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In the banquet hall, Gu Yuanpei had a serious expression on his face as he drank a cup of tea and placed the teacup on the table heavily.

"I knew those crafty things from Bai Family would give them a beating! Bai Family has been waiting for me since a long time ago, the villain sues first, saying that our Gu family doesn't know how to teach our daughter, and our son unreasonable beat up his family, saying that they wanted to steal from me, making me so angry that I almost attacked him. "

Gu Yuanpei blew his beard with excitement, he really wanted to smash the table.

"Daddy, don't think so hard. Bai Family is a family of martial generals, even if there are ten of you, you might not be able to defeat him."

Gu Huaran opened his mouth slowly, his face was calm, but his hand was still subconsciously digging on the armrest, "I went to the Capital Prefecture Magistrate's office today, and I have said everything that needs to be said. I'm just waiting for father to make a move and then come out to testify."

Master Wang is an old acquaintance of mine, so he has already done it impartially. Let's see tomorrow, I don't believe that Bai Family elder can't beat him, can I not scold him?!

Gu Yuanpei couldn't wait to rush into the Bai Family and curse a little. The anger that had come out from the bottom of his heart when he saw Gu Huajing was still simmering.

"Dad, don't say these things when Jingjing arrives, don't make her worry."

"Do I need you to tell me more?"

The Gu family's banquet was incomparably warm. Although Qin Wanhui had some misgivings about Gu Huajing, she didn't dare to slight her.

Thus, during the family banquet, Gu Huajing had fully acknowledged the Gu family's population. It was much simpler than she had initially thought.

The house had two concubines, three children, a first wife and a son born from a concubine. Yang Jiayao was the only woman in the house, and there was only one child. She was holding her son in her arms.

This was so easy to remember compared to the novels Gu Huajing had read before. Gu Huajing was grateful and quickly tried to memorize their names and appearances.

"Little aunt, you're so pretty. Can I be as pretty as you in the future?"

Sister Ping looked to be about four or five years old. She wore a bright yellow dress, had scarlet coral strings wrapped around her head, and had a piece of bright jade water on her chest.

"Sister Ping will definitely look better than my aunt in the future."

Gu Huajing smiled and bent down to talk to her. Her eyes were as curved as the moon.

Sister Ping seemed very satisfied as her round eyes darted around. "That little aunt is so beautiful, why doesn't the little uncles like you?"

"…" The warm and lively atmosphere instantly froze, not even a single sound could be heard.

Qin Wanhui's eyes widened as she pulled Sister Ping over with a smile. "Sister, don't mind her. Sister Ping is still young, so she doesn't understand. She's just randomly spouting nonsense …"

"She doesn't understand? She didn't understand how to say such words? Then what on earth would know how to say all this in front of her? "

Before Gu Huajing could say anything, Gu Yuanpei's face darkened, "Wifey Hualei, how do you usually teach Sister Ping? "You're so old and you still don't know what's important and what's not. Is this how you raise your children?!"

"Dad, please calm your anger. My wife and my wife will definitely investigate this matter and find out who exactly it is that is spouting nonsense in front of Sister Ping. Sister Ping has always been a sensible person, so …" "It must have been someone who heard it …"

Qin Wanhui panicked inwardly. If she knew earlier, she shouldn't have complained about this in front of Sister Ping.

Although the Gu family valued Sister Ping more, they cared more about Gu Huajing. But how did Qin Wanhui know that Sister Ping would suddenly say all these?

"Dad, Sister Ping is just a kid. She's fine."

Gu Huajing felt that Gu Yuanpei's reaction was too serious. "Moreover, this is also the truth. Even a child would find it strange, but I was too stubborn back then. I think I'm not even comparable to a child …"

"Jingjing …"

Gu Hualei had a guilty look on his face. His sister had respected him since he was young. His whole family wasn't spoiled that much, they were just confused about the marriage.

Not only was her big brother unable to protect her, he even made it difficult for her daughter …

Gu Hualei glared at Qin Wanhui, shocking her.

The two of them had been married for a long time, and although it couldn't be said that they had been married for a long time, they still treated each other as strangers. Gu Hualei had always been very respectful to him, but today, he clearly had an opinion towards her because of Sister Ping's words …

It was all because of Gu Huajing! It was all because of her that her previous tranquility was ruined. This person was simply a bereaved star!

Gu Huajing hadn't been able to receive Qin Wanhui's hate wave yet. She crouched down and looked straight into Sister Ping's eyes.

"Little Aunt used to think it was strange, but now I understand that it's useless for a girl to be good-looking. It's a pity that I understand too late, but Sister Ping is so smart. She will definitely be better off than Little Aunt in the future."

Sister Ping was confused. Her mother told her that her little aunt's family didn't want her anymore, but she didn't explain to her exactly why. However, at her age, she could already distinguish between good and bad.

