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This was the third time Gu Huajing had opened her eyes on this carved bed.

The first time, she was awakened by the pain. It was as if someone was cutting her throat with a knife. The pain made her feel as if she was being cut apart.

But when she opened her eyes and looked around, she actually didn't care about the pain.

The top of his head was a lotus root colored bed curtain with exquisite and round creases. There were also some green lotuses embroidered on it, giving it a vivid and lifelike appearance.

His body was covered with a red-colored brocade blanket, and large clusters of Cloud Twisted Flower embroidered on it looked as if flowers had blossomed from the blanket.

Gu Huajing tried her best to turn her head. Not far from the bed, there was a screen embroidered with green bamboo stones. It was elegantly decorated.

No matter which corner she looked at, what she saw would make her cry out in alarm again and again. Although the pain was so great that even her breathing was tormented, she could no longer make any sound.

All of these seemed like good stuff, but they were also things that she was completely unfamiliar with!

This strange thought made Gu Huajing's heart tremble. She couldn't control the astonishment in her heart and passed out once more …

The second time she woke up, Gu Huajing was able to discern the severity of the situation. Even if it wasn't the one she was familiar with, so what? Right now, the most important thing was the pain!

It was heart-wrenching pain. His temples throbbed, and even his breath felt like it was boiling hot! Gu Huajing was shocked to discover that she seemed to have fainted for the last time. Could it be that no one had entered the house to see her after so long?

Judging from the environment he was in, it seemed that he had a pretty good family background. Why was there no one serving him in the room?

Would anyone care if she was going to die?

Gu Huajing, who had already experienced this once, insisted on waiting for someone to drink some water. However, she didn't see any movement from anyone, so she passed by dizzily once again …

Now this was the third time.

Gu Huajing's mind was still clear. Because she was too clear-headed, she was still afraid.

She had already died once. Because of her illness, even when she was dying, she didn't sound as good as she should have.

This suffering was really too unbearable. It was hard for her to endure the pain due to her thirst, but she still had the urge to cry.

Just as she was thinking whether she should faint again, Gu Huajing suddenly heard a sound from outside. It was a hoarse and shrewd voice, sounding out to the inside of the house.

"Fourth Lady Gu, you should admit your mistake. It's not like the madame is unreasonable, it's just that Fourth Lady Gu disregarded the rules of Bai Family and charged at the madame, still persisting until now. The madame must be angry."

Gu Huajing's hair stood on end. What was wrong? She could admit it!

As long as someone came and gave her some water, she wouldn't hesitate to admit it no matter what!

The instinct to survive made Gu Huajing want to speak, but her throat was too dry. She could only make sounds of "drink", which was her limit.

The people outside did not get a response. They seemed to be impatient.

"Fourth Lady Gu's temper is so bad that she'll have to suffer for it …" "Maid Tian, it's not that I don't want you to go in, it's just that the madame has an order. No one is allowed to help her. Don't worry, this shows that the madame still wants to teach her some manners."

At this moment, another voice sounded, crying, "Qian Wen's family, I beg you, let them go. My Miss is still sick, if no one goes in to take care of her, she will die!"

"Aiya, Maid Tian, what you're saying is too unlucky. It's just a mistake to make her admit it. Look, she's still not willing to lower her head. Where did she die so easily?"

"Don't, don't go too far!"

"Yo yo yo, don't tell me you want to call for reinforcements?" Where to? Could it be the Gu Family? "

Qian maid laughed sinisterly, "Have you thought about it? Fourth Lady Gu was the one who told you not to deliver the letter to the Gu family, not us. If that happens, your young miss won't be able to get her hands on it …" Can you afford it? "

"Let me go, let go …!"

Gu Huajing felt a terrible headache listening to this. Her temples were throbbing so hard that it seemed as if they would burst out at any moment.

The conversation outside was getting more and more heated? Why didn't anyone enter to see if he was still breathing?! Fourth Lady Gu, the rightful owner of this body, had already passed away! If they continued to chat, her soul would be about to leave her body.

Gu Huajing didn't want to wait for death by herself. She turned around and saw a censer on the seat beside her bed. It didn't have incense inside, but it looked heavy. That was what was important.

Gu Huajing took in a deep breath as if she had made up her mind. She endured the pain and stretched her hand towards the incense burner with all her might …


Gu Huajing, who had successfully pushed the incense burner to the ground, had completely lost all her strength. However, she felt that it was still worth it because this incense burner was indeed heavy.

"Fourth Lady Gu?" Fourth Lady Gu? "

Come in quickly!

Gu Huajing lay on the side of the bed, gasping for air like a pile of mud.

If no one came to bother her anymore, Gu Huajing felt that she would have to answer for her troubles here. That's good too, this place was not the world she was familiar with …

At this moment, the door finally opened a crack with a creak.

