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"You're also a useless person, how could you let Gu Huajing run away? Why didn't you let her die on the bed earlier? "Ah?!"

Yang Peipei quickly knelt on the ground. "Old madam, please calm your anger. Granddaughter-in-Law never thought that Gu Huajing would actually inform the Gu family. Granddaughter-in-law thinks that she has endured for three years and will definitely continue to restrain herself. Granddaughter-in-law doesn't expect her to be so crafty. It's all her fault."

Yang Peipei cursed inwardly, but on the surface, she took everything into her own hands.

"Granddaughter-in-Law will punish the madame. Please punish her."

She knelt there humbly, with a look of admitting her punishment. Old Madame Bai frowned, but didn't say anything.

Tian's future cannot be delayed. You, go to the Gu family tomorrow and talk to Gu Huajing properly. If she still wants to return to our Bai Family, then let her be smarter! "" That's right.

Old Madame Bai rubbed her temples. She didn't expect that after chasing Gu Huajing out, she would have to bring her back.

This slut, she mustn't think of doing as she pleased. Once she returns, she definitely won't be able to continue living a peaceful life!

Liang Ruyan lowered her head and sighed softly.

The Gu family's behavior clearly didn't mean that they wanted Gu Huajing to come back. Why couldn't her mother-in-law understand?

Gu Huajing might have fallen in love with Tian before, but after this incident, she was afraid … He must have gotten over it as well …

Yang Peipei was extremely unwilling, but the madame had an order. She had no choice but to prepare a generous gift and go to the Gu household.

"Yang family's Eldest Young Lady? She wants to see Miss? "

Maid Tian acted as if she didn't hear him clearly, confirming repeatedly before looking as if she had seen a ghost.

"My Miss won't see her."

Maid Tian was afraid that Yang Peipei might have something up her sleeve, so she told the concierge to go back straightforwardly.

With her heart set on Gu Huajing, she wouldn't allow even the slightest possibility of her returning to her former life.

"Maid Tian, she has been pestering at the door for so many minutes. If she could be sent away, this little one wouldn't dare to come and disturb you. Isn't this … I can't get rid of him. "

"Then let her stay."

attendant rubbed his hands on the door, "Maid Tian, now that the lord and several young masters are not in the house, and since I can't be busy with Eldest Young Lady, I came here to ask for Fourth Miss's opinion. Look, you didn't even go in to inform her."

Maid Tian's heart skipped a beat. Eldest Young Lady sent someone to ask? How could she do that?

Could it be that Eldest Young Lady didn't know that the relationship between their Gu Family and Bai Family was now like fire and water? Why would they send someone to ask?

However, since it was Eldest Young Lady's intention, and Maid Tian was only a servant, she naturally didn't dare to stop him from reporting.

"You wait here first. I'll go inside and notify them."

"Sigh, sorry to trouble you, maid."

attendant accompanied him with a smile and wiped the sweat off his forehead. From now on, he would have to hide from these kind of bad things.

Maid Tian went into the inner room. Gu Huajing was lying on the beauty couch.

At his side were the peeled and sautéed sweet fruit and a pot of steaming fragrant tea.

Behind him were two dainty maids who were gently fanning their shoulders.

Gu Huajing narrowed her eyes as if she was dozing off.

Maid Tian sighed in her heart. This was the life that a young miss should lead.

Previously, at the Bai Family, her heart had been trembling. She was extremely careful.

"All of you, leave first."

Maid Tian dismissed the maid and walked to Gu Huajing's side.

Gu Huajing opened her eyes and pushed the plate of fruit towards her. "maid is eating. It's sweet."

Looking at the smile on Gu Huajing's face, two faint dimples appeared on her cheeks, giving off the innocence of a young girl. Maid Tian wanted nothing more than to hide the news.

"Miss, it's Yang Peipei from Bai Family. She wants to meet you outside the manor, what do you think …"

Gu Huajing sat up straighter. She was slightly puzzled in her heart. Yang Peipei wanted to see her? Why would the Gu family come to ask for her opinion?

Maid Tian hesitated before adding, "Yes … "Eldest Young Lady sent someone to ask for your opinion …"

Is that so …

Gu Huajing's expression changed.

She had not seen her sister-in-law for a long time. However, she had heard that their courtyard was not peaceful at all.

They all lived in a big house, where was the airless wall?

It seemed that since the day Sister Ping had said that at the banquet, the atmosphere in the main house had turned bad.

It was obvious that his sister-in-law's impression of him was not that good after all.

So even though she knew what the Bai Family had done to her and knew what she meant, she still got someone to ask her a question …

Could it be that she wanted him to have another chance to accept Yang Peipei's enticement, and that it would be best for him to let nature take its course and return to the Bai Family?

Gu Huajing laughed inwardly. If she was still the same Gu Huajing at this moment, maybe she could really be tricked back home. But …

Gu Huajing rolled her eyes and stood up from her seat.

"Miss … Miss?"

Maid Tian was startled. She thought, "Miss wouldn't really want to meet Yang Peipei, right?"

