Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C7 Recovering Meridians, System upgrade
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Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C7 Recovering Meridians, System upgrade
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C7 Recovering Meridians, System upgrade

"Here, Tian'er, eat this, mother will help you refine it." Xiangyue come to the bed and said.

Shi Tian sat down crossed-legged on the bed, his mother sat in front of him. The other four women looked from the sides with anticipation and some worry.

Although the Meridian Mending Pill could mend the broken meridians, it didn't have a hundred percent success rate of mending the meridian. It also depends on the condition of the meridians, if they can be recovered or not.

Shi Tian shallower the pill directly while his mother placed her hand on his abdomen as she slowly channels her spirit qi into her body, guiding the energy of the pill towards his meridian.

When the pill energy moved into the broken meridian, the meridians showed signs of healing.

Xiangyue withdraws her hand from his abdomen and lets the medicine work on its own now. Time slowly passed, all the women looked at Shi Tian and prayed for the success in their hearts.

At this time, Shi Tian silently said in his mind, 'System, redeem the spiritual roots.'

The spiritual roots were nothing else but a part of meridians. Because these parts of meridians were used to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth inside the body, it started calling spiritual roots by the cultivators. Shi Tian used the chance to upgrade his spiritual roots, now he doesn't need to explain how he cured his meridians.

'Spiritual roots'. What exactly were they? Not even cultivators know everything about them, but what they did know was that if a person lacked spiritual roots, that person couldn't aspire to traverse the path of cultivation. After all, if one had no spiritual roots, how could he even absorb Spiritual Qi? And if Spiritual Qi couldn't be absorbed, how could he become a cultivator?

Spiritual roots also determine the element of a cultivator, the elements of the world were divided into metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, wind, thunder, light, dark, space, time, and some others. Most people have the first five elements(metal, wood, water, fire, earth), while ice, wind, thunder, light, dark were rare elements, and space and time were even rarer than rare, they were legendary elements.

The Spiritual roots were generally divided into Heavenly spiritual roots, Earthly spiritual roots, and Mortal spiritual roots. The higher ranked spiritual roots higher absorption speed of spiritual qi and higher future cultivation potential.

A cultivator with mortal spiritual roots would find it extremely difficult to break through to the Spirit Grand Master. While for a cultivator with earthly spiritual roots, spirit king would be his/her limit.

But there was nothing absolute in the world, there were many mystical treasures in the world that could improve the grade of spiritual roots, even a mortal spiritual root cultivator could suppress the limit of the spirit sovereign realm with enough resources and treasures.

[Chaotic Spiritual Roots have been issued…]

[Upgrading host's spiritual roots…]

[Successfully improves the host's spiritual roots, Chaotic Spiritual Roots]

Suddenly, Shi Tian only felt a burst of warmth in his body, and suddenly a chaotic breath was released from Shi Tian's body. But the next moment, this breath was surpassed by an invisible force inside his body. 2

All the Ladies were exclaimed pleasantly. 'He succeeded.'

Shi Tian slowly opened his eyes but suddenly his vision got dark, his head buried into a dark abyss. Mingyue hugged Shi Tian and said excitedly, "Heaven hasn't forsaken my son. My son can cultivate again."

After a few seconds later, she released him and looked at him, her face turned serious then said, "Tian'er, Mother is glad that you can cultivate again, but you can't rush things like before. Promise your mother that you won't repeat the same mistake again. I don't want my son to live in the world of revenge and hatred, I just want my son to live a happy and peaceful life."

"I understand mother!" Shi Tian nodded and said, "I promise to mother, I will not repeat the same mistake again."

"Hm!" Xiangyue nodded.

"Okay, ladies, how about a small party today?" Xiangyue looked at the woman and said.

"Yes, that's a good plan." Shi Bingyao also nodded.

"Tian'er, you can cultivate here for a while but don't rush," Xiangyue warned him.

After that Xiangyue took all the ladies from the room, Shi Tian was left alone in the room to cultivate.

"System, redeem all the rewards."

[Redeeming the remaining rewards]

[Redeeming first reward, Primordial Chaos Sutra, Part 1! Integrating the skill into the host's mind...]

[Redeeming the second reward, Primordial Yin-Yang Scripture, Part 1! Integrating the skill into the host's mind...]

At this time, Shi Tian suddenly felt tons of information started pouring down in his mind, the information was enigmatic and profound.

[Redeeming the third reward, Destiny of Peerless warrior! Improving the charm and comprehension ability of the host to the top-quality]

Shi Tian suddenly felt his calculating speed of memory become terrifyingly faster, the information that looked too profound, started to become easier to comprehend.

[Redeeming the fourth reward, Celestial Yang Physique]

[Celestial Yang Physique has been issued...]

[Successfully improved the host's physique.]

Warm energy started pouring inside his body, suddenly an intense pain stuck him, but in the next second it was suppressed by an invisible force. Although Shi Tian didn't feel the pain, he could somehow able to sense that every cell in his body was changing, improving itself. 1

[Redeeming the fifth reward, Chaos Spiritual Flame]

[Chaos Black Spiritual Flame had been issued, integrating with host body...]

[Redeeming the sixth lucky reward, A Hundred Top Grade Spirit Stones]

[A Hundred Top Grade Spirit Stones successfully transferred into the host's inventory]

[System upgrading..."

[System updated, a new status function arrived. Now the host can check his status.]

"Hm! Status, let me see." Shi Tian was surprised a little and muttered in his mind.

Suddenly a VR game-like transparent screen appeared in front of them.

[Name: Shi Tian]

[Life: 15/70]

[Race: Mortal Human]

[Body: Celestial Yang Physique]

[Cultivation: None]

[Cultivation Method: Primordial Chaos Sutra Part 1, Primordial Yin-Yang Scripture, Part 1]

[Mystical Power: Chaos Flame]

[Artifact: None]

[Cultivation Potential: Unparalleled] 1

[Martial Skill: None]

[See Interpersonal Relationships list: None added]

Shi Tian read all the status, he curiously clicked on the plus sign in front of the Interpersonal Relationships list, next five people's profiles appeared on the screen. They were his mother and others who he had contacted after coming into this world. There was adding sign in front of everyone's picture.

Shi Tian understands this list much be similar to the friend list. He clicked on the Add sign and adding all the five women to the list.

[See Interpersonal Relationships list:

1. Hua Mingyue(Mother)

Life: 49/300 4

Race: Mortal Human]

Spiritual Roots: True Fire Spiritual Root(High-Heavenly Grade)

Cultivation: 2-star Spirit King

Special Physique: None

2. Shi Bingyao(Aunt)

Life: 34/300

Race: Mortal Human]

Spiritual Roots: Earth-Fire Dual Spiritual Root(High-Heavenly Grade)

Cultivation: 1-star Spirit King

Special Physique: None

3. Shen Xiaoli(Sister-in-law)

Life: 24/230

Race: Mortal Human]

Spiritual Roots: Extreme Ice Spiritual Root(Superior-Heavenly Grade)

Cultivation: 2-star Spirit Lord

Special Physique: Heavenly Yin Physique 4

4. Xiu Ying(Maid)

Life: 15/150

Race: Mortal Human]

Spiritual Roots: Wood-Light Dual Spiritual Root(Superior-Heavenly Grade)

Cultivation: 2-star Spirit Master

Special Physique: Myriad Spirit Wood Physique

5. Duan Mei(Maid)

Life: 16/140

Race: Mortal Human]

Spiritual Roots: Absolute Wind Spiritual Root(High-Heavenly Grade)

Cultivation: 4-star Spirit master

Special Physique: None

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