Sister Ping felt that this little aunt in front of her wasn't as her mother had said … Not good...

It was easy for children to divert their attention, and Gu Huajing didn't pay much attention to it.

In any case, the one who was brain-damaged was the original Gu Huajing, not her, so she was very depressed over this matter. This little girl who was like a flower and like jade was too much to bear thinking about.

After the family banquet ended, Gu Huajing returned to the Fanghua Garden in an intentionally auspicious manner.

She knew that her father and brother didn't want to worry her too much, so she obediently accepted such a carefree person. After returning home, she immediately washed up and went to sleep.

However, the atmosphere in the courtyard wasn't as leisurely as it was now.

"Uncle, Sister Ping asked casually today, you won't be angry with her, right?"

Qin Wanhui was afraid that Gu Hualei would punish Sister Ping, so she lowered her attitude immediately after returning and gently stepped forward to help take off her outer garments.

Gu Hualei looked at her but didn't say anything. He sat by the table with a dark expression.

"Sister Ping is usually the most obedient, and my little sister just came back. You know that Sister Ping really likes that beautiful garden, so it's normal for her to have a small temper. But she really didn't mean it, so you shouldn't bother with her."

As usual, Qin Wanhui racked her brains to find a suitable reason, but did not realize that Gu Hualei's expression was getting worse.

It was the same every time. Every time Qin Wanhui did something inappropriate, she would not feel that it was her fault, and instead, she would find an excuse to explain herself.

Initially, Gu Hualei was still willing to patiently analyze and analyze with her, but gradually, he realized that it was useless. Qin Wanhui still didn't think it was her fault.

However, no matter what, Qin Wanhui was still his legitimate wife. No matter how much Gu Hualei disliked her, he could only stay far away from her. For Qin Wanhui, who would never let go of her concubine business in the family, or perhaps because Sister Ping was the only daughter in the family who was so proud of herself, Gu Hualei could only feel a little more guilt towards the rest of the people in the mansion, and even more obligation to be the eldest brother.

However, now that he saw Qin Wanhui like this again, especially after seeing Jingjing, Gu Hualei suddenly had a plan.

If this went on, would Sister Ping learn this from her mother?

Would Sister Pingcheng and Qin Wanhui's time together become as petty and narrow-minded as this in the future?

"You're right. Sister Ping is still young, so it's possible for her to be unable to differentiate right from wrong."

Qin Wanhui heard Gu Hualei's words and relaxed. Just as she was about to smile and say something, she heard Gu Hualei continue, "She doesn't have the ability to differentiate between the two of them, so it's hard for her to say something like that in front of her. No matter who it is, they must have a bad mindset and fear that the whole world will fall into chaos.

"…" Qin Wanhui choked on her saliva in one breath.

Who said those words in front of Sister Ping? Who would dare to gossip in front of Sister Ping? Sister Ping was the flesh and blood in his heart. Other than him, who else would dare to gossip with her in this courtyard?

These old men knew about it! But why did he say that?

Could it be … Could it be that he was saying that he was a despicable person with an unrighteous mind who feared that the world would be thrown into chaos?

No, no, no, this was impossible. The lord would not treat him like this.

Qin Wanhui kept comforting herself in her heart, but she couldn't help but look up at Gu Hualei's expression.

With this look, Qin Wanhui's heart turned cold. Gu Hualei was clearly looking at her. He clearly knew that he was the one who said those words!

"You better check it out, where am I resting today?"

With that, Gu Hualei stood up and walked out without any words of consolation.

Garden of He again! Qin Wanhui clenched her fists as her body trembled uncontrollably.

How could Gu Hualei treat him like this?!

If it wasn't for her, how could the mansion have the same aura as today? If it wasn't for her, how could they keep the family's support firmly in their hands? How could their big house be as comfortable as the second one?

Qin Wanhui's heart felt like it was about to bleed. She had put in so much effort in the back room, but it was not enough to fight with Yang Jiayao from the second room. Was it easy for her to compete for a favor with a concubine in the yard?!

However, Gu Hualei didn't appreciate her kindness. He even grumbled at Gu Huajing's insinuation towards her just because of himself. Was what he said not the truth? Was it not the truth that she, Gu Huajing, was hated by men and ignored by Bai Family?!

The angry Qin Wanhui scolded Gu Huajing harshly in her heart. What she didn't know was that Gu Hualei had taken in a concubine before to disperse all the animosity Qin Wanhui had towards Yang Jiayao.

She didn't know that because of her obsession with power, Gu Hualei felt very guilty towards Gu Huaxuan and his wife in private, and he even apologized to them many times with a serious face. He was originally the eldest brother and sister-in-law in the family, but he was unable to be lenient.

If it wasn't for Gu Huaxuan and his wife's magnanimity, the Gu family wouldn't be so peaceful today. Qin Wanhui didn't know about any of this ….

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