That's a fox spirit! There was not a single truth in her words, it was unknown how many times she had tricked the Miss!

Gu Huajing lightly patted Maid Tian's shoulder and said, "Since it was sister-in-law's idea, I can't pretend that I didn't hear anything. But maid, don't worry, I'm not that kind of person."

With Gu Huajing's guarantee, Maid Tian's heart finally calmed down a little.

However, she was still slightly perturbed. Inevitably, she felt a little resentful towards the Gu family's Eldest Young Lady.

Yang Peipei sat inside the main hall of the Gu family estate and waited.

She had been here for quite a while, but there was still no trace of Gu Huajing.

But she wasn't in a hurry.

In Yang Peipei's heart, Gu Huajing had already reached the limit of stupidity. She felt that the reason Gu Huajing was making such a ruckus was to raise her status.

Previously, he was so dead set on Bai Lingtian, not only did he not suddenly change, how could he possibly say that there was no one left?

Therefore, this time, Yang Peipei had brought along the gift from Bai Family and she was confident that she could persuade Gu Huajing. Once Gu Huajing was willing to return to Bai Family with her, this matter could no longer be left unscathed.

The tea that the Gu family served to their guests were all the best six melon slices.

In the Bai Family, only those with status could use the teacup.

Yang Peipei was speechless. She felt even more disdain for Gu Huajing's stupidity.

This woman was putting on a good front and refusing to accept his position. She wanted to humiliate him, she simply did not know what was meant by that!

Yang Peipei was disdainfully looking down on him when she saw someone walk in from outside. She quickly stood up.

However, when they got closer, Yang Peipei was stunned on the spot.

This... This is Gu Huajing?!

His appearance and figure were not wrong, and he was still as attractive as before. The clothes and accessories he wore were all new and gorgeous.

However, these weren't the key points of Yang Peipei's shock. What surprised her the most was Gu Huajing's momentum!

The Gu Huajing in his memory seemed to always have a timid smile on her face.

She wanted to curry favor with everyone within the Bai Family, even some of the servants and servants of maid.

Yang Peipei felt that it was laughable to be such a cowardly person that was willing to compromise.

But now, the woman in front of him was brimming with confidence, elegance, and even a bit of arrogance.

Was she really the Gu Huajing she knew?

However, Yang Peipei's reaction was extremely quick. A smile immediately appeared on her face as she reached out to grab Gu Huajing's hand.

"Sister-in-law, we haven't seen each other in a few days and you've lost a lot of weight. How have you been recently?"

Gu Huajing's body moved slightly to the side, avoiding Yang Peipei's hand.

With the support of Maid Tian, she slowly sat down on a chair and gently stroked the dress on her knees before she slowly raised her head.

"Bai Family Eldest Young Lady, now you're willing to admit that I'm your sister-in-law again?"

Yang Peipei retracted the displeasure in her eyes, still smiling sweetly.

"Sister-in-law doesn't have the face to say those words. Sister-in-law has always stood by Sister-in-law's side. But sometimes, Sister-in-law too …" "Of course."

Yang Peipei's expression turned helpless. "Eldest Sister-in-law knows that my sister-in-law is feeling wronged at home, but how can life be so smooth?" "Sister-in-law usually keeps a low profile, and everyone in the family sees it. How did she suddenly become like this?"

Gu Huajing did not say a word. She waited for Yang Peipei to break the silence of the crowd. Once again, she pulled out her old friendship and rebutted for her previous actions.

It took her a while to realize that Gu Huajing didn't have any reaction at all.

"Sister-in-law …" "Look at this, it's just a misunderstanding. The old lady is too old to handle this. Second Brother is very filial to the old lady, and you don't want to make things difficult for Second Brother, do you?"

Yang Peipei finally stopped talking. Gu Huajing lifted her eyelids, and under Yang Peipei's expectant gaze, she slowly picked up the teacup beside her.

He lightly stirred the tea with the lid of the teacup, blew on it, lowered his head and took a sip.

Gu Huajing's movements were very slow and unhurried, making Yang Peipei feel very uncomfortable.

What did Gu Huajing dare to make her wait like this?! What a slut! I'll see how I can deal with her when she returns!

"Sister-in-law …"

Yang Peipei could not help but call out once again in annoyance. Only then did Gu Huajing put down the teacup.

"Then, according to Eldest Young Lady's intentions?"

Yang Peipei heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, feeling that this matter was more or less settled.

This Gu Huajing was only trying to pinch him. How could she bear to adore Bai Lingtian for so long?

"As I see it, let this matter pass. If it gets bigger, it won't be good for Gu Bai and his family. Besides, you see, the old lady specially asked me to come today to invite you back, and even prepared quite a few gifts. The old lady is old, and a bit muddle-headed …"

In order to persuade Gu Huajing, Yang Peipei didn't care about anything else. As long as she could coax Gu Huajing back, the old lady wouldn't bother to argue with her.

Yang Peipei's gaze was as sincere as possible as she waited for Gu Huajing's reply.

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