Let's Encounter Next Time/C1 Subterranean Lover
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Let's Encounter Next Time/C1 Subterranean Lover
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C1 Subterranean Lover

Ann Yan had never expected to see her father commit suicide by jumping off a building and die in front of her.

In one of the buildings in the imperial city, a black coloured unknown object plummeted to the ground. With a "bang", it crashed in front of Ann Yan.

Looking at the person in front of her whose blood was flowing out, her eyes suddenly widened, and her mind suddenly went blank.

Her eyes were red as she knelt on the ground, her voice hoarse and trembling. "Dad …"

She wanted to reach out and pick up her father, but seeing the blood all over the place, she was at a loss. Her hands trembled, and her mouth lost all color.

Very quickly, they formed a circle and saw that she was completely surrounded.

Her eyes turned red as she looked at her surroundings. In an instant, they turned blurry.

In her mind, waves of noisy sounds resounded.

However, she only heard one name, the name she hated and loved the most — Fu Cizer!

She screamed in pain, "I beg you, please save my father, I beg you …"

No one offered a helping hand to Ann Yan.

She tightly held onto her father's broken body, crying out hoarsely, begging them to save her father. However, those people were like cold machines, coldly watching from the sidelines.

Only when there was a commotion outside the crowd did her gaze drop to the source of the commotion.

When her gaze landed on that person, her eyes were filled with anger and grief!

She stood up like a puppet and used all her strength to push everyone away. Her eyes were red as she angrily walked towards him.

When she arrived in front of Fu Cizer, her mind was blank. All that was left was hatred. She raised her hand and slapped him hard.

"Pah!" A crisp slap on the face shocked everyone.

Ann Yan's eyes were red as she glared at him. Her teeth were chattering in hatred, "Fu Cizer, didn't you promise to let my parents go?"

Fu Cizer received the sudden slap.

He pursed his lips, touched his lips with his tongue, and lightly wiped them with his finger. The corner of his mouth curled up into a devilish smile. "Did I promise you that?"


Fu Cizer's words deeply provoked Ann Yan. Her body trembled uncontrollably as tears rolled down her face mercilessly.

"Fu Cizer, you bastard!"

She was so angry that her entire body was trembling. Other than scolding him, she seemed to have nothing else to do. The hatred in her heart soared as she coldly looked at the cold and heartless man in front of her and said, "Aren't you afraid that I'll sue you?"

Fu Cizer Xie smiled seductively. His eyes were filled with disdain and disgust as he said, "Go, I'll accompany you anytime!"

"Fu Cizer!" These three words came from her gnashing her teeth in anger.

He didn't seem to care about her anger, nor did he seem to care about her.

He lowered his head and smiled, then indistinctly lowered his head and whispered into her ear, "Don't forget our agreement, my … earth … place … love … people."

The last sentence, enunciated word by word, brought with it the pain of having one's bones scraped.

Ann Yan shook her head with tears in her eyes. Her body trembled as she said, "Fu Cizer, since you didn't keep our promise, don't expect me to agree to anything!"

She turned and ran into the crowd, carefully helping her father's corpse up. Her eyes were red and her pale lips moved. "Dad, let's go home."

But just when she was about to turn around and leave, Fu Cizer's cruel and merciless voice sounded out from behind her, "Don't forget, you still have a mother!"

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