Gu Huajing raised her head with much difficulty. Through the screen, she could not see the person's appearance clearly. Only her soft voice could be heard, "Fourth Lady Gu?"

Gu Huajing didn't even have the strength to reply as the ashes from the incense burner made the smell in the room very strange.

Seeing that there was no movement from inside the house, the person actually tried to turn his head back. Unexpectedly, he was pushed aside by the person rushing in from outside. He staggered two steps forward and bumped into the table.

"Miss! "Miss!"

Was this Maid Tian who had just cried? Gu Huajing didn't know why, but she finally calmed down and let herself pass out again …

When he woke up again, the pain in his throat had been alleviated by quite a bit. Only his body was still lifelessly heavy, and all the bones in his body were faintly aching.

The lotus root colored bed curtain was still on the top of his head, and the large bed with complex patterns carved on it was still on the bottom.

Gu Huajing was staring straight up at the sky. She had no focus in her eyes, so why was it this strange place?

"Miss?! You're awake? "

When Maid Tian, who had entered the room, saw Gu Huajing's joyful expression, she hurriedly put the medicine bowl aside and walked over to the bed with tears in her eyes.

"But where else does it hurt? Miss, you scared this old servant to death, this old servant almost thought that … "I thought …"

She was already old and Maid Tian kept wiping her tears with the corner of her sleeve. The lingering fear in her heart made Gu Huajing's heart feel a little better.

It wasn't bad if there was someone who still cared about her, but the person she cared about had already changed …

After crying for a while, Maid Tian seemed to feel that this wasn't a good idea, as it would be bad if she didn't cause the Miss to feel sad. She quickly wiped away her tears and turned around to grab the bowl with her hands.

"Young miss drank the medicine. The doctor said that it was fortunate that young miss had a strong body, otherwise …"

As she spoke, a trace of resentment flowed out from Maid Tian's benevolent face. "Bai Family and those people want to force you to your death!"

Gu Huajing's mind was blank. No matter what Maid Tian said, she wouldn't be able to unite with her enemy. But since she survived, she had no intention of wasting this opportunity.

"maid …"

Gu Huajing tried to find an excuse to see if she could get something out of Maid Tian's mouth, but she was shocked when she opened her mouth. Was that voice hers?

How did the low voice she was once so proud of become like this? Even though she was still hoarse from her severe illness, wasn't she too soft and gentle?

"Miss, don't be afraid. Even if I die, I won't let those people slander you! Drink the medicine first. "

"…" Gu Huajing maintained her shock as she lowered her head to look at the pitch-black medicinal juice. It felt like ink, and it was even thicker and stranger. However, the familiar smell of the medicine gave her peace of mind.

Gu Huajing obediently took the medicine bowl and drank it all in one gulp while holding her breath. The smell was too strong, making her nose sour and her body nauseous. Just when she was afraid she would vomit, Maid Tian quickly stuffed a sweet thing into her mouth.

It was a candied fruit. The taste was not outstanding. Other than a sweet taste, there was no other taste, but it was better than nothing. The disgusting taste was suppressed.

Maid Tian held the empty bowl in her hand with a touch of mystery on her face. "Miss seems to have understood a lot more after getting sick. I had to break my tongue before I could drink a little after warming up two or three times."

Unexpectedly, Maid Tian had a face full of gratification. Gu Huajing felt flabbergasted. Why was the former Gu Huajing so willful? However, this body doesn't look like a child. Didn't they say that the ancient people were intelligent long ago?

"maid, I'm sick and have a headache. Many things hurt just thinking about it. If maid has nothing to do, why don't you talk to me …"

Gu Huajing tried her best to adjust to her new tone, imagining the attitude of a lady from a noble family. She leaned tenderly against the headboard, planning to spy on the military.

Maid Tian didn't feel anything was amiss. Previously, the doctor said it was too dangerous and he also said it was possible that something might go wrong.

So Maid Tian sat on the edge of the bed with an embroidery block and chatted idly with Gu Huajing.

Gu Huajing was half lying on the bed as she listened to a story. It seemed to be a terrifying one at that …

She actually got married. When she heard someone call her 'Fourth Lady Gu', she thought she was still a girl, but she didn't expect that she would already be married off to someone else.

This form of address... Maid Tian spoke with tears in her eyes.

Gu Huajing was the first daughter of the Gu family in the capital, and also the only daughter. She had been doted on since childhood and had three older brothers. She was ranked fourth, and was the youngest daughter.

The Gu family was a family of the civil officials, and her father, Gu Yuanpei, was the Minister of Revenue. Even if she had been a little willful and willful, she shouldn't have ended up like this.

It was Gu Huajing's fault for falling in love with Second Young Master Bai Lingtian of Bai Family when she was her age.

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