Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C8 Dual Cultivation Technique
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Let Me Embrace Beauties In Peace/C8 Dual Cultivation Technique
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C8 Dual Cultivation Technique

Shi Tian was stunned after seeing the status of the women, every one of them has heavenly spiritual roots while sister-in-law and Xiu Ying even have special physiques.

Furthermore, Xiu Ying and aunt were both dual-element spiritual roots, which means they can absorb both element energy from heaven and earth.

After that, he started reading, his spiritual roots, both cultivation techniques and other things given by the system.

He found that his chaotic spiritual roots were very overbearing, it could absorb every type of spiritual qi to cultivate, he was not restricted by any elements.

At the beginning of the cosmos, there was nothing but chaos energy. After evaluation of the cosmos, the chaos energy gave birth to many other energies. That's how other elements had born. Shi Tian didn't know if this was true or not, this information was given by the system.

Other than that the spiritual qi absorption speed of the chaotic spiritual roots was many times faster than heavenly spiritual roots.

Primordial Chaos Sutra was a cultivation technique. It could refine all types of spiritual qi into the Chaos Qi, it could be said, its technique was specially made for Chaotic Spiritual Roots. While ordinary techniques focused exclusively on either Qi Cultivation or Body Refining, this technique takes on both.

Primordial Yin-Yang Scripture, when he read the introduction of this technique, he was shocked and thrilled at the same time. It was a rare Dual Cultivation Technique, cultivating by exchanging yin and yang. He can become strong by having sex with women and absorbing their Yin Qi. The Primordial Yin-Yang Scripture was rather mystical, it worked both ways, females would get his yang qi in return for their yin qi. But Shi Tian could control the amount of yang qi he wanted to provide the women. If he desired then he could absorb all the yin qi of women without giving them a single ounce of yang qi in return.

There are many of this type of evil dual cultivators in the world who forcefully absorbed the yin qi of females then kill them, or use them as female cauldron to plunder their yin qi. That's why dual cultivators were not favored by others in this world rather the world despised them.

There were tons of techniques related to pleasuring women, but it could also be said, there will no woman in the world who he couldn't satisfy after using these techniques. They would feel heavenly pleasure just touching his hands.

Celestial Yang Physique; it was the best yang physique in the world, every man dreamt of having this yang physique. The yang type of physique gives the cultivators a strong body and vigorous yang energy. Furthermore, his Celestial Yang Physique provided him with rich celestial yang qi, which was the purest form of yang energy and also very beneficial to female cultivators. It could be said, the females would come over the world to him just to get his celestial yang qi. Well, some evil female dual cultivators could have to kidnap him and use him as a male cauldron.

It could be said Celestial Yang Physique and Primordial Yin-Yang Scripture was a perfect pair like the pair of Primordial Chaos Shutra and Chaotic Spiritual Roots.

'System, thank you for hearing the prays of a desperate virgin like me and giving me such godly gifts.' Shi Tian said in his mind, thanked system with a sincere heart. He felt the system very kind to him, although he snatched a girl from him, he gave many beauties in return, now even gave him dual cultivation technique.

Now he doesn't need to worry about the dangerous things to become stronger, he can simply become strong by having sex with women.

Other than that, a cultivator with a yang physique would have the advantage of the fire element, the yang physique boosts their flame power. Their strength used to be stronger than normal cultivators.

Destiny Of Peerless Warrior; it gave him a top-level comprehension ability, it was like boosting his IQ, he could easily memorize tons of books word by word just by reading one time. He could comprehend any type of martial skill in the world, combat techniques, sword arts, spear arts, or any other magical arts. Top Charm, as the name suggests it gave him the top level of charm.

In the last, A Hundred Superior Spirit Stones!

The currency of this world was divided into three types, copper coins, silver coins, and gold coins. A Hundred copper coins were equal to one silver coin, a hundred silver coins were equal to one gold coin. But this currency was only valid for mortal humans, for cultivators silver, gold holds no value to them. They used spirit stones as currency.

A spirit stone is a type of stone that was full of the world's Spiritual Qi, that's why they called spirit stones or spirit crystals. The amount of Spiritual Qi accumulated in the spirit stone is a huge supplement for cultivators.

If a cultivator absorbed the Spiritual Qi within the spirit stone during meditation as he cultivated, his speed of cultivation would reach astonishing rates. After all, the scattered Spiritual Qi that a cultivator would have to absorb and refine by himself was quite different from having pure, refined Spiritual Qi next to him that he could absorb and refine as he wished.

Actually, Spirit stones were natural crystal ores that were transformed into spiritual crystals due to the effect of the energy of heaven and earth. Just like gold and other metals, the spiritual crystal could also find beneath of earth in form of ores, this place where spirit stone formed is called Spirit Stone Vein. The humans mines these spirit crystal ores, later they cut them into small pieces for convenience.

However, this was not a spirit stone's greatest effect. Another important usage of the spirit stone was to set up array formations.

Spirit stones have such amazing effects, so naturally, the value for a spirit stone rose as well.

But because of the vast consumption of the spirit stones, along with the excessive exploitation and continuous decline of their ore veins, spirit stones had gradually become a precious luxury good in the present day of the cultivating world. In short, it became a cultivator's optimal safeguard for business transactions and the only circulating monetary currency.

Spirit stones were grade into four grades according to the amount of spirit power they contained. The four grades comprised of low-grade spirit stone, mid-grade spirit stone, high-grade spirit stone, and top-grade spirit stone.

One thousand gold coins were equal to one low-grade spirit stone. One Hundred Low-Grade Spirit Stones were equal to one Mid-Grade Spirit Stone, One Hundred Mid-Grade Spirit Stones were equal to one High-Grade Spirit Stone, One Hundred High-Grade Spirit Stones were equal to one Superior-Grade Spirit Stone.

Just like, Spirit Stone Veins were also graded into four grades, low, mid, high, and superior. A Low-grade Spirit Stone Vein could only produce low-grade spirit, while mid-grade Spirit Stone Veins could produce mid-grade spirit stones so on.

He has a hundred Superior Grade Spirit Stones, One Superior Grade Spirit Stone was equal to one million low-grade spirit stones that means he has wealth of a hundred million spirit stones. Shi Tian was shocked. That was a huge amount. Much less the Superior Grade Spirit stones were very rare to find, so their value was also very higher.

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