Let's Encounter Next Time/C4 Identify Your Position
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Let's Encounter Next Time/C4 Identify Your Position
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C4 Identify Your Position

Ann Yan looked absent-mindedly at the man who had engaged her. His words seemed to have caused her great pain. The pain in her body was far less than the pain in her heart.

Looking at Ann Yan who was in a daze, Fu Cizer pinched her chin and sneered in disdain, "What, are you still grieving for your father? Or is it … I can't satisfy you? That's why I gave you time to get lost in your thoughts? "

As she said that, Fu Cizer rammed hard into Ann Yan, making her unable to think about anything else due to the pain. Her body trembled, and the sadness in her eyes was reflected in his.

For a moment, he wanted to stop and hug Ann Yan.

However, the moment he thought about what happened three years ago, that thought in his mind was quickly and mercilessly crushed.

Anger and disgust filled his eyes as he heavily punished her without the slightest bit of mercy. Fu Cizer asked again and again until the early hours of the morning.

Ann Yan stared blankly at the white ceiling, like a broken glass doll. Her snow-white skin was intermixed with blue and purple, and her kiss was mixed with scratches. It was a terrible sight to behold.

Fu Cizer came out of the bathroom and buttoned his shirt. His voice was especially cold as he said, "Stay in Fu Garden obediently for me. If you dare to run again, I don't mind making your mother suffer! "

After he finished speaking, he left without the slightest hesitation. It was that merciless.

Tears streamed down Ann Yan's face, and it took her a while to regain her senses. The pain in her leg was telling her what had happened tonight.

Trembling, she walked step by step toward the bathroom.

The man she loved the most, the hatred she currently felt towards her, was unbearable. A bitter smile spread from the corner of her mouth.

Ever since that night, Fu Cizer rarely returned to Fu Garden. It seemed like she was the canary, locked in this cage.

She picked up her long-lost paintbrush and spent her days sitting quietly in the courtyard, sketching out the flowers.

One month passed. On this day, a person came to Fu Garden.

Tang Moqing elegantly sat down, her cold gaze falling on her: "You must be Cizer's lover!"

Ann Yan's shoulders trembled imperceptibly. She did not admit it nor deny it.

Tang Moqing picked up the cup of coffee on the table and took a sip. Her actions exuded the aura of a noble lady.

"I came to tell you that in December, I'm going to marry Cizer. I hope that you will recognize your position! "

After saying that, she stepped onto her 10-centimeter high heels and headed outside.

After she left, Ann Yan completely lost all her strength and fell to the ground in a split-second. She pressed her hands to the ground and lowered her head, tears streaming down her face.

She didn't know how many times she cried, but no matter how much she cried, her tears wouldn't dry up.

In the evening, when Ann Yan was preparing to shower and sleep, Fu Cizer staggered and pushed open the door with the smell of alcohol.

"How did you get back?" As she spoke, Ann Yan stopped taking off her clothes and looked at him warily.

Fu Cizer didn't answer and just walked towards her and threw her onto the bed.

Before she could react, Fu Cizer had already pressed her down.

"Let me go!" She waved her hands in fright and looked at the ferocious Fu Cizer in fear.

"Let you go? "Ann Yan, don't forget your status!"

After he finished speaking, his large hand mercilessly tore apart her clothes.

"Hiss ~"

The tearing sound of the clothes stimulated Ann Yan's voice. She waved her hands in fright and bellowed, "Get out of my way! Get out of my way!"

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