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C9 Cultivating

Shi Tian started practicing by the following the method of Primordial Chaos Sutra, he started absorbing the world's spiritual qi inside his body. When spiritual qi entered his body, Primordial Chaos Sutra began operating, immediately refining this spiritual qi into chaos qi

The refined Chaos Qi began spreading throughout his body to refine his body. Shi Tian could feel warm energy spreading inside his entire body and strengthening his body.

Shi Tian felt the speed was too slow, suddenly he remembered something then took out one spirit stone from the system inventory, he held it in his hand and started absorbing spirit qi from the spirit stones. Instantly he felt a huge amount of pure spirit qi started flowing out from the spirit stones, it was many times faster than absorbing the spirit qi from the air. 1

Shi Tian showed a satisfied smile on his face seeing this.

If this scene was seen by the outside world, their eyes would pop out from their eye socket. A cultivator who yet to cultivate body forging realm using superior grade spirit stones to cultivate. One has to know that the superior grade spirit stones contained the purest and densest spirit qi of all types of spirit stones. A superior grade spirit stone contains equal spirit qi that one million low-grade spirit stones contained together. From this, you can think of the quality and quantity of the spirit qi inside a superior grade spirit stone.

It could be explained like this if low-grade spirit stones contained energy comparable to a small missile, then a superior grade spirit stone contained energy comparable to a nuclear missile.

If weak cultivators try to absorb the spirit qi from the superior grade spirit stones, their bodies would explode due to the strong and excessive amount of spirit qi. Only cultivators whose cultivation reached spirit king or emperor realm would dare to cultivate using the superior grade spirit stones.

Not only Shi Tian was able to absorb the spirit qi from the superior grade spirit stone without dying, but his absorption speed was also very fast.

The Primordial Chao Sutra run with full capacity, refining the spirit qi into the chaos qi that instantly spread out in his body to temper his body, from the bone to the skin every inch of his body was being tempered by the chaos qi.

After cultivating two hours, Shi Tian's cultivation reached 1-Star Body Forging Realm, he glanced at the spirit stone, saw the spirit qi inside it was diminished by a bit.

It could give a huge shock to others, normally a person needed a hundred low-grade spirit stones to break through the 1-star Body Forging Realm. But Shi Tian absorbed the spirit qi equal to the tens of thousands just to break the first-star body forging realm.

Shi Tian once again started cultivating.

After another three hours. Shi Tian finally stopped cultivating, placed the spirit stone back in the inventory. Then he checked his status.

[Name: Shi Tian]

[Life(Age): 15/75]

[Race: Mortal Human]

[Body: Celestial Yang Physique]

[Cultivation: 2-star Body Forging Realm]

[Cultivation Method: Primordial Chaos Sutra Part 1, Primordial Yin-Yang Scripture, Part 1]

[Mystical Power: Chaos Flame]

[Artifact: None]

[Cultivation Potential: Unparalleled]

[Martial Skill: None]

[See Interpersonal Relationships list: Five added]

After five hours of cultivation, Shi Tian reached the second level of body forgiving realm from a crippled person.

If others saw his speed of cultivation, they might cry without a tear, what kind of talent he has. While others take months to cultivate a single level, Shi Tian cultivated two levels in five hours.

After closing the status panel, getting up from the bed. Shi Tian scratched his body, he could feel his body become many times stronger than before.

'So this effect of the cultivation, so cool.' Shi Tian thought in his mind.

After Shi Tian walked out of the room, it was already evening, his mother and girls should have prepared for the party by now.

When he walked out of the room, a grand hall size of two hundred square feet appeared in front of him that was filled with many types of furniture.

He looked around at the house curiously. The house was not small, rather it was a big mansion.

Although the mansion was only has a single floor, it was quite grand and luxurious. There were dozens of big rooms like his around the hall. There was even a big fireplace in the left wall of the hall half surround with couches to sit down in front of the fireplace.

At this time, Xiu Ying and Duan Mei were setting up the dining table and chairs. Seeing Shi Tian come out both of them looked at him.

Suddenly both girls were frozen and stunned after seeing him as they started stared at him deeply, their eyebrows knitted slightly, their eyes glued on his face.

Seeing their reaction, Shi Tian couldn't help but ask curiously, "Is something on my face?"

"Ah! That's not it. Young Master, you seem changed somehow, umm you are looking more handsome than before." Duan Mei ponder for a moment and said.

"Yes, that's true!" Xiu Ying also nodded.

"Isn't I was always handsome?" Shi Tian said as he looked at the two girls weirdly.

"Hm! Shi Tian, you finished cultivating.hmm." At this time, his aunt arrived in the hall and said. But just like two maids, she also started staring at his face deeply. Now, he was also curious if his face changed or something.

His aunt came closer to him and examine his face then said, "Shi Tian, have you practiced some charm technique or something? Your charm increased very higher than before."

Shi Bingyao was more knowledgeable than the two maids, she instantly found out the puzzle. It was no doubt that Shi Tian was very handsome, but now he was looking not only beautifully handsome but also very charming.

At this time, his face excluding an irresistible charm. It was particularly more effective towards the opposite gender. Any woman would find him more attractive and likable.

There were many special types of techniques in the world, charm technique was also one of them. Some beautiful women cultivated charm techniques to increase their charm and use it as a weapon.

"No, aunt! I didn't!" Shi Tian finally realized the problem, it was his top charm that attacked their attention. He finally understood the effect of the top-quality charm.

"This is strange, then how did your charm increase so much in a few hours?" Shi Bingyao said curiously.

"I don't have any idea." Shi Tian shook his and said.

"Let's forget about this, It's a good thing anyway." Shi Bingyao shrugged her shoulder and said, "by the way, how was your cultivation, do you able to cultivate now?"

"Yes, I can cultivate again, my cultivation reached the second level of body forging realm." Shi Tian nodded and said lightly.

"2-star Body Forging Stage! What?" Shi Bingyao's eyes widened, and she looked at Shi Tian in shock. "Shi Tian, you reached 2-star body forging stage in few hours. This is unbelievably fast."

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