinary appearance, he realized that these ordinary rings should be mysterious artifacts, called storage rings. These rings have interdimensional space inside them. The cultivators used these storage artifacts to store their belongings. Shi Tian also has a beautiful black ring on his left hand's finger, but he can't use it because he didn't have cultivation right now. One needed spirit qi to use the storage rings.

The interdimensional space inside the storage rings depends on the quality of the storage rings. The storage rings are divided into four grades, low grade, mid-grade, high grade, and superior grade. The low-grade storage ring contained a space size of around five cubic meters inside them, mid-grade storage contained a space size of around twenty cubic meters inside them, high-grade a space size of around a hundred cubic meters inside them while a superior-grade storage ring contained a space size of around five hundred cubic meters inside them.

Shi Tian's storage ring was a high-grade storage ring.

Xiangyue took the strong ring from them and checked the ingredients inside the rings through her divine sense.

"Fortunately, all the main ingredients are here, for the missing secondary ingredients, I can manage them. There shouldn't be a problem refining the meridian mending pill." After a minute later, Hua Xiangyue took a sigh of relief and said with a little happy expression.

"Tian'er, the mother is going to refine the pill, wait a little more, you can cultivate again," Xiangyue said gently.

"Thank you, mother!" Shi Tian nodded and said.

Xiangyue left the room to refine the pill. All the girls couldn't help but wait with some expectations.

"Aunt, you went outside. Where are we right now, what are the levels of the forces of this region?" Shi Tian asked curiously.

"Well, we are currently living in the Red Cloud Kingdom, it is only a second-tier kingdom. The Red Cloud Kingdom is surrounded by three neighboring kingdoms, Black Sand Kingdom, White Rock kingdom, Gray Forest Kingdom while its one side is shaded with a vast forest filled with demonic beasts. Other than that, there are many small kingdoms in this surrounding area, none have a force higher than the third tier. These all small kingdoms are ruled by a big empire, Vermilion Empire."

Shi Tian listened quietly.

"Let me tell you about the Red Cloud Kingdom. The red Cloud Kingdom is ruled by Li Clan, the ruler of this kingdom for a hundred years. So you could say that Li Clan is the most powerful clan in this kingdom. Other than Li Clan, there are few more second-tier clans in the kingdom who stand next to the Imperial Clan. I really never pay attention to them as they are too weak to make trouble for us." Shi Bingyao shrugged her shoulder and said.

At this time, the face of Shen Xiaoli frowns a little and said, "Big sister, I think something big might happen in the future, I heard rumors during traveling that the Black Sand Kingdom showing some aggressive behavior towards the Red Cloud Kingdom. There seems to be some history between the two kingdoms, there is a chance for a war to break out between the two kingdoms in the near future. Although it doesn't matter to us if red cloud kingdom wins or loses, it might disturb our peace."

Shi Bingyao lost in thoughts and said after a few seconds of pondering, "We will wait and see if the situation becomes chaotic, we will just move to another quiet place. Don't forget we are currently hiding, we can't expose ourselves because of a stupid war."

Shen Xiaoli nodded and said, "That's what I was thinking."

"By the way, Aunt, where is the elder sister?" Shi Tian asked curiously.

"Hm! She has gone out for training. Don't worry, she knew disguise techniques, so she will be alright." Aunt replied.

Shi Tian nodded.

The five people once again started chatting, Shi Tian was in the center four women sitting around him. At this moment, nobody mentioned the name of the Shi Clan lest surfacing those painful memories again.

Mostly Shi Bingyao and Shen Xiaoli do talking as they were telling the stories of their travel that they traveled in the last two days in order to search for the ingredients.

Xiu Ying was telling the stories of some young masters who think of their dick rather than the brain. Shi Tian was very familiar with these types of cliches plots, he had read many of these scenes in the web novel in his previous life. He didn't expect he would also find these arrogant and lustful young master here, looks like other things of the cultivation world that showed in the novels are also real.

At this time, Shi Tian suddenly remembered something that he didn't sign in today. His yesterday lucky rewards were also waiting in the system inventory to redeem.

"System Sign-in!" Shi Tian said in his heart, instantly heard a mechanical voice of system.

[Ding, the host signs in the normal room, congratulates the host for getting the bone tempering pill×10!]

There is no need to read the introduction of this pill, Shi Tian already knew the effect of this pill. It could temper one's entire bone skeleton, make it stronger and steadier.

He did not take out the bone tempering pill outside and let them stay in the system inventory for now. If the women saw him using the spatial artifact without using the spirit qi, it might become suspicious. He didn't know how to explain this to them. He can't tell them about the sister, absolutely can't reveal his identity from the earth. If they found out that the real Shi Tian was already dead, and someone stranger occupied his body, then they might kill him instantly or prison him for eternity or torture him.

Just thinking about the consequences, he felt a chill in his heart.

A few hours later, Xiangyue finally returned, she directly barged into the room in haste with a white jade-like pill in her fingers. "Ha, finally, It's refined."

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