Let's Encounter Next Time/C11 He Was Sent to Prison with His Own Hands
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Let's Encounter Next Time/C11 He Was Sent to Prison with His Own Hands
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C11 He Was Sent to Prison with His Own Hands

No one knew who was talking to her, and Fu Cizer didn't think it was that simple, so he sent someone to the coffee shop to look for a video.

However, the news he got was that the surveillance camera had broken a few days ago, so he didn't find anyone to fix it. Therefore, the clue that he wanted to know the truth was broken.

He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the pale-faced Ann Yan. A hint of gentleness appeared in his eyes as he held her hair to his ear and quietly sat on the edge of the bed to look at her.

Why did he still love her?

Shouldn't he hate her?

He hated her for sending him to prison three years ago, but it seemed that his hatred for her completely disappeared the moment he saw her.

He had been searching for the murderer of Ann Yan's sister, but three years had passed and all the clues had disappeared.

Even if he had the right now, it was still not enough.

He had loved her for so long that it seeped into his bones. He had never thought of her father's death. At that time, there was a problem, and her father found him and knelt in front of him to confess.

"Cizer, we misunderstood you three years ago. Can you save Madam An's life on Yan's account?"

Father An kneeled before him with a look of guilt on his face. He was on the verge of tears. He never would have thought that such a dramatic scene would happen to him.

Because the moment of his sister's death, the key ring that Yan had given him appeared on the spot, and that thing had mysteriously disappeared a week before the accident.

He searched for a long time, but to no avail.

That day, it was pouring rain and the sky was overcast. Ann Yan ran back to his house, soaked from head to toe. Tears mixed with the rain and stuck on her face.

"Yan, why are you here? If it's raining, why don't you bring an umbrella? "

When he saw her dripping wet body, he frowned in worry. His tone was full of concern.

Just as he finished his sentence, Ann Yan looked at him with an expressionless face. With a cold tone and a trace of hatred that he could not detect, she asked, "Where is the key ring that I gave you?"

When Fu Cizer heard the key ring, a trace of guilt flashed across his eyes. How, he wondered, did Ann Yan know that the key ring was missing?

He looked at Ann Yan and saw that she seemed a little sad. He lowered his eyes and apologized, "I'm sorry, Yan. I lost it! "

"Lost it?"

Ann Yan let out a cold harrumph, raised the unknown object in her hand, and shouted angrily and sorrowfully, "Look at what this is, you murderer!"

Facing the accusation that suddenly popped up along with that terrifying infamy, Fu Cizer became even more confused. He reached out his hand to pull her closer to the room, but she slapped him!

"Fu Cizer, you will definitely seek justice for my sister. Because of you, she was killed before she could even see this world. I hate you! "

With that, she turned and ran out.

Fu Cizer stood where he was with a wooden face. Suddenly, muffled thunder sounded in the sky and lightning flashed across the sky.

A faint yet dark aura surrounded his handsome face. His hanging hand trembled unnoticeably as the color drained from his lips.

When did he kill her sister?

He slowly crouched down and his gaze fell onto the key ring that had disappeared for a week. Looking at the two-sided crystal photo pendant stained with a drop of blood, his pupils tightened.

Three minutes after he touched the keychain, the siren of a police car sounded, and the car stopped in front of his house.

Just like that, Fu Cizer was brought to the police station in confusion. No matter how he explained, the police insisted that he was the culprit.

Only because the family members that were killed directly recognized him as the murderer. And that person was the person he loved the most, Ann Yan!

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