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C3 Please Him

Upon hearing his sarcastic words, Ann Yan cursed herself in a low voice as she tried to break free from his embrace.

Who knew that with a flip of Fu Cizer's body, she was pressed down on the bed.

He pressed down against her body, his thin lips slightly parted, "Serving me. If I feel comfortable, maybe I can let go of your mother!"

Hearing this, her struggling hands stopped in midair, her eyes were like frightened deer. His pale, weak lips moved slightly. "Really …" "Really?"

"It depends on your performance!" Fu Cizer let go of her and frowned in disgust.

She lowered her eyes, which were filled with a tangled look.

What was she supposed to do? To please him, to keep his mother? He decided to take his mother and leave A City so that he wouldn't be able to deal with the mother and daughter pair …

However, her mother's body …

After a while, she chose the former. Her mother could not live through all this, so she had no choice.

She firmly bit down on her lower lip, her face red as she reached for the bath belt on his waist with trembling hands!

When her small hand touched the belt, she closed her eyes.

She pulled for a long time, but no clothes fell off.

This was the first time she had done such a thing, and it was inevitable that she would reveal a shy expression on her face. However, in Fu Cizer's eyes, she was just playing around.

"Ann Yan, your skills are pretty good!"


Hearing Fu Cizer's mocking voice, Ann Yan suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with confusion and astonishment.

He … What did that mean? Was she skilled? Didn't he use her mother's life to threaten her? And now, this matter had become a trick to her?

Ke ke, her heart was like a pool of stagnant water. Her eyes were dull as she looked at him, while the corner of her mouth revealed a brilliant smile.

Looking at her expression, Fu Cizer felt a sense of annoyance at the bottom of his heart. With a wave of his hand, the fragile cloth on her body was ripped apart in an instant.

A gust of cold wind blew past and her body trembled uncontrollably. She only regained her senses after feeling a slight chill!

His long fingers lifted her chin and said in a commanding tone, "Pleasure me!"

Hearing that, Ann Yan's eyes were filled with shame and endless despair.

She looked at the man in front of her and suddenly realized that she had never met him before.

Ann Yan trembled as she extended her hand to grab his neck and kissed him.

Her kissing skills were very rough, and the Fu Cizer who was kissed felt very uncomfortable. Gradually, he gained control of the situation. He fiercely bit her lips and kissed her.

Gradually, an ambiguous feeling arose between the two of them. The two bodies were tightly entwined together, and his broad and strong hands wantonly roamed around her waist.

His hand seemed to possess some sort of magic as it ignited the desire within her body. Fire.

Fu Cizer's deep eyes were also filled with lust. There was a hint of disgust mixed in the middle, making it impossible for others to detect it!

His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Ann Yan who was below him. He reached out his hand to remove the last barrier between them. In an instant, it entered her body.

"Ah!" Ann Yan screamed in pain. It was as if her entire body was being torn into two halves. It was so painful that she felt like breathing was unnecessary.

Fu Cizer was expressionless as he stared at the pale and sweating woman below him. He sneered in disdain, "Ann Yan, I didn't expect you to be a virgin! Who did he want to preserve his virginity for? Whatever... In the end, you still became my tool! "

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