Lies of Wife/C1 Chapter 1
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Lies of Wife/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

Midsummer's evening, it drizzled down from Yunyang City, making the weather even hotter.

He turned on the light and changed his shoes, only to find his wife Han Xueying's pink slippers still in the shoe cabinet. Chen Xu looked up at the clock on the wall. It was already 9: 35.

Did his wife work overtime today?

In recent days, his wife had returned late and late.

His wife, Han Xueying, would usually arrive home before him after he had been married for three years. When he opened the door, he would always see his wife, who was watching Korean dramas while hugging her knees on the sofa, the dishes his wife cooked for him on the table, and when he returned, his wife would run over to hug his neck and affectionately talk to him.

Chen Xu sighed and dialed his wife's number. After the call was connected, there were some noisy shouts and music coming from the other end of the phone. Chen Xu fed her a few times and then hung up.

"The phone was turned off again!" Chen Xu was very agitated.

Had his wife cheated?

No, that won't happen. Han Xueyin was a good daughter-in-law in the eyes of her parents-in-law, and also the woman that Chen Xu cared the most about. She was gentle and considerate, as meek as a kitten, and never talked out loud.

Just as Chen Xu was puzzled, the sound of a key opening the door came from outside.

"Hubby, I'm back!"

Hearing his wife's voice, Chen Xu cleared his mind.

"Wife, why did you come back so late?"

"A gathering of friends!"

Han Xueying bent over and took off her black high heels and put on her pink slippers. She then walked beside Chen Xu and sat down, nestling against his body and gently rubbing his sore ankle. Because of the humid and hot weather, Han Xueying's floral shirt was soaked in sweat and rain. The towering snow peak was faintly discernible. Chen Xu looked at his wife's collar and felt his throat dry up.

"Why did you turn off your phone?"

"My phone is broken. It has been shutting down automatically recently. Looks like I should change my phone. Hubby, come with me to the electronics market some other day!" I want to buy a new one. "

"En, alright!"

"What kind of friends are those at the party? Why haven't I heard you talk about them before?"

"Hubby, my shirt is soaked. I'm going to take a bath first!"

Chen Xu wanted to continue asking, but Han Xueying had already walked into the bathroom, and the sound of water could be heard. He remembered that he was worried that his wife would come home late and still hadn't taken a bath, so he took out Han Xueying's purple pajamas and a pair of clean men's underwear from the bedroom cabinet.

Eh, why can't the door open?

Chen Xu was surprised that his wife had locked the bathroom door! It was the first time in her life that his wife had shut herself out like this.

He was already an old husband and wife, was his wife still afraid that he would see them? Or had she destroyed something within the door that Chen Xu didn't want to see?

A trace of unease flashed through Chen Xu's heart. He impatiently knocked on the door and called out his wife's name. After a while, the door opened with a thump.

"Hubby, do you want to bathe with me?" Han Xueying was a bit nervous.


His wife's black hair fell down her chest like a waterfall, adding to her charm. He was just about to step forward and hug his wife, when suddenly, the clothes in his hands fell to the ground and were soaked in water.

His wife's white breasts had multiple bite marks in front of them! The red was extremely glaring!

"She, Han Xueying, really did nothing good behind my back!" Chen Xu's heart had already collapsed.

He sucked in a breath of cold air and grabbed his wife's shoulders to take a closer look. These teeth marks could be big or small, light or heavy, and even had blood seeping out from them. This scene immediately appeared in Chen Xu's mind. He wanted to find a adulterer to tear him into a thousand pieces immediately before settling the score with Han Xueying.

Chen Xu stared at his wife who was in a daze under the shower as he gasped for breath. Han Xueyin was so frightened that she shrugged her shoulders and instinctively clutched the picture on her chest.

"Hubby, it's not what you think …"

Chen Xu's heart skipped a beat. For a moment, he couldn't say a word. He turned Han Xueying's body, and when he saw his wife's back, he almost fell to the ground. On the right side of her back, there was an additional scarlet rose.

It was still extremely dazzling!

His wife came home late in a row, with teeth marks on her chest and tattoos on her back …

"What the hell is going on?" Chen Xu clenched his fists, the veins on his forehead bulging.

"This was bitten by a few friends when they were playing around during the reunion!" Han Xueying explained.

"Tell me honestly, are you cheating?"

"No …." "No, after dinner tonight, my friends and I went to the KTV to sing. Halfway through the singing, they insisted on playing a game where they really took great risks. I lost several times in a row and I didn't want to drink, so they punished me in this way. Hubby, you have to believe me, I definitely won't betray you!"

"Then what about the red rose on his back? Was it they who forced you to go to Vin? " Chen Xu could not tell if what his wife said was true or not, so he deliberately teased her.

"Tattoos... The tattoo was my sudden whim to show you, husband, do you think it looks good, is it beautiful? " After Han Xueyin finished speaking, she intentionally turned her back to Chen Xu, exposing her snow-white butt which was extremely sexy.

"Hubby, can you not be so mean to me? I was wrong when I came home late. I'll definitely be home early tomorrow! Hubby you know, ever since we got married, I've done a lot for you and my family. I'm usually busy with work, but I finally managed to squeeze out some time to gather with my friends. Hubby you wouldn't even give me that much freedom, right? " After Han Xueying finished her sentence, she looked at Chen Xu with an aggrieved expression as tears welled up in her eyes.

"The point is that you have been back late for the past few days! You're also so beautiful, I'm really worried about you. "

"I won't in the future, I promise you, hubby!"

"I will always be yours alone! Whether it's my heart or my body! "

After Han Xueying finished speaking, she touched the knot on Chen Xu's forehead with her finger, gently kissing his lips while holding Chen Xu's face. After hugging Chen Xu, she naturally leaned against his broad chest.

Wife Shuangfeng's bite marks were all in Chen Xu's eyes. These bite marks were of different sizes and couldn't help but make people's hair stand on end. However, his wife's explanation was reasonable.

For example, taking filial piety as an example to his parents, Chen Xu was truly ashamed of himself. His parents were now even more intimate with his wife than he was, and they often joked that Han Xueying was their lost daughter and their son was raised.

For the time being, Chen Xu believed his wife's words. When he had the chance to meet with his wife's group of friends, he would find out the truth once he asked.

Listening to his wife's gentle explanation, he caught a glimpse of the red rose behind his wife's back in the mirror. The rose also seemed to have a magical effect, making Chen Xu feel that his wife had become a little more adorable. His body gradually reacted, and a few rounds later, his wife's body became soft.

"Does it still hurt?" Chen Xu gently pressed the bite mark on his wife's chest.

"It doesn't hurt anymore!" "As long as you're not angry, hubby, then it won't hurt anymore!"

Although Han Xueying said this, she still bit her lips in pain and forced a smile.

"They are too heartless. Even if they want to mess around, they have to do something about it!" Chen Xu looked at his wife with a pained expression.

"I'll go find you some ointment and a glass of milk to apologize. I was too fierce just now, didn't I scare you?!"

"Hubby, it's all because you love me, I don't blame you!"

Chen Xu found an injury ointment in the medicine cabinet. He put it on the bedside table in his bedroom, turned around and went into the kitchen to open the refrigerator to look for milk.

Inside the bedroom, the smile on Han Xueying's face instantly disappeared. With furrowed brows, she revealed an anxious and struggling expression. She looked out of the window and sighed deeply.

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