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C7 Amnesia

Ann Yan felt it was somehow funny. She raised her eyes and smiled indifferently, "Miss Tang, you should go and find Fu Cizer for this, right?"

She looked at Tang Moqing and said with a faint, polite smile, "Miss Tang, if there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first!"

With that, she stood up and prepared to leave, but Tang Moqing told her the news she wanted to hear the most.

"The one who killed your sister was not Cizer!"

Tang Moqing was not the least bit worried that she would leave. Instead, she spoke indifferently. A trace of viciousness that Ann Yan could not detect flashed past her eyes!

Hearing this, Ann Yan stopped in her tracks as she had expected. She straightened her back and turned around slightly. Her eyes were filled with shock. "What did you say?"

"Cizer is completely unaware of what happened three years ago!"

Once again confirmed, Ann Yan instantly retreated a few steps and shook her head, her mouth moving nonstop. However, no one could understand what she was saying.

After a while, she rushed forward like a runaway horse, forcefully grabbing onto Tang Moqing's shoulder and shaking it: "Are you lying to me? "Isn't it?"

She used almost all of her strength to shout the last sentence.

Tang Moqing calmly opened the distance between the two of them. Her red lips curled up and her delicate eyebrows raised slightly. "What do you think?"

A rhetorical question completely stunned Ann Yan.

Yeah, what did she think?

At this moment, this question seemed so laughable.

Her hand was tightly clenched. Her nails dug deep into her flesh, but she did not feel the slightest bit of pain.

She suddenly laughed out wildly, raised her hand and viciously slapped herself. Just what did she do?

In the past three years, they had scolded him, misunderstood him, and even caused him to end up in jail?

Ann Yan, Ann Yan, you deserve to be humiliated so much! You deserved it!

She slowly walked to the balcony and raised her head to look at the blue sky where the clouds were still floating. Tears flowed down her cheeks from her eyes.

Tang Moqing looked down at the clock and slowly walked towards her.

When she was completely close to Ann Yan, she suddenly shouted sharply, "Don't kill me! Ann Yan, I didn't mean to snatch Cizer from you!"

With that, she pushed her hands towards Ann Yan.

Before Ann Yan could react, her body instinctively dodged to the side to avoid Tang Moqing's deadly blow.

It didn't happen as Tang Moqing expected. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell from the sky.

In a flash, her face lost all color. The moment she fell from the tall building, she directly grabbed onto Ann Yan's left hand.

Ann Yan jumped in fright and was immediately pulled over. Fortunately, her right hand had grabbed a rope that was hanging on the balcony.

Fu Cizer ran over with an ugly expression.

The moment he saw the both of them falling down the stairs, he felt his heart stop beating.

His pupils constricted, and his eyes were filled with panic and fear. He strode towards the balcony.

When he saw Ann Yan hanging in the air, his heart gradually relaxed.

He put one hand into his pocket and looked at Ann Yan with cold eyes. Her face was pale, but there was something wrong with her.

Tang Moqing's gaze fell on Fu Cizer who had just arrived. She sniffed and cried, "Cizer, save me! I never forced you to marry me. "But, when Miss An hears this, she's going to die with me!"

As she spoke, tears welled up in her eyes, making people feel like protecting her.

Fu Cizer didn't give Ann Yan a chance to say anything. He frowned and said with endless anger in his eyes, "Ann Yan, do you still want the scene from three years ago to reappear?"

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