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C8 Really Wrong

Ann Yan came back to her senses and looked up at Fu Cizer with pity in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I was wrong, Cizer. I was really wrong! "

After saying that, she lowered her eyes. Her tone was filled with boundless regret and guilt. It was because of her that he had fallen into prison.

She was the source of everything, she was the coldest person!

Fu Cizer stood on the balcony. The corner of his mouth hooked up into a soul-stirring smile, but that smile was filled with endless darkness and a trace of chilliness.

"It's too late. I should have known what would happen to you from the moment you personally sent me to prison!"

That cold chill attacked her heart and began to slowly swallow her whole. She looked at Fu Cizer and pleaded, "Cizer, save me! "I was really wrong, I know what you're thinking …"

"Shut up. What qualifications do you have for me to save you?" Fu Cizer heartlessly interrupted Ann Yan. As he spoke, he reached out his hand towards Tang Moqing.

"Ann Yan …" If you want to save, I'm also saving my fiancee. "

Fu Cizer's words exploded in her ears once again, causing her to freeze on the spot as if she was struck by lightning.

A breeze blew past, making her shiver. However, it was still not as cold as the one at the bottom of his heart. It was as if he wanted to freeze her and was unable to move!

He really … Did he really hate her so much that he would retaliate against her like that?

She was wrong, she was really wrong!

Ann Yan raised her gaze, her eyes filled with despair and helplessness. Her gaze was locked onto Fu Cizer's face, trying to find any emotion from it.

But other than his expressionless face, all he did was smile at Tang Qing Mo. That smile was like a piece of ice that could melt the Arctic, giving people hope.

However, at this moment, Ann Yan felt that her vision was incomparably dazzling, and she even felt somewhat sad. She bit her lips tightly as she looked at the two people who were tightly hugging each other, and tears started rolling down her face.

Fu Cizer's back was facing Ann Yan. However, Tang Moqing's complacent smile and the scheming in her eyes were all in her eyes.

Why, why did he do this? She had already apologized, why did she feel that their distance was comparable to the Milky Way, she would never be able to cross it!

When they let go of each other, Fu Cizer saw the hurt in Ann Yan's eyes, and the taut string in his heart instantly burst!

"Cizer, luckily you came in time. If you don't let me come, then I really will …"

Tang Moqing's voice was soft and delicate. The little bird on her face was frightened as she threw herself into his embrace. Her eyes were slightly red, and tears filled her eyes.

Just when Fu Cizer was about to go and save Ann Yan, he noticed that the rope in her hand was splitting open at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

Ann Yan howled at him in despair and sorrow:

"I was wrong, Fu Cizer …" I was wrong! "

The rope was damaged, and Ann Yan could feel her body falling to the ground.

At the moment she fell down the stairs, all she saw was the malice and viciousness in Tang Moqing's eyes. She closed her eyes in despair and spread her hands.

The next second, Fu Cizer leaped forward but missed the rope.

He could only stare helplessly at the rapidly descending Ann Yan, his eyes tinged with a layer of fear that he didn't even realize was there.

All of a sudden, he got up from the ground and ran frantically down the stairs.

"Bam!" Ann Yan fell heavily onto the ground. Her head hit a hard object, causing blood to flow out.

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