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C5 Threat

In an instant, she was unable to utter a sound. Fu Cizer's face was cold and filled with hostility. The hatred and coldness in his eyes reached deep into her heart.

He forcefully held her throat and spat out those cold and emotionless words, slowly eroding her heart.

"I'm leaving? Ann Yan, don't forget that your mother's life is still in my hands. As long as I'm not feeling well, I'll let her go down to the ground to accompany your father! "


Fu Cizer's words instantly exploded in Ann Yan's ears. Those flying fragments fiercely stabbed into her heart.

She was powerless to defend herself, so she could only lower her flapping hands. His little face was filled with despair, and his helpless gaze reached straight to the bottom of his heart.

Due to the lack of oxygen, Ann Yan's lips started to turn purple, her vision began to turn black, her brain and vision started to blur, and a bitter smile spread from the corner of her mouth. "Fu Siyu, do you hate me so much?"

Had he really hated her to the bone in three years?

If this was his revenge, then she didn't owe him anything. Because of her father, she had sacrificed her life.

Seeing her like this, Fu Cizer threw her, who was on the verge of death, away.

Ann Yan's back solidly hit the cabinet behind her.


She instantly felt a burning pain on her back and felt her internal organs all move. She barely managed to stand up while leaning against the cabinet.

"Heh, if anything happens to Fu Cizer's mother, I won't let you get off scot-free!"

She covered her chest with one hand and her eyes started to turn red. There were tears in his eyes, pitiful and helpless under the warm yellow light.

Obviously, Lili's words had thoroughly infuriated Fu Cizer. Fu Cizer took a step forward, his face full of malice. The coldness in his eyes was bottomless.

"Are you threatening me?"

She turned her face away and looked at him unwillingly. However, how could Fu Cizer do as she wanted? He pinched her chin and forced her to look straight at him.

"Fu Cizer, don't you feel disgusted? Don't you feel ashamed that your real wife comes to your door? "

Seeing that she couldn't dodge, Ann Yan bellowed hoarsely. Tears welled up in his eyes like a dam had been breached.

Hearing that, Fu Cizer's raging mood seemed to improve in an instant. He squeezed her chin and slightly loosened his grip.

He bent his head and kissed away the tears at the corners of her eyes. His earlobes and neck had left traces of him.

"Let me go, Fu Cizer. I hate you! "Go away..."

Ann Yan especially hated having physical contact with him right now, because that would make her feel extremely dirty.

Fu Cizer, who lowered his head to kiss her lips, bit her lower lip neither lightly nor heavily. However, his voice was especially gentle: "Stop messing around!"

With that, he carried her across his arms and gently placed her on the bed.

Ann Yan, who was still sobbing, looked at Fu Cizer who looked so gentle. She paused for a moment as if they had returned to the past.

She suddenly burst into tears, as if she had found a long-lost doll. She tightly hugged Fu Cizer, and her voice even carried a slight trace of love and yearning: "Cizer, is that you? I knew you still loved me! "

Fu Cizer didn't reply, he only removed the obstruction between them and pierced through her.

"Ok." This time, Ann Yan didn't struggle. She lay on the bed like a pool of soft water, coordinating with Fu Cizer's movement.

She knew that she had stolen the pleasure. She understood that Fu Cizer, who treated her so warmly at dawn, immediately became cold and unfamiliar.

Fu Cizer lowered his head and kissed her earlobe. His low and hoarse voice rang in her ears, "Yan, who am I?"

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