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None of the Gu Clan men had planned to tell Gu Huajing about the Bai Family because they didn't want her to worry too much.

However, Gu Huajing still knew about it. It was impossible for her to pretend to be deaf and mute because the matter seemed to have blown up.

"Little sister, don't worry, Bai Family spouting nonsense is nothing, Second Master has already rebutted their accusation of being harsh on him, and he has submitted witness and physical evidence, I believe there will be a result soon."

Yang Jiayao would accompany Gu Huajing whenever she had time. Sometimes, she would even carry a child that Gu Huajing couldn't talk or walk with, teasing Gu Huajing.

Gu Huajing was very grateful for this, but she also felt that it wasn't really necessary. She wasn't in the least emotional.

Reputation and ethics, these were all nothing to someone who had been influenced by the open air for many years.

What sort of rare thing had she not seen in her previous life? Would they feel uncomfortable because of this little rumor?

"Second sister in law, don't worry, I'm fine."

Gu Huajing smiled. She held a teacup with cracks in the ice in her hands and swept her gaze across Yang Jiayao's face.

"However, has second sister not been sleeping well recently? "Why do you look like you don't look too good?"

Yang Jiayao was stunned. She stretched out her hand to touch her cheek with a forced smile on her face. "Is that so? Can little sister tell?"

"Second sister's face was pale and her words were weak. It was obvious that she was suffering from a deficiency of Qi and was suffering from a blood loss. How could she not see it?"

Gu Huajing answered very casually. When she noticed the doubt in Yang Jiayao's eyes, her heart skipped a beat. Did she … Too casual?

"Um, when I was at the Bai Family, due to some reasons, my health wasn't too good all along …" Gu Huajing promptly tilted her face downwards 45 degrees, showing her most pitiful angle.

"As I will always get infected by some illnesses, the people of the Bai Family are very impatient. Perhaps the long illness has turned into a doctor, and I will gradually come to see some illnesses. It's better to grab some medicine and eat them than to look at the people of the Bai Family."

"..." "My little sister has suffered so much over these years …"

As expected, Yang Jiayao's face was filled with grief. She thought to herself, how is a girl that was spoiled when she was growing up going to deal with her in-laws? No wonder the Second Master got angry when he saw Gu Huajing.

Yang Jiayao didn't want to bring up Gu Huajing's sorrows again, so she switched the topic to herself.

Ever since I was born, my body hasn't been in good health. The doctor said it exactly as my sister said, that I was weak postpartum, that I had lost blood essence, that I had insufficient blood essence, and so on. However, I've taken quite a lot of this medicine, and it still hasn't recovered, so I don't care too much about it.

With that, Yang Jiayao winked at Gu Huajing. "Little sister knows too. Those drugs are too bitter, so I'd rather not drink them."

Yang Jiayao smiled again. "Actually, it's not a big deal. Most of the girls in the backyard are sickly like this. Drinking too much medicine is no use for them, so luckily I kept it. It's not a big problem."

How could it not be a serious problem?

Gu Huajing's eyes widened slightly. How was the deficiency of Qi and blood not serious? Especially for women, many of them had cold constitutions and were prone to having this kind of illness.

The deficiency of Qi and blood would cause the girl to age faster and lose her spirit. This era's women did not have the protection of monogamy, so how serious would aging be? How could it not be a serious problem?

Gu Huajing rubbed her chin, "Second sister, do you feel that you're becoming more and more tired?" Those who speak weakly sometimes don't even bother to speak? Or is he not as open-minded and open-minded as he was before? "

"..." This... When you are married, you naturally can't be more stable than when you were a girl. "

"Second sister thinks it's normal?" But compared to the lazy girl, isn't the optimistic and fresh girl more lovable? "

"…" Yang Jiayao blinked. She seemed to understand what she meant, but at the same time, she didn't.

Gu Huajing was also straightforward. She stuck her head out and lowered her voice, "Sister Er, you can't neglect this. Second Brother is a good person, but as a man, it's natural to dislike new and old. Sister Er's body is so sick, what if it affects the relationship between you and your wife?"

"Little … Little sister …"

"Second sister in law, don't be shy. I've also been married before. Although the situation is a bit special, I know what I should know. Second sister doesn't take her body seriously, but I'm sure Second Brother wouldn't have any ulterior motives."

Yang Jiayao's eyes flashed as she lowered her head. Her slender fingers moved back and forth on the table.

"How could I not know what my sister said? However, if the man had other intentions, then it would be perfectly justified, so what can I do? "

When Gu Huajing heard this, she suddenly felt a surge of pride. She felt that the advantage of living a new life had finally arrived. Thus, she dismissed all her servants, intending to discuss the matter in depth with Yang Jiayao.

Men are born with a love for something new and beautiful, especially something new and new, something that they can't get. That is something that captivates them and makes them want it, so, second sister, don't talk about anything else for now, you have to keep yourself healthy and beautiful. Don't let your emotions run wild when you see Brother Second Brother.

"…" Yang Jiayao was stunned when she heard this. The gentle temperament that she had maintained in good condition before had finally broken the record. These words came out of Gu Huajing's mouth, but why did it feel so strange?

But thinking about it, it seemed … That makes some sense …

"It's just that I've taken quite a bit of medicine already, I can't see anything good coming from my body …"

"If second sister trusts me, I do have a recipe for medicinal porridge. It is extremely effective against the deficiency of Qi and blood …"

"If that's the case, then sister-in-law will first thank you, sister."

Yang Jiayao's temperament had already returned to normal, and her tone was full of trust towards Gu Huajing. However, she couldn't help but occasionally glance at Gu Huajing from the corner of her eyes.

It was really weird, Gu Huajing's personality was really not that difficult to get along with. Yang Jiayao accompanied her for several days and felt that she was a very comfortable girl.

Forget about being willful and proud, he hadn't even said a single word that would make people feel uncomfortable. He had always been a warm and amiable person, a completely lovable lady.

Gu Huajing had really given Yang Jiayao a recipe for medicinal porridge later on.

Double ginseng to nourish the porridge, using the hair slices of sea cucumber, red ginseng slices, glutinous rice to cook porridge, and then adding a small amount of chicken soup, add some salt for seasoning.

This kind of porridge can nourish Qi and nourish Yin, prolong the age of anti-aging, very right to Yang Jiayao's symptoms.

Regardless of whether Yang Jiayao used it or not, Gu Huajing felt that it was a gift from her. Since she had just arrived at the Gu family, it was all thanks to Yang Jiayao accompanying her to say a few words, allowing her to quickly and naturally assimilate into her identity.

Isn't this considered repaying the debt of gratitude?

Gu Huajing nodded to herself and held her head up as she thought back to the news she had heard.

Bai Family naturally did not want to suffer a loss, but they did not expect the Gu family to disregard face so much, to the point of even thinking about Gu Huajing's reputation, and had to swallow their anger.

This was something Gu Huajing had specifically emphasized previously. She didn't want to settle the matter peacefully. She had never thought of finding a family of her own in the future, since Bai Family had been so harsh on her in the past, how could she just let it go like that? Where would the face and arrogance of the Gu family be put?

When Gu Huajing said this, Gu Yuanpei's eyes lit up, scaring Gu Huajing.

Knowing that Gu Yuanpei's heart ached for her, Gu Huajing spent a lot of effort to persuade her father and brother to agree.

If the Gu family made a big fuss out of this, the higher-ups would naturally pay more attention to Gu Yuanpei, a first rank official in the court. One could imagine how important Gu Yuanpei's first rank official position was in the court, if someone from another family got a relative, they would definitely confess that their Bai Family was this harsh.

In the imperial court, there was not a single person who did not feel that something was amiss. They simply assumed that Bai Family was looking down on a woman who came from a civil official background.

Bai Family was hard to say. If they said that the Gu family used some tricks to marry their daughter, others wouldn't believe it. What kind of status did the Gu family have? And what kind of status did the Bai Family have? It would be more accurate to say that Bai Family used some tricks to marry their daughter.

The Bai Family made up its mind and escorted attendant to the yamen to testify Gu Huajing's disobedience.

Gu Huaxuan went to testify at a leisurely pace, explaining the situation on that day and then asked the officials of the Jing Zhao Prefecture to testify.

"My poor little sister was wrongly accused, their Bai Family was reduced to an act, and they forced her to sign on their behalf. Was this something that the imperial court's inner chamber woman did?! My little sister is delicate and weak. She was cut and pressed to the ground with a piece of porcelain. As her big brother, I can't help but want to slam my head in the hall and cry for her injustice! "

The people in the yamen immediately tensed up. If they really let Gu Huaxuan crash into the wall here, not to mention getting killed, even if he got hurt, things would get troublesome.

Besides, it was already very troublesome!

The two officials of the Jing Zhao Prefecture came out to testify. Indeed, Gu Huajing did not confess that day, and the Bai Family woman forced her to sign a contract.

The moment the confession was made, everyone began to discuss it.

Master Gu is a high official in the court, and the daughter of the Gu family is someone who's pampered. How can Bai Family not know what's good for them? And he even framed someone else's daughter for her innocence?

Seeing that the situation wasn't good, Master Bai invited someone over to be his lobbyist. The Gu family didn't even open the door.

"My lady, my lord, he said that if this matter does not end soon, not only will Bai Family's reputation be destroyed, it will also implicate Second Brother …"

Yang Peipei held the silk handkerchief tightly, not daring to approach Old Madame Bai's surroundings.

"Gu Huajing that slut! Why didn't she die?! She was born to be the bane of our Bai Family, and was born to oppose us! "

Another porcelain flower bloomed from the ground, and as the fragments splashed onto Yang Peipei's embroidered shoes, she didn't dare to make a sound.

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