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C12 Past

He'd never thought he'd go to jail, and the key was at the scene.

That night, he went out to the country on his bike alone, and there was no third person to testify to him. In addition, there were footage of him at the An household. So it was a matter of fact that he had committed the crime.

A week later, the two of them met again. However, their relationship with the victim's family and the prisoner had already appeared in court.

He would never forget the look in Ann Yan's eyes when she looked at him.

That gaze made him feel fear even when he thought about it. His eyes were filled with grief, hatred and anger.

All the evidence was placed in front of him, and he was at a loss for words. He raised his gaze and looked at her. Her pale, dry lips moved, but she did not say anything in the end.

Just like that, he was sentenced to three years in prison. He hated to send him to prison because of an alibi and the key chain.

He was in a muddled state after entering the prison. His mind was blank.

The only person he remembered that he loved the most was someone who sent him to jail.

He had once vowed in prison that after he was released from prison, he would definitely settle down and pay the price.

After coming out, he worked day and night to rescue the decadent Fu clan.

Just as he was about to make his move, something happened at the An clan.

He had investigated it afterwards and found that it was not as simple as he had imagined. Until now, he had not found the person who did it!

Ann Yan thought it was his doing, so she came to beg him to let her go. And in his name, he had surrounded her.

But he never would have thought that she would come to the company the day his father fell!

The ward bell suddenly rang, bringing Fu Cizer's thoughts back to reality. He rubbed his slightly reddened eyes and took out his phone to look at the name displayed on the screen.

He walked to the balcony with light steps and picked up the phone. "Dad!"

No one knew what he said, but Fu Cizer's expression changed drastically. He raised his voice: "Impossible!"

A few minutes later, Fu Cizer hung up the phone and gently scratched her nose. He smiled and said, "Wait for me. When this is over, I will explain everything to you."

Then he scooped up the clothes from the chair, opened the door, and left the hospital.

When Fu Cizer left, Ann Yan started crying.

The unconscious her tightly furrowed her brows as she saw something. A pained expression appeared on her face.


Seeing her little sister covered in blood and lying lifelessly on the ground, her little sister's face turned extremely pale due to the excessive loss of blood.

Ann Yan covered her mouth with her hand, tears flowing out of her eyes. Her shoulders started shaking violently and she suddenly ran out. "Dad, Mom …" "Xi Yu, she …"

Her voice trembled with fear. When the An family's parents heard this, they nervously asked, "What happened to Xiao Yu?"

She shook her head in fear and turned her gaze to the stairs.

The An clan's parents didn't have time to think as they went to the second floor.

Seeing the scene before their eyes, the two of them were also stunned. Their eyes were immediately filled with grief and anger.

"Xiao Yu?" What's wrong with you? Don't scare Mom, Little Yu! " Tears welled up in Mother An's eyes as she reached for Xiao Yu with trembling hands.

However, Xiao Yu didn't move at all. From the looks of her pale face and the blood all over the ground, it didn't seem like she was pretending.

In an instant, An Niang's mind collapsed as she tightly hugged Xiao Yu, crying hysterically. Ann Yan's face was filled with sadness and shock.

In just five minutes, everything happened too quickly.

Father An turned his back and his eyes began to turn red. He covered his eyes with his hands to prevent the tears from falling.

Ann Yan walked slowly to Xiao Yu. When she was about to approach Xiao Yu, she stepped on a hard object.

She looked at it suspiciously, then bent down and picked it up.

When her eyes caught the picture, she was in an icehouse. She shook her head, her eyes filled with shock